Month: February 2009

Luvvie has a fondness for letters, and recently poured her heart out in thanks of the Hat’s Aretha. (It is no longer Aretha’s Hat. The hat is now so awesome, Luvvie says that it is considered the owner of Aretha instead of the other way around.)

Therefore, Luvvie is writing “a 4-page letter” to Mr. West (but she ain’t enclosed it with no kiss).

Dear KanYe (is the Y capitalized or not?),

I’m concerned. About you. Let’s talk about it. I know you’ve had a VERY rough year and a half, with your Mom’s passing (RIP Dr. Donda West). She was your biggest supporter (I LOVE “Hey Mama” and lost my voice singing it when you came to U. of Illinois for the concert), and CLEARLY the love of your life. Then, you broke up with your perpetually ornery fiancée, Alexis.

The wench ain’t NEVER smile.

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Firstly, does anyone actually watch Campbell Brown’s “No Bias, No Bull” on CNN? I’m guessing most people on this blog watch Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Sean Hannity — either for serious or for giggles — Bill O’Reilly or absolutely nothing because you hate them all.

Or maybe you’re like me and you’re watching “Ugly Betty” or the “Lost” repeat with the obvious pop-ups or something.

I always saw No Bias, No Bull as the world’s most unnecessary show (with the most ludicrious title), largely because Brown is kind of boring to me … Just like Paula Zahn was and CNN doesn’t seem to know how to nurture a proper polemic, even a so-called unbiased one.

But if you watch CNN you may have noticed that Brown is super pregnant and will be taking a leave of absence. With that leave, CNN has finally decided to free TV commentator/host/pundit/personality Roland Martin from the “Pundit Plantation” and have him sub for Brown.

I thought Martin, who was signed by CNN but has barely been used by the network (other than one special and some Obama-based, election punditry), was going to end up in that same closet where they keep Soledad O’Brien, but now Martin will get his chance to helm a show and possibly later, get his own show, if things go well.

But some are wondering if he’s the man for the job.

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