Solutions: Help Madison Avenue Find FauxBama Girls

After writing two posts about the advertising/modeling industry suddenly scratching their heads and having their worlds turned upside down by clients wanting a more “ethnic” look in the kid campaigns due to First Daughter Fever, and reading unadulterated BULLSHIT like, “(T)he First Daughters are tough subjects to match” and “It’s a very specific age and a very specific ethnicity, so there aren’t that many girls that would necessarily fit the bill,” I can no longer stand idle and say do nothing.

We at The Black Snob aren’t just about complaining! We’re here to help the clueless who seem to think black Americans (the kind with African, European and other mixed ancestry) are, you know, hard to find. Even if there are 40 million blacks in America (according to a 2006 US Census study) and almost all of us fit that make-up in some way, shape or form and their are millions of little girls, each cuter than the last.

So, if you know a cute little black/brown girl, working professionally as a model or is an undiscovered diamond in your family, school or neighborhood (with the parents’ or guardian’s permission), please submit her adorable picture to The Black Snob’s “Cute Black Girls Are Everywhere, You Idiots” campaign, via email where we will happily put together a lovely post and release a press packet to the dunderheads at Wilhelmina to say, “Um … looking for cute, little black girls? Ur doin’ it wrong!

Thank you! I look forward to coo, ooh and aaw over the undeniable cuteness of your offspring, siblings and future super models.

Deadline for submissions: February 8th!

17 thoughts on “Solutions: Help Madison Avenue Find FauxBama Girls

  1. Census estimates put the number of blacks living in the US at 42 million. 22 million is way too low.

  2. I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on the fact that Madison Ave. thinks that the Obama girls are the only black girls in America with white relatives.

  3. This is one of my FAVORITE pictures of the First Lady with a WeeMichelle. There’s something so…I can’t even put a finger on it, but I love this picture.

  4. Thanks for this post. I recently was working on a fashion segment for a TV show duplicating the inauguration fashions and I thought it my head how so many future ad campaigns will want to capture the Obama kids aesthetic for ad campaigns. It will be quite interesting to see the various interpretations they come up with.

  5. Perhaps this phenomenon with the Obama girls will enable modeling agencies owned and operated by black or other non-white owners an ability to enter the fashion world like never before! You cannot tell me that a black-owned agency does not know how and where to recruit cute little black girls. Also, the young girl who appeared on CNN with her mother the other day does not look a damn thing like Sasha. She is cute, but does not resemble her in the least bit.

  6. Madison Avenue has the same problem that colleges and corporate america had a couple of years ago. Actually they sill have the problem a little bit. Here is the problem. They are fishing in the wrong pond and going for a swim in the wrong pool. theya re looking for black talent in the same places that they find the white talent. Madison avenue needs to go where the talent is located and not expect the talent to come to them.Excuses will not cut it.

  7. I am confused as to why the black girls they’re searching for MUST have white relatives! That is SUPER wack, for lack of a better description.

  8. I saw this the other day on CNN and thought it was ridiculous. Months ago you could barely get models to walk the runways, let alone children modeling ads directed at the entire American demographic. Madison Avenue is full of crap and as usual they see a way to make a profit and that’s their only aim. This kind of reminds me of school desegregation, you knew your schools were inadequate but they had to integrate them in order to be accepted by whites. Since President Obama is in office, Black has somehow became the new Black. Who knows? It may be a good thing or a bad thing.

  9. Even the televised mythology of Madison Ave. is all White. I wouldn’t watch the much acclaimed cable series "Mad Men" because as much as I love classic movies about the corporate world (Best of Everything; Executive Suite) made in the 50’s and 60’s, I cut them some slack because of the time frame. I just couldn’t take an all White series made in the 21 century (albeit depicting the ’50s and ’60s.) But now we have another cable series "Trust Me" about Madison Ave. set in todays world, and guess what? Yep, blizzard conditions.

  10. Thanks for 1. shining a spotlight on this tomfoolery and 2. doing something about it. Will be e-mailing you photos of my beautiful brown babies!!

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