Troubleshooting! (Lemme Upgrade U!)

I’ve had a few people say they’ve had trouble seeing the whole page on the site. I noticed from my sister that if you’re not upgraded to the latest Web browser for Firefox or Internet Explorer the formatting from the page will be off and the articles will run at the bottom instead of the center.

Get the latest version of Firefox here!

Get the latest version of Internet Explorer here!

2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting! (Lemme Upgrade U!)

  1. Danielle,I wanted to tell you that after more than a week of testing, I like the new web- format, and can point to several improvements:1) The jump- having stories continue on a separate page, allows the front page to load faster!2) Going to flicker for a gallery of pictures, instead of putting them all on the front page, also allows the front page to load faster, and I’ haven’t experienced any hangs or crashes, so far.3) What I like the most, is that you are using "square space," which carries over the blogger feature of emailing the reader when someone adds to the discussion he is commenting on. By the way, I love the Opera browser too, but not for blogging. The Google blog spot wouldn’t remember me from visit to visit, and it was a big deal for me to log in to the old Blogspot from Opera. My best results are using Firefox latest version, which I understand also protects you better from malware, viruses etc., than Internet Explorer!Congratulations on a great transition, and thanks for putting your real name at the top of the page in the new format.You’re doing a great job, and deserve the name recognition!Barry

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