Day: January 28, 2009

It’s that time of the year again for The Black Snob’s second-annual Ed Bradley Award for Journalistic Hotness.

For you kids out there, Ed Bradley was the coolest of the cool, flyest of the fly anchormen/reporters working on TV. He was best known for handling weekend anchor duties at CBS News and being one of the many famous faces of “60 Minutes.” He was also the voice of Jazz at the Lincoln Center on NPR and all-around, sexy-as-hell. He was “The Man,” and I have missed him as we all have missed since his untimely death from Leukemia in November 2006.

Ed was the ultimate globe-trotting, brilliant, hard-hitting, old-school journalist who delivered the news while always looking fly (even when getting his ass blown up in Vietnam). He was the kind of guy every reporter looked up to and a trailblazer for many black reporters/anchors on air today. A guy who got a stud in his ear when he was well-past “young’un” because the Ed could pull that shit off.

They broke the mold on Bradley, so I named my talent, brains and beauty contest for TV reporters and anchors after him.

Last year’s winner (who got there on sheer sexy and potential alone) was CNN Weekend anchor TJ Holmes, with anchor/reporters Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Matt Lauer and Tiki Barber rounding out the top five.

This year we’re going with two categories for male and female reporters/anchors of all types and I’m looking for nominations. Will TJ maintain his crown? Or is there someone hotter on the rise?

Only you can decide!

Here are the nominees for this year’s “Ed Bradley Awards” (after the jump):

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