Operation: Tell Donna Brazile She’s the Awesome

Democratic strategist, author and all around fly, CNN’s “other” Silver Fox, Donna Brazile is coming to St. Louis, Mo. as part of St. Louis Public Library’s Black History Month celebration. She’ll be giving the keynote address as well as signing copies of her new book, “Cooking With Grease: Stirring the Pots in America.”

I, personally, find this book title both apropos and hilarious as I once stated that people know they love Donna because they all want to be “the sizzling grease in her hot comb.”

For you St. Louisan Snobs, she will be in town on 7 p.m., Feb. 9 at the library on 1301 Olive St., 63103.

Now, I plan on being there because it would make my February to meet one of my favorite politicos. Donna, as long-time readers may know, was the award-winner of The Black Snob’s first annual “Top Pundit” Awards beating out Keith Olbermann by one vote. What can I say? The sistas love them some Donna and she had us all at “Anderson, I’m not your boo.”

Even if all I get is a signed book and a “grip n’ grin” photograph I’ll be all kinds of peaches and cream. See you there!


5 thoughts on “Operation: Tell Donna Brazile She’s the Awesome

  1. c says:

    *sigh* I loves the Donna.lucky you for getting the chance to meet her."Anderson, you are not my boo." —twice as funny b/c Anderson is sooo hot.

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