Are You Hot Like Ed Bradley?

It’s that time of the year again for The Black Snob’s second-annual Ed Bradley Award for Journalistic Hotness.

For you kids out there, Ed Bradley was the coolest of the cool, flyest of the fly anchormen/reporters working on TV. He was best known for handling weekend anchor duties at CBS News and being one of the many famous faces of “60 Minutes.” He was also the voice of Jazz at the Lincoln Center on NPR and all-around, sexy-as-hell. He was “The Man,” and I have missed him as we all have missed since his untimely death from Leukemia in November 2006.

Ed was the ultimate globe-trotting, brilliant, hard-hitting, old-school journalist who delivered the news while always looking fly (even when getting his ass blown up in Vietnam). He was the kind of guy every reporter looked up to and a trailblazer for many black reporters/anchors on air today. A guy who got a stud in his ear when he was well-past “young’un” because the Ed could pull that shit off.

They broke the mold on Bradley, so I named my talent, brains and beauty contest for TV reporters and anchors after him.

Last year’s winner (who got there on sheer sexy and potential alone) was CNN Weekend anchor TJ Holmes, with anchor/reporters Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Matt Lauer and Tiki Barber rounding out the top five.

This year we’re going with two categories for male and female reporters/anchors of all types and I’m looking for nominations. Will TJ maintain his crown? Or is there someone hotter on the rise?

Only you can decide!

Here are the nominees for this year’s “Ed Bradley Awards” (after the jump):

BEST MALE (Pick 5)

Tiki Barber, NBC

Byron Pitts, CBS

TJ Holmes, CNN

Brian Williams, NBC

David Gregory, NBC

John King, CNN

Russ Mitchell, CBS

Don Lemon, CNN

Richard Engel, NBC

John Yang, NBC

Troy Roberts, CBS

Sanjay Gupta, CNN/CBS

George Stephanopoulos, ABC

Tony Harris, CNN

Bryant Gumbel, HBO

David Muir, ABC

Bill Whitaker, CBS

Kevin Corke, NBC

Michael Ware, CNN

Lester Holt, NBC

Bob Simon, CBS

Fareed Zakaria, CNN

Rick Sanchez, CNN

Anderson Cooper, CNN

Jason Carroll, CNN

Scott Pelley, CBS

Shepard Smith, FOX News

Rob Marciano, CNN

Ron Claiborne, ABC

Reynolds Wolf, CNN

Matt Lauer, NBC

Dan Lothian, CNN

Bill Hemmer, FOX News

Chris Lawrence, CNN



Atika Schubert, CNN

Alison Stewart, MSNBC

Robin Roberts, ABC

Fredericka Whitfield, CNN

Stephanie Elam, CNN

Natalie Morales, NBC

Hoda Kotb, NBC

Julie Chen, CBS

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Ann Curry, NBC

Maria Bartiromo, CNBC

Thalia Assuras, CBS

Debbie Turner-Bell, CBS

Rehema Ellis, NBC

Kelly O’Donnell, NBC

Katie Couric, CBS

Lola Ogunnaike, CNN

Suzanne Malvueax, CNN

Norah O’Donnell, MSNBC

Mallika Kapur, CNN International

Lisa Ling, National Geographic

Alina Cho, CNN

Kyra Phillips, CNN

Tamron Hall, MSNBC

Kimberly Dozier, CBS

Laila Ali, CBS

Soledad O’Brien, CNN

Michelle Miller, CBS

Christiane Amanpour, CNN

Christina Brown, MSNBC

Elaine Quijano, CNN

Betty Nguyen, CNN

Lara Logan, CBS

Campbell Brown, CNN

Kiern Chetry, CNN

Erica Hill, CNN/CBS

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27 thoughts on “Are You Hot Like Ed Bradley?

  1. am I FIRST? :)here’s my votes for the noms:TJ, sanjay gupta, lestor holt, brian williams, and don lemon.betty nguyen, lara logan, hoda kotb, rachel maddow, and tamron….can TJ get TWO votes, please?? 😉

  2. I mostly read my news online so I often miss the on-air electricity of these people, but I really like these people:Anderson Cooper, TJ, Sanjay Gupta and Christiane Amanpour. Christiane totally charmed me last year, especially after I saw her on Real Time with Bill Maher – she had those guys drooling! 🙂

  3. Men:David Gregory (forget the news, dude can dance. Seriously, have you seen him spin AND hit the three step turn on beat?)John KingFareed ZakariaMicheal WareMatt LauerLadies:Lola Ogunnaike (because I look like her)Lisa Ling (I want her job)Tamron Hall (cute, cute,cute)Fredricka Whitfield and Suzanne Malveaux (Imagine if you will, a portrait completed in New Orleans around 1840. In this portrait, there are 2 beautiful free women of color. They are no longer filles, they wear dresses of a darker color and have silk shawls draped over their shoulders. They both wear tignons individualized to suit their personal taste. Fredericka’s headdress has dozens of pearls sewn into the fabric. Suzanne’s is piled higher and on it she has pinned the diamond brooch a lover gave her as a token of devotion. Are they sisters? Cousins? Friends? We’ll never know)

  4. My picks;Michelle MIllerRobin RobertsAtika SchubertSuzanne Malvueax(write in) Bianna Golodryga – ABC(write in) Zain Verjee – CNN

  5. Male = Don LemonWhy? Mr. Lemon is grown, sexy, smart…. and because of his wonderful comments and coverage during the Inauguration.Female = Christiane AmanpourWhy? Ms. Amnapour has been doing serious journalism like nobody’s business for years!!

  6. Ed Bradley was sex on a stick. I was so sad when he passed away. The dude out Clooney’d George Clooney without breaking a sweat.There will never be another like him.

  7. Male (of the available selection): TJ Holmes – However, I’m ride’n with my main man James Browm (ESPN sports reporters) formerly of FOXFemale: (hands down) Robin Roberts!She’s been on point since ESPN – Cancer surviver Good Morning America Co-Host (2005-) Good Morning America News Anchor (2002-05) 20/20 Contributor ABC Sportscaster (2002-) Wide World of Sports (1995-) SportsCenter Sportscaster (1990-)

  8. Male: I wish I could pick someone other than TJ Homes, but just can’t bring myself to 🙁 It hurts so good…Female: Tamara Hall; she was the breakout star this year and handled her new opportunities with utter fabulousness.****I have to add a category***These are my picks for the EBASJH (the S=seasoned)Male: Tony Harris; he has such a wonderful energy.Female: Robin Roberts cause she’s BAD!

  9. Here are my votes:Male Votes1. Bryant Gumbel – handsome guy but really he is intellectually sexy and the best of the best in the business; no one else comes close right now2. Reynolds Wolf – he is hilarious and he can sure work that weather map; he had a nice package report the other day as well3. Don Lemon – really making me proud; he is like the hottest "act" on CNN right now and not bad on the eyes4 TJ Holmes – still sexy as ever but again its just looks and great potential that’s why the number four spot Female Votes1. Lara Logan – OMG, what is more hot than an intellectual in the battlefield where all the action is, I LOVE this woman – and that RSA accent is a favorite of mine2. Suzanne Malveaux – is beautiful but more important those reports are ALWAYS tight; this chic has pure journalistic skills 3. Alison Stewart – she does have a great resume and she is a beautiful woman4. Tamron Hall – cute and I think she has grown on me5. Alina Cho – this gal can really handle herself; she has good chemistry with whoever she is paired and does some nice workP.S. Hey Snob what about Jeanne Moos lol,, I absolutely LOVE her wit that shines through in her reporting

  10. Fareed Zakaria, CNNhe’s so above everyone else, but ok, here’s the other 4:TJ Holmes, CNNJohn Yang, NBCDon Lemon, CNNTony HarrisWomenChristiane Amanpour, CNNSuzanne Malvueax, CNNLisa Ling, National GeographicRobin Roberts, ABCTamron Hall, MSNBC (she’s grown on me)

  11. Rachel Rachel Rachel!!! Rachel Maddow has to be up there!Soledad O’BrianAlison StewartLisa LingAnn Curry just because she so crazy! Carlos Watson (write in)Don LemmonFareed ZakariaSanjay GuptaRichard Engle

  12. female: Fredericka Whitfieldmale: Don LemonBoth are very smart, eloquent, amiable, attractive, and proud to be blackI’m a guy & would love to have private sexy fun times with both!Honorable mention to Rachel Maddow, ’cause she’s bright, cute, a sexual outlaw like me, and would probably be helpful in giving Don an excuse to get his freak on with us 🙂

  13. Top 5 MaleAnderson CooperScott PelleySanjay GuptaJon KingDon LemonTop 5 FemaleSoledad O’BrienRobin RobertsSuzanne MalveauxErica HillChristine Amanpour

  14. I abstain from voting for the females but I will but in my two cents for Brian Williams and Don Lemon (although we need to work on his edge up – too too straight for me)

  15. Men: Holmes, (write in) Carlos Watson, Williams, Lemon, BarberWomen: Hall, Ling, Curry, Amanpour, Maddow

  16. Top Five Male Nominees:1. TJ Holmes (I mean come on, how can one argue with that? His bromance appeal is so strong, if Ed Bradley were here, I think he’d invite TJ out for drinks and a great Jazz concert)2. Tiki Barber (If you’d consider a sports analyst, I’d replace Tiki with Shannon Sharpe…there’s just something about a brotha wearing a confidently tied necktie that does something.)3. Don Lemon (Just because it has to completely suck being in TJ’s shadow, close enough to be mistaken for him, but not close enough to be as satisfying)4. Anderson Cooper (Attempting to not take yourself so seriously hasn’t looked this cute in eons)5. John King (The man was the original wizard when it came to special effects and dissecting voting results in damn near every county that was vital at each turn. Plus, I think he could hurt Anderson if Anderson got flip with him…and you just know John’s itching for it.)Top Five Female Nominees:1. Tamron Hall (Jolie to Holmes’ Pitt. Even Pat Buchanan would agree with me on this one)2. Natalie Morales (She’s almost at Tamron’s heels)3. Erica Hill (Just once I’d like to hear her tell Anderson "I Love You"…just once!)4. Rachel Maddow (She’s hot when a little, just a little, makeup is dabbed and eyes are shadowed. If only a pair of diamond studs would magically appear one day.)5. Suzanne Malveaux (She does a great job at presenting the hotness of Bradley, but a little too low key at some points.)

  17. I LOVE this award! For years I thought I was alone in my Ed Bradley crush.I’m giving my prize to Tiki Barber. Matt Lauer gets honorable mention.Robin Roberts & Fredericka Whitfield are a tie.

  18. Men’s top 5:Errol Barnett, CNN (I know he’s not on your list but he’s so cute. And his accent is to die for)TJ Holmes, CNNSanjay Gupta, CNN/CBSAnderson Cooper, CNNTiki Barber, NBCWomen’s top 5:Laila Ali, CBSAtika Schubert, CNNLola Ogunnaike, CNNLisa Ling, National GeographicChristiane Amanpour, CNN

  19. My vote goes to Tamara Hall.Watched her while she was in Chicago and loved her deliverance then. She has done a very, very good joob in delivering the story. She makes it a bit more exciting.

  20. For the male – it goes to Don Lemon.Watched him while he was in Chicago. Liked him at that point. I was never to crazy about CNN until Don Lemon made his arrival. Decided to give it a try. Glad I did. He really get some meaty interviews. Job well done.I only watch CNN in the evening when Don Lemon is on.

  21. Yes – the mold was broken when Ed was made-I'm 52 and easily remember his VietNam coverage – the man was a trailblazer for sure. RIP Ed.

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