Princeton Honors Michelle Obama With Unveiling of Portrait

Valerie Smith and Robert Wuthnow unveiled the senior picture of Michelle Obama on the Class Photo Wall at the Tap Room. (Photo: Brian Wilson)

From Princeton University’s new site:

A portrait of Princeton alumna and First Lady Michelle Obama was installed Wednesday, Feb. 4, on the Class Photo Wall in the Tap Room of the Nassau Inn that has become a place of high honor for some of the University’s most eminent graduates.

The event was sponsored by Princeton’s Department of Sociology and the University’s Center for African American Studies, which produced a framed senior class photo of Obama and presented it to the Nassau Inn for installation.

5 thoughts on “Princeton Honors Michelle Obama With Unveiling of Portrait

  1. That’s so great! I have taken a lot of doctoral soc classes at Harvard over the last couple years, and they always meet in this one room w/all these photos of eminent sociologists – it’s like 15 old, white dudes staring at you the whole time. And probably Du Bois.I know this is classmates, not faculty, but still, look at the majority of the photos around her.Go Michelle!!! Nice! 🙂

  2. michelle looks right at home on the wall of white men…i mean the class photo wall in the tap room…yay michelle!!!!

  3. I think it’s sad that they had to wait until her husband was elected President before they honoured her. She was an amazing woman before he was elected as well as now…

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