Update: “Drunken Negro” Cookie Dude Has Seen the Light

Ted said he’s truly sorry and in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. he wants to be forgiven ya’ll!

And what MLK has to do with his infamous “Drunken Negro Face” cookies made “in honor” of President Barack Obama, that aren’t offensive or anything even though baker Ted Kefalinos kept saying things like Obama wants to be like Lincoln and “he’ll get his just like Lincoln,” I’ll never know.

What? Was that like offensive or something? Why the anger Greenwich Village? He made cakes for “Sex In the City” once. They employed Blair Underwood in their last season. He can’t be racist! So please, like, stop threatening to burn the his shop down. And please keep buying the black & whites and sweet breads. Seriously. He’s got a Cuban brother-in-law and everything. He’s totally not racist. Are we cool now, Ted wonders? Negroes, nosotros estabamos frescos?

10 thoughts on “Update: “Drunken Negro” Cookie Dude Has Seen the Light

  1. He’s lying. And ignorant. One can be forgiven, but not both.Daath threats are over the top, but I won’t be sad if his business deteriorates.And never invoke SATC as a measure of diversity, LMAO.

  2. If his business fails, he brought it on himself. I won’t shed a tear for him. And that apology was so insincere. He’s only sad people are calling him out for his asshattery. I also hope those thugs who called in threats are getting caught. At least he knows he’s not alone in being a total jackass.

  3. You know the funny thing about these types? They love to provoke shit but can’t handle the blowback when it hits them in the face.Three standard lines that every closeted racist will use:1) I’m not a racist…BUT2) I didn’t MEAN anything by it…3) I’m not racist, I know black people.

  4. @ brownstocking. You ain’t never lied. You can’t give such a disingenuous apology and expect to be forgiven. If you are going to be racist, be proudly racist. I can respect David Duke b/c at least he’s overt with it and is willing to debate people. But don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. If you’re going to be racist, let your racist flag fly high and debate people, but don’t pretend you aren’t racist. Personally, I’m glad the people of the West Village told this guy where to shove it. I’m a free speech advocate in the vein of Voltaire. I think people have the right to speak their mind and should be defended for doing so. However, you best be prepared to face the blowback from others speaking their mind when your ideas hit the marketplace of ideas. You don’t have to ban racists; reasonable people will always outnumber them, especially in the West Village!! That is why these cookies were not only racist, but stupidly racist! He expected to do this in the West Village, prime "pinko-commie liberal" territory, and think people would be down with that. As soon as I saw this I knew that the people in the Village would vote with their pocketbooks against this moron since this is blue-state central. And that boycott is no joke given that this is prime real estate where store owners pay $20, 000/month in rent. Those cookies were like saying you hate Jews while visiting a synagogue–straight stupid.

  5. Awww man, dude was just doing his part to be welcoming in this now "post racial" society of ours. I mean if he really meant to be nasty, he would have had some form of white confectionery powder around Obama’s nose as a throwback to his cocaine days. You know all them Black people are on drugs, right?

  6. Haha, I loved watching his face as he listened to the phone calls. He deserves every bit of bad publicity.

  7. He’s not really apologetic; he just believes he should apologize. Even when the reporter asked if he thought it was insensitive he said no. What world is he living in where Black people are still called Negroes?! AND what in the world was that red stuff under the eye?! What was he thinking?!

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