Palin to “Suffer” the Indignity of Washington Elites to Do Some Obama Fame-Jacking

Try as I might, I can never truly hate the woman. (I hate her views though.) I just have to admire her in the same vein I admired Hillary Clinton’s Eva Peron act towards the end of the Democratic Primary. I mean, I enjoy a woman who just WON’T GO AWAY. Even if you’re begging her to leave. Even if it’s probably in her best interest. SCREW THAT! Effie Whites don’t back down! They hold on to fame and rock it til the wheels fall off.

That said, The Huffington Post is reporting that Palin will attend the Alfalfa Club Dinner this weekend in Washington, D.C. to get in on that fresh, New President smell.

Mmm. Smells like “hope,” methols and C&H, pure cane sugar. That’s the one! (From Hawaii! Sweetened by the sun!)

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she will attend an exclusive club dinner in Washington this weekend because it will offer her an audience with President Obama.

In an impromptu meeting with reporters Wednesday outside the governor’s mansion, Palin also detailed reasons why she’s started her own political action committee and laughed off suggestions that she’s in line for an $11 million book deal.

Palin said she is participating in outside events, like this weekend’s Alfalfa Club dinner, strictly to promote Alaska’s interests as its governor.

“The Alfalfa dinner, yes, in fact that’s because President Obama is scheduled to be there,” Palin said. “And how often will I have an opportunity to have dinner with the president? I will take up that offer to do so.”

According to Politico, both Obama and Palin will address the crowd. (Huffington Post)

Can you blame her? Plus, she’s working on a master plan for world domination in 2012. To badly paraphrase some Michael Stipe, that’s gonna be her in the corner (surrounded by those awful, awful elitests), in the spotlight, losing her street cred.

And gaining some bona fides from the base, perhaps from Obama’s refacted glow? He’s got the Midas touch, you know? Everything the O-Man touches turns into kittens, cheap Inauguration commemorative plates, rainbows, “Hustlenomics” and cold cash money.

He makes it rain, people. He’s so powerful even his seeds make it rain. Sasha and Malia straight up crashed J. Crew’s Web site in those cute Inaugural coats.

So who can blame this woman who “refuses to die?” She is telling you, for the umpteenth time, that SHE IS NOT GOING! She doesn’t want to be free of the national attention. Except for maybe Greta Van Susteren’s attention because … um, Sarah and Todd totally might have to get a restraining order out on that ass someday. Being a fan is one thing. Being all up in your moose chili is another. (Fast forward to 5:25 into the video.)

Watch yer back, Palinator! You don’t want to come home one day and Greta’s had another facelift to look like you and is trying to breast-feed Trig. I’ve seen that movie before. It gets ugly.

12 thoughts on “Palin to “Suffer” the Indignity of Washington Elites to Do Some Obama Fame-Jacking

  1. Once the CDC identifies the next painful, scabby, oozing, incurable and unpredictably reoccurring STDthey should name it Sara Palin.

  2. Hahahaha! Snob, you are cracking me up. Your comments make me almost, ALMOST, okay that she won’t just go away.

  3. "Being all up in your moose chili…" HA! Nice.Barack will love the amusement factor, but Rahm The Terrible will likely hire Tina Fey under the table to crash the dinner; Tina would do it for a free…FYI–hope you enjoyed this from last week. Got a million hits when the posted it on and of course Oprah took peek at the Root Inaugural Ball.Best,Nat Turner

  4. I wouldn’t put Palin in the "Effie White" category. I think a person has to have been wronged and also must have talent.

  5. "Once the CDC identifies the next painful, scabby, oozing, incurable and unpredictably reoccurring STDthey should name it Sara Palin."lmfao and rotf!

  6. Can we stick Sarah Palin in that volcano in Alaska that’s due to explode? We can save people from lava and her 2012 campaign all in one fell swoop!

  7. The C&H reference smacked me down hard. Now I have all those ads in my head playing over and over and I got so distracted I couldn’t even read the rest of the post! Greaaaaat..thanks! Once I recover…I’ll try again.

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