Going to Camp David

US President Barack Obama (L) walks with first lady Michelle (R), daughter Sasha (2nd L) and an unidentified friend walk on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington before their departure on February 7, 2009 for the Camp David presidential retreat where they will spend the first weekend for the first time. AFP PHOTO/Yuri GRIPAS (Photo credit should read YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images)

The Obamas headed for Camp David for the first time this weekend, but it’s back to work come Monday as the Senate moves towards passing the stimulus package. They’re expected to vote on Tuesday.

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10 thoughts on “Going to Camp David

  1. They didn’t want to enjoy the rare good February weather in DC? Oh well. Nice perks of being prez – a weekend house

  2. Off topic but please bear with me DB.Who is Melody Barnes and why is she dressed somewhat hoochie-like for what I assume to be official pics of the President’s cabinet? (It’s on Flickr) I hope I am wrong and that pic somehow got in there by mistake but if not this is the stupidest move ever. She looks comepletely unprofessional in what are supposed to be formal, official photos; why is dressed like she is lounging on her front porch. What did she think the pics were for, a dating site??This sure helps move black women forward doesn’t it…

  3. @ LiliI believe you are referring to the flick of the very accomplished Ms. Barnes dressed in the green and white sundress (hoochie? In what universe?). That flick is not an official photo. It was taken almost two years as part of a fashion spread for Washingtonian.

  4. @ Mothsmoke:I saw the pictorial on the washinngtonian. Yep, it was a celebration and acknowlegdement of well dressed women however why did she have to be the only one dressed (and posed) provocatively? Low cut dress – check. Legs out – check. Seductive pose – check. There are many ways to look hot YET respectable. She with all her accomplishments ought to know that. Considering how quick folks are to denigrate black women, it behoves us to be just a little more careful about how we are depicted in the media. Of all the pics on there hers looked as if it belonged to another type of magazine entirely. And no, I do not mean Maxim.

  5. Lili,Maybe my "too sexy meter" is off. Quite possible since I live in Miami Beach. I’m just not seeing the photo in the same way that you are. Cute sundress – playful, flirty pic. Maybe that’s her style outside of the office and that’s what the Washingtonian article was trying to capture. The fact that it got caught up in an Obama Flickr collage doesn’t change that. In my view, nothing about that photo puts her pic in the category of belonging "to another type of magazine." Do black women ever get a chance "just to be" who they are and let their hair down? Not every black woman has to don the Condi Rice iron maiden garb to be taken seriously. Black women come in all stripes with tastes to match. Let ’em be.Now if you were talking about the Obama staffer who DID pose for men’s mag in her undies, I might agree with you. Even that passes for risque here in the bottom – but not too risque 🙂

  6. Umm, I appreciate "fun & flirty" pictorial as much as the next person and it is possible she was merely trying to show that aspect of her personality. So far so good. Except. It comes off as trying way too hard IMO. I guess the bottom line for me would be when comparing it to all the other womens’ photos. It jarred, IMO. Is that to say the other women do not have "fun and flirty" personas? Who knows. Who cares. They opted to dress and act more conservatively yet all looked terrific. And sexy too. She could have kept the sundress, remained barefoot, leaning against…I don’t know..a chair/wall/whatever. Or worn shoes and kept her hem down. Or something. It could also be that this is a 40-something woman acting like a 20-something…It just did not feel right. IMO.I guess we are going to have to disagree on this one, Mothsmoke.______________________________________________________________________________"Now if you were talking about the Obama staffer who DID pose for men’s mag in her undies, I might agree with you"_______________________________________________________________________________You see, this is what worries me. Too many of Obamas staffers or cabinet choices have ended up with egg on their faces. His administration is under such intense International scrutiny and needs to be taken seriously. He has a lot more to loose than any other President; in fact I was reading an editorial the other day in which the writer called him America’s first and LAST black President. Too many unintentional screw-ups and we can be certain no black person will be elected to the White house for a loooong time. So forgive me if I am on tenterhooks about the "O" man and the people he has surrounded himself with.

  7. Danielle,You are definitely trying to rid Doris Kearns Goodwin and Micheal Beschloss of their exclusive titles. It drives me nuts how Blacks can’t see themselves unless it is through the constant desire to see and know all about these people. I don’t know about these people unless I come here. They are just getting on a helicopter to go to Camp David. It’s life…for them.I do have to admit that the photos could be used in classrooms and at churches and in our family about our priorities and ideologies on images.Now the social impact of the experience is a teaching moment. I noticed 3 things. The Obamas are not slaves to fashion. The Obamas are reinforcing natural hair on the girls. And The Obamas are so flexible in allowing a friend to spend the night. So cool!Going to Camp David is not that impacting to me. Seeing The Obamas not be slaves to dancing for the media’s obsession anymore is relieving. Seeing their daughters look so ethnic (hair) around their White friend is a major statement. Showing the girls get on the helicopter with braids and an understated ponytail speaks. Showing the girls not dressed like fashion victims is relieving. Seeing Michelle look like she is relaxing is relieving. Their actions showned in the pictures speaks of their value systems. That is what Americans should be talking about. They are obviously not slaves to looking "perfect" and marketable anymore. I love that. They relaxed that campaign mentality and brought back the realness that some people might not like in killing the fantasy that they are living fashion spreads.Substance.

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