Serena Williams, Serial Dream Crusher, Wins 10th Major In Australian Open Massacre

In straight sets the “Queen Serene,” Serena Williams, beat her opponent, Russian Diara Safina, to win the Australian Open for the fourth time, securing her 10th grand slam title.

She looked great. (Love the hair, the jeans, the blouse, the belt, the kicking of everyone’s ass, the smile. Could she BE more prefect?) It was a massacre at 6-0, 6-3. She is no. 1 in the world … again. Right where she belongs.

Upon her victory the always ego-riffic Serena proclaimed: It’s mine again!

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Williams got no argument from Dinara Safina on Saturday night. After two weeks of uncertainty about the true state of Williams’s form, suddenly there was nothing but brutal clarity.

Williams said she was inspired by watching Rafael Nadal’s epic victory over Fernando Verdasco on Friday night, but a 5-hour-14-minute final was not part of her plan. She swept through the first set in 22 minutes against Safina, then rumbled to her fourth Australian Open singles title and 10th Grand Slam singles title by the lopsided score of 6-0, 6-3.

“I’ve always said when I’m playing my best, it’s very difficult to beat me, and I think today I played close to my best,” Williams said. “Because I didn’t make that many errors.”

Her seven unforced errors might well have been a career low for Williams, who likes to take big swings and risks. “I don’t think I’ve ever played a match with so few,” she said. “I saw that stat in the end and I was like, ‘Whoa.’ I think the key is doing what my dad tells me to do in practice: just technical things.”

The victory means that Williams, not Safina, will replace Jelena Jankovic at No. 1 when the rankings are released on Monday.

“She played too good today,” Safina said in her postmatch remarks to the not-quite-sellout crowd in Rod Laver Arena. “I was just a ball boy on the court.”

(Source: New York Times)

Be sure to bow down when she comes to your town.

And to a Compton Girl, an “Oaktown,” New Jack Tribute just for you:

That juicy got ’em “cold going mad!”

6 thoughts on “Serena Williams, Serial Dream Crusher, Wins 10th Major In Australian Open Massacre

  1. Sarafin looked scared the whole match. I think she thought Serena was gonna hop across the net and beat her down if she dropped a set! LOL! Serena is the best in the business!

  2. Imagine if you could bottle that energy! Congrats to a fabulous player…’n that oh-so-wondrous smile!!!!!

  3. I LOVE the Williams sisters, as far as I am concerned they are excellent role models for black girls. They have confidence, courage, positive spirit and unshakeable belief in themselves. All I know is – if Papa & Mama Williams ever decide to write a book on raising kids, I will be first in line to buy it! Black kids, heck! all kids should be taught to develop that amazing self-belief & work ethic.

  4. Yup, Serena’s ego-riffic, but she was very kind and complimentary to Safina. Would have loved to hear the conversation between the two of them that had Safina laughing.She’s grown alot in these… what 10 years? Whew! Hope she and Venus do stay in the game for as long as they want and are able. Wouldn’t be mad if one took Navratilova’s records either.

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