Michelle Visits Dept. of the Interior, Looks Awesome (Flickr)

US First Lady Michelle Obama addresses employees of the Department of the Interior during a visit in Washington,DC on February 9, 2009. AFP PHOTO/Nicholas KAMM 

CBS News calls this part of the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s, “Thank You Tour,” where she graces various governmental bodies with her Amazonian presence and tells them how awesome they are.

She said her objective in these visits is to thank government workers who have been at these agencies “long before [they] ever heard of Barack Obama.”

“As you begin the work, the hard work of taking this department into a new era of excellence,” she said, “I wanted to come by again to simply say thank you. Thank you for your service to this nation. It’s a simple message, but it’s one that we think is important to deliver.”

“What’s important to remember,” she said, “that we will never forget, never can forget, is that great leaders are only as great as the people who hold them up. So that is why I’m here. We’re counting on y’all.”

This time it was the Dept. of the Interior where she was gifted with a Native American shawl by Nedra Darling, Director of Public Affairs at the Bureau of Indian American Affairs.

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She worked it. Of course. She totally worked the shawl for the staff there. Sashay Shante.

The other half of the dynamic political duo was in Indiana pitching his stimulus package. He’s taken the show on the road after being bogged down in Washington all last week fussing out the bill with the usual amount of partisan/bipartisan/intra-partisan/ritualistic Klingon-style bloodletting and bickering. People keep acting surprised, but I’m pretty sure this is about an average level of bitching. The results were mixed, but the Senate is still expected to narrowly pass the sucker Tuesday Monday.

As shown below, there’s nothing like the iconic “US President Looks Serious Behind Gigantic Fucking Flag” pose. Always popular with our leaders, politicians and military, as well as Olympians, other athletes and Country/Western singers.




Lastly, a picture of two of my favorite random Obama staffers, Barack’s heavenly bodyman, Reggie Love and his senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett. (The third guy in the picture is the smart, but unfortunate looking Senior Adviser David Axelrod.) I’m starting to think Valerie is incapable of stepping out of any house without trying to be the most fierce, tiny thing in heels known to the history of womankind.


Based on shoes alone, I have become a fan. The fact that she’s brilliant and a White House senior adviser are just a given that I would be partial. But the shoes, that puts her over the top. Go Valerie. Don’t hurt ’em.

To see more pictures from Michelle’s visit, Barack in Indiana and others, click here to check out the Flickr page.

14 thoughts on “Michelle Visits Dept. of the Interior, Looks Awesome (Flickr)

  1. She was of course as usual well spoken and eloquent, and Im loving the new role she seems to be playing. How awesome is it that she’s hitting up all the departments…LOVE HERps: her hair was ON POINT today!!!

  2. Our First Lady looks very fresh faced and natural. Co-sign above post with the hair.LOVE Ms. Jarrett, working the suit and heels… I need to learn how to do that. LOL.

  3. I was in the fifth row! It was amazing and she is ten times more beautiful than on tv. I hope she gets to keep the shawl! I loved the honor drum song the Black Bear singers did too.

  4. love the shawl. love the pic of Valerie Jarrett. Leave David Axelrod alone..I’m so happy to see him combing his hair and wearing clothes that fit and are ironed after 20 years…you just leave him alone..LOL

  5. I like her hair like this. NOT so "bone strait" It frames her brilliant mind and beautiful face perfectly. And Ms. Jarrett — you are fierce, just FIERCE! Whatever role you are serving, just keep doing it, Ms Jarrett! And I love, love David Axelrod. He’s the sloppy brilliant professor. You need a guy like him. They all complement each other so well. Speaking of love, Reggie Love. Please add him to the great wall of sexy, (if he’s not there already…I haven’t gotten past Idris Elba…)

  6. How Marvelous! That shawl is gorgeous. Valerie Jarrett is just too fantastic for me. I wann be her and Michelle when I grow up,

  7. Michelle and Valerie are looking tough! I love the broach – thingy Michelle is wearing on her jacket. Valerie looks too cool for the White House! *lol*

  8. Valerie and Michelle are made of so much awesome, and i second the "leave David Axelrod alone" motion, he’s so tired and frumpy looking but all in the best way possible.

  9. What a joke. The hard working fed employees are in the minority, according to my in-laws both of who spent their careers working for the fed gov.

  10. Awww, why you gotta talk about David. Both Obama’s David’s are the height of awesome. If they looked fierce everyone would see them coming. I mean, who’d a thunk uncombed Axe, with his wrinkled clothes and pot belly would have masterminded the big BOOYAH that was this election?!Good call on Ms. Jarett. She is quietly and completely Sharp.

  11. Snob, I really love you…Never in my lifetime, as FLOTUS Michelle is wont to say, would I think to fit Sashay, Shante and David Axelrod in a post. Genius!! Two: that purple shawl is gorgeous!! I guess the people at the Interior knew purple was the FLOTUS’ power color. She will wear that shawl again, trust! FLOTUS recycles outfits all the time (see mrs-o blog for proof) and will find a way to incorporate it, especially since she looks like she loved it. This is a woman who puts pins on a pearl necklace and worked it! Re Valerie Jarrett: that woman should be a stylist. She always looks so put together. I love Axelrod. I don’t mind his messiness. I like that Obama has these very different personalities as advisors. Clothes don’t always make the man, or woman.

  12. Love the post and the pics…and Valerie Jarrett is going to have calves of steel from walking on her tippy toes making sure her stilletos don’t plunge into the White House lawn. I’m with her all the way – fierce shoes first.

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