The First Lady, the Fentys, Jill Biden and Georgia Brown’s

Michelle Obama and Fentys

As promised! Pictures of Michelle Obama at Georgia Brown’s for lunch Friday with Washington, D.C.’s sexy baldy Mayor Adrian Fenty, his lovely wife, (also named) Michelle, and Second Lady Jill Biden!

Don’t they look all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Lovely and ready to become regular fixtures on the D.C. scene? You know D.C. would love it to have the President and the missus stop in at the trendiest restaurants and hot spots to nosh with the hoi polloi!

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michelle meets fenty6

michelle meets fenty5

michelle meets fenty4

Michelle Obama

For more pictures of Michelle’s lunch with the Fentys and of the First 100 Days of the Obama Administration check the Flickr page!

11 thoughts on “The First Lady, the Fentys, Jill Biden and Georgia Brown’s

  1. Didn’t she look great? She looks so relaxed, doesn’t she? Mrs. Fenty looks great to have just given birth. And Jill Biden — always rocking those boots.

  2. @ jojoI’m totally not touching that one until the pres secy. comes out and says so or Michelle starts to look like she’s smuggling beach balls.

  3. I think she looks fabulous, as always! Very bold with the green shoes but I ain’t mad at her for rocking her Jimmy Choos!

  4. Why must Michelle stand with her legs apart?Michelle is bow legged, and that’s what they do. My mum has bow legs, and she had to train herself to stand ballet style (one foot in front of the other) or else she just stands like Michelle does.

  5. It’s nice to see them out eating at the local restaurants. In the 8 years Bush was Prez, I don’t remember seeing at any of the local DC eateries.

  6. Re MO standing with legs apart: I hope that someone works with her and trains her on how to walk and stand!

  7. Dang, the mayor of DC is hot. And that’s the same baldy SS agent that had me thinking impure thoughts during the inaugural parade. I do believe I’ve got to write a hot love story with a SS agent.

  8. I have to confess…I love Jill Biden. She’s always got this "OMG! I’m in Washington! Am I really married to the VP?? I can’t believe it!" look on her face. Every time I see her I giggle a little.

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