Day: January 30, 2009


Last year Italian Vogue produced an “all black” issue featuring primarily models with African heritage. It was one of those love it/hate it things where I loved seeing so many of my favorite models highlighted so beautifully, but hated that there needed to be a “black issue” in the first place when nearly all of these models could easily be put in regular rotation in any fashion magazine, rendering their appearance less novel and simply another aspect of beauty within the fashion industry.

In this latest report by CNN, what some of us have already suspected seems to be true: Obama-look-a-likes are in demand by Madison Avenue.

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Snob reader Nonny posted an interesting question and observation about First Lady Michelle Obama and her first appearance since the Inauguration where she hosting the reception for the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter law Thursday.

During the signing, I couldn’t help but wonder how Michelle Obama felt to be sitting in the audience while all these power women – Clinton, Pelosi, and others – were up front and center around her husband as he signed the Ledbetter document into law and passed out the signing pens.

Michelle Obama is as intelligent and accomplished as any of them, and yet here she was, sitting politely and quietly in the front row, America’s first ‘hostess.’ It really made me uncomfortable that she may be relegated to the background no matter what she does. It was nice that she got up to speak later, but that was an introduction of Lilly L. mostly.

I hope there’s an important active role for her in the future because while I love her first mom shtick and her fashion sense etc, I don’t want to see all that intelligence and power sidelined for 4-8 years.

And I thought she looked tired, too, not so vibrant.

Nonny asked me what I thought of this and as I started to write a book for an answer I realized I could sum up Michelle’s “damned if she does/damned if she doesn’t” situation as the wife of the president in one sentence:

First Ladies lose (if they’re interesting).

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