More First Lady Duties: Michelle Visits Department of Education

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama speaks to staff during her visit to the Department of Education in Washington, February 2, 2009. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES)

Michelle visited the folks at the Dept. of Education for a little pep talk. Check out more pictures and video after the jump!

michelle dept of ed3

Mrs Obama

Mrs Obama

See more pictures of the Obama Administration’s First 100 Days on the Flickr page!

6 thoughts on “More First Lady Duties: Michelle Visits Department of Education

  1. This is a super smart move! As a government worker, when a transition occurs the old guard tends to become "mother hen" over the workers. Michelle, in this way, can become Barack’s ears and eyes as to what’s going on at ground level. When I worked in government over 20 years ago, visits by the executive branch at yeast yearly kept everyone on their toes. I’m telling you: The president and this first lady are brilliant! Why hasn’t any other First Lady thought of this before? becaue they like opacity over transparency?

  2. As a student working towards my degree and credential, I must say- YAY Michelle!…But I also must say, Michelle, hon- what is going on with your hair up there? That high mid part has got to go!

  3. It’s good to see the First Lady diving into things so quickly. Tho’ being First Lady is meant to be low-profile, Michelle Obama is too important to the country to stay in the background. She means so much to so many women.I agree with Booga about the hair, tho’. Seems her hair stylist has changed, or perhaps she’s doing it herself. As a new ‘do’ I think she looked better with a bit more over the forehead.

  4. From the 2 public appearances Michelle has done so far as first lady, you can tell her stylists has already left her. The close and drab and the hair isn’t bouncy anymore. She must be doing it herself now

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