Today’s Hot Topic: The Dumbing Down of Michelle Obama

Professional asshat, fame-whore Perez Hilton, (Yes, ask me how I really feel!) is yet the latest person to get some buzz with what I’m now dubbing “Chronic Obama Fame-Jacking.” He’s going around saying Michelle is pregnant. This is based on nothing but a few unflattering outfits and some camera angles. Never mind the fact that Michelle is 45 and the Obamas have already said they don’t plan on any more kids, yet the fascination with Michelle Obama’s womb has been en fuego ever since November 4th and the infamous “Black Widow” dress that did make her look a little bloated.

Why does this happen to First Ladies? Why do they turn into clothes and looks and baby-making potential? Please discuss on today’s Hot Topic Thread.

13 thoughts on “Today’s Hot Topic: The Dumbing Down of Michelle Obama

  1. So says the grown ass man with Blue hair. People still read his blog? Oh yes, that’s right, my sister does, but she’s barely 21. That says it all. *lol* (why am I so mean-spirited lately?!!).

  2. @ NoelaniGirl. I almost straight up called him a "fucktard," but decided that was too harsh to put at the top of the post. Plus, I don’t like to use words offensive to the mentally handicapped. I mean. They’re good folks. They don’t deserve to be lumped in with this panty waste.

  3. Why complain and dignify him simultaneously? As for myself, I would love for the Presidential family to bring a new life into this world. That would be most exciting. Everyone, including those that we may detest, are fascinated by this lovely family. The public will continue to speculate about the Obamas being pregnant because of their celebrity. However, to be mean-spirited and belittling towards another fellow BLOGGER (tsk tsk) is very curt.Perez Hilton has found his niche in blogdom in the same manner as Danielle Belton (love ya, Danielle…you rock…just not on this post).

  4. @ JuliaHey. Some bloggers I like, some I don’t. I know there are some bloggers who don’t like me. Tis the price you pay when you put yourself out there. Folks are going to be critical. I just don’t appreciate all the fake semen he draws on things. Not my bag.

  5. Though I don’t believe it. But It’s possible because my mom was around the same age as Michelle when she had me and I’m 18 going on 19. There are planned babies and they’re are oops baby. I was a what in the hell?! baby. XD But all in all Perez ain’t got shit to say.

  6. It’s…bizarre. I know. I can’t think of any other word for it. It’s the same reason why these celeb gossip sites do it to ANYONE who looks a little round in that area.Well guess what? WE’RE WOMEN. FEMALE. Contrary to popular belief (made all the more so by airbrushing and Spanx) we are NOT CONCAVE IN THAT AREA OF OUR BODIES. Most of us have a little pooch! A little belly! It’s normal!Michelle likely forgot her Spanx that day. It’s sad that somebody like Perez (and all the other gossip sites) even think it’s news-worthy. She forgot her Spanx! Ohhh no! SHES PREGNANT.

  7. @ Julia: Isn’t that kind of like saying that as (for an example) a book author, you should love all other books out there and not criticize the work of any other author?I’m just giving an example, perhaps not a good one- but it’s okay to criticize the work of others. Danielle has a valid complaint, in my opinion.

  8. And I agree- babies are great and wonderful and nothing wrong with her being preggers, if she is.I’m going to wait for the formal announcement from the White House press staff before I go wagging my tongue, though.

  9. I can’t stand perez for the life of me. I’m also upset he is cuban too. Michelle is not pregnant and even if she is it’s not a bad thing. The first ladies are expected by the public, to have sons so they can aspire to be president too.

  10. Good God. I think I read somewhere that Michelle struggled a bit getting pregnant with the two she has. I doubt very seriously she has any interest AT ALL in doing it again now that she’s got them up and in school. I know I struggled as well and you couldn’t pay me to do it again now at 45 and I’ve only got one!

  11. Sorry guys, am kinda with perez on this one. Remember the White House vist? Mrs O in the Red Dress? I remember looking at her and exclaiming to those around the table, that Mrs O might just have a bun in the oven…I was met with howls of derision,. Then followed the Barbara Walter interview? Looked at her in that black and white shift dress and thought to my myself "hhhhmmmm?" . Same thing went through my mind when I saw her in the inaugauration oufits.Imn ssure Mrs O is well acquainted with the power of Spanx, also, we have seen her in many a shift dress, none of them showed bulges prior to say…December. Mrs O has a pear shaped, and such body types carry weight around the hips unlike the apple shaped body types which carry weight around the middle, secondly, she works out, hard! and her toned abs and arms the works were obvious..I’d say until round about the visit to the White House, when I looked at her middle section and thought to myself i"hhhmmmm!". The low profile during the Christmas holiday could mean she was taking in much needed rest.My Partner came along when his mum was 42 years, Cherie Blair also had a baby a relatively advanced ageso any thing is possible.I’m really not hunkering for a White Hosue baby, but my gut instincts on this one are as strong as when I first read "Dreams from my Father" and told friends and family back in September 2007, that The "O" man was definitely going to be the next resident at 1600 P.

  12. Why does this happen to First Ladies? Why do they turn into clothes and looks and baby-making potential? The reason that this happens to First Ladies is because politics is the ultimate power game and very few women hold higher positions in American politics. Very few women are in public positions of authority and once they are introduced to the public they become nothing but the clothes and accessories they wear. Forget about their intelligence, this is the one trait that is often the most ignored even the majority of American women have also bought into this same mindset. Mrs. Obama’s frankness and confidence makes her an easy target for the media especially for those who believe that outspokenness and a first lady should never be synonymous. Whether she’s pregnant or not, it’s their business and I don’t read the gossip sites at all.

  13. Perez rarely has anything good to say about Black people on his blog (which is why I stopped reading it), so I wouldn’t be surprised if he started the rumor and claimed it wasn’t Obama’s child. Perez is pretty much scum; he should go back to drawing ‘pee-pees’ on celebrity photos. His 15 minutes of fame are over.

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