Women’s Wear Daily Gets Punk’D: Michelle O. Fashion Critic Really A Whackadoodle

NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 8: Filmmakers and artists Amnau Eele and Enjai Eele with designer Lawrence Levens pose during Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2005 at Bryant Park September 8, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)From Associated Content:

Amnau Eele, credited as the co-founder of the Black Artists Association, has made headlines by criticizing Michelle Obama for not wearing any African-American designers during the inauguration in a report to Women’s Wear Daily. This does not mark the first time Eele, a “divination artist” has made headlines with unusual claims.

In 2007, Amnau Eele and her brother Clifton Mallery (a/k/a Enjai Omaa Eele), filed a lawsuit claiming that the idea for the NBC show “Heroes” was in fact stolen from a 777-page handwritten novel they had written along with a short film and series of paintings on the same subject.

Their concept hinged on the idea of twins (they also refer to themselves as “The Twins”) who could paint the future. The lawsuit was dismissed as “absurd” by the judge, who also found that they were liable for NBC’s court fees, which totaled nearly $100,000.

But wait! It gets weirder! (More after the jump!)

The Eele siblings have also claimed that they predicted the events of September 11, notified the authorities and were ignored. They are reported in the Jewish World Review as “regular and sometimes unsettling sight in front of the Tribeca Film Co. headquarters.”

No records or news stories relating to the Black Artists Association that Eele claims to be the co-founder of could be located.

Of COURSE there are no records of this organization! Of course!

Seriously, in the age of Google, Women’s World Daily, you fell for this and because of your name, we all fell for it too! You put everyone, including The Snob, on a wild goose chase with this whackadoodle who got all this press they did not desrve.

And WWD should have known better. Aren’t they a fashion site? Shouldn’t they know who the real fashion folks are from the hacks?

So, she’s a whackadoodle, people! Nothing to see here!

31 thoughts on “Women’s Wear Daily Gets Punk’D: Michelle O. Fashion Critic Really A Whackadoodle

  1. This also proves that just because you see something in print at a known media outlet does NOT guarantee that what is being published has any validity whatsoever.

  2. Thank God for your site for helping us ALL separate the wheat from the chaff. I’ll be honest I assumed it was honest because I know how some of us expect an Obama Happy Meal chit for personal fortune with Obama. I’m not suggesting that the numbers of us feeling this way are tremendous but the notion of he’s president of ALL of the U.S. will take a mental Vulcan like surge. We are accustomed to being grateful for the prettiest black girl, the smartest black athlete,etc… Thinking in broader terms will be difficult for both the nutjob rightwing as well as the talented 10th. I guess I’ll just have to stay even more in the black snob loop to discern reality vs. the faux.

  3. Just because the chick is kookoo for cocoa puffs doesn’t mean that the question she raised should be dismissed. Why wouldn’t Mrs. O give a wink and a nod to Tracey Reese? Miss Reese’s favors dresses (a Michelle favorite) and generally features prints. We all know Michelle loves her prints.Maybe Tracey’s prints aren’t garnish enough for her.I’m just saying.

  4. Yikes….thanks for the update, Snob. I fell for it hard, and yes…I believed it cause it honestly didn’t sound too far fetched.

  5. @ MonicaI think it’s fine to discuss it, but Michelle has worn black designers in the past and just because she hasn’t worn a black designer recently doesn’t mean she’s somehow snubbing them. She’s honestly in a no-win situation. This action by Eele seemed to be more about attention gathering and less about promoting the work of black designers, which actually hurt the case of black designers who are, in all reality, being mature about this, not plotting formal complaints.I just think there are other ways to go about this that don’t make it sound like sour grapes when Michelle has only been First Lady for a grand total of seven days.

  6. The media, whether it be in blogs, print, radio or television are so eager to jump on anything divisive and disparaging towards the Obama’s I’m not surprised they didn’t vet their story before publishing it. Silly wabbits!

  7. From that picture and what they’re wearing… I’m glad she didn’t seek something from them. Again, Michelle can wear whatever Michelle wants to wear. It’s stuff like this that proves just how shallow and vain people can be.

  8. The First Lady can wear who she wants when she wants. Why? Because she is free! Miss Con Artist only did this to get attention. Where is Miss Con Artist to petition Anna Wintour to feature more black designers in Fashion’s Bible?Where is Miss Con Artist to petition for more black models to be featured in and on the cover of fashion mags? Where is Miss Con Artist on insuring that black models will be represented during Fashion Week in New York next month? Of course Miss Con Artist is not going to do anything that requires her being a real activist as opposed to ‘sound and fury signifying nothing.’Miss Con Artist is not an activist but a lazy con artist who knew crying victim would work for the privileged yet equally lazy goats who populate the offices of WWD.The First Lady will have so many opportunities to wear designers of every race, color, class and creed during the President’s term (i hope terms) so Miss Con Artist needs to find a new scam to work and chill.

  9. Monica she has worn black designers and I’m sure she will continue to do so.Folks need to back off MIchelle. She has been First Lady for less than 2 freaking weeks. p.s. I am a big fan of Tracy Reese and agree her style fits Michelle’s.

  10. Truth be told, there are bigger things on Michelle’s agenda than what race were the designers of her clothes. IMO I think she has good fashion sense, but I don’t believe she is a slave to fashion. Her focus is on her family and getting her daughters settled in a new environment. So let’s respect that. After that I am sure she is going to start really focusing on the military families and community service and whatever else is on her agenda. I doubt who is creating the latest fashion design is on that agenda. I don’t want to single out black folks so I’ll say that we [american citizen in general] will never be satisfied with what the Obama’s do. Personally, I’m proud of Obama making strides within the past week and a half he has been in office.

  11. I’m sorry, I can’t stop looking at that photo and wondering why those two are allowed to roam free on the streets.

  12. in the 20’s a white woman said a black man spoke to her and white men rushed to lynch that black man with no proof.in 2009 a white female writer at WWD said a black woman named Amnau Eele said"we are the world", "Kumbaya" and "It’s our moment" and the world including blacks , rushed to lynch amnau eele with no proof.It is all over the radio here, that the morning papers is going to publish the e-mail interviews between the WWD writer Rosemary Feitelberg and Amnau Eele.and guess what?according to the radio, Amnau Eele never made any of those quotes.not one.the WWd writer RoseMary Feitelberg made those quotes.the DJ was right, this is going to be big!!!!Wow…

  13. Oh My God! are you serious? there’s going to be a lot of people with eggs on their faces, because so many people smeared that poor woman and her name.Her and her husban look so cute in those indian shirts!the blogs say they’ve dressed exactly alike all of their lives. They look like twins , but they’re really husband and wife.That’s a lot of love,what woman can find a man that will walk with her everyday dressed exactly alike?That’s beautiful.they take love and unity to a whole other level.I hope I find "My Twin".

  14. Oh My God! are you serious? there’s going to be a lot of people with eggs on their faces, because so many people smeared that poor woman and her name.Her and her husband look so cute in those indian shirts!the blogs say they’ve dressed exactly alike all of their lives. They look like twins , but they’re really husband and wife.That’s a lot of love,what woman can find a man that will walk with her everyday dressed exactly alike?That’s beautiful.they take love and unity to a whole other level.I hope I find "My Twin".

  15. they’re very interesting and they seem to think very differently.they’re all over the blogs and she’s on http://www.youtube.com being dressed by YSL the famous Paris designer. Search YSL spring-Summer 1984-1985.she’s the real deal and The Twins court case against NBC and the tv show Heroes is opened to the public.the net says the court date is March 23,2009 in the nyc appellate court.the court is going to be jammed packed with media and tim kring of Heroes will be there. Heroes fans it’s the place to be.

  16. @ Bob, Shannon and WALLA WALLAI’m willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but can you share some actual stories or links that back up the Eele’s claims of legitimacy and their quotes being made up? Because EURweb.com has Amnau continuing to back his statement, adding that the organization, that no one can find evidence of, is an artist organization and not a fashion organization.

    Following the outrage that followed her comments, Eele explained:"We don’t represent designers, we represent painters. We spoke up for black designers because we felt it was the right thing to do."

    Now, is EURweb making up quotes? Does the Eeles’ organization have a phone number, headquarters, Web site, letterhead, business card? Anything? The Chicago Tribune said they won’t accept an interview and few news outlets have been able to get any direct contact with them outside of this story about them suing the creators of "Heroes."So, um … unless you’ve got something to prove me otherwise you really haven’t convinced me that they aren’t much more than some individuals who wanted some attention. It’s not like they’d be the first to do such.That said, I think the folks actually issuing death threats (if fools are actually issuing death threats, I mean, really, this whole story sounds fishy as hell), that’s incredibly stupid because this non-story isn’t worth that level of anger. But as I said, unless I see some statement, official news story or interview I’m sticking with my non-story story theory.

  17. I don’t believe there are any death threats, anymore than the other Obama ‘ haters’ who got busted during the campaign. The whole thing STINKS. The so-called website could have been put together by a high-schooler. This woman reeks of unprofessionalism. If you’re going to call out The First Lady, all your ducks better be beyond in order. This is a publicity stunt for this woman and nothing else. Trying to smear The First Lady is just a bonus.

  18. here’s what i found out online. amanu eele , nbc and heroes will appear in person in a nyc appellate court on march 23, 2009 for their lawsuit claim. according to the legal motions online, nbc has admitted that they copied and had access to" the twins" as Amnau eele and her brother are known. nbc has also admitted that The Twins work is copyrighted,original and fully developed. for any writer out there you know this spells big trouble for nbc and big $$$$$$$$$$$$ for the twins.i also found a video on http://www.youtube.com of ysl the famous paris designer dressing amnau eele before she walks out on the runway. search yves saint laurent spring/summer 1984-1987.there’s also an article on the twins in russell simmons magazine "one world", i bought my copy at amazon.com and the singer erakyh badu is on the cover of the magazine. now if this woman was a nobody, why is she in russell simmons magazine and ysl’s show.?while all of you are hatin on this woman, i’m busy collecting data on her for a docunentary film. i’m going to enter the film into the sundance film festival and get paid!!!! think about it ? this black woman was a model in paris, before naomi campbell. at a time when black models had very few opportunities because of racism. i think everyone has missed the bigger story here, and the money this story can generate.i also found out that the twins have a serious underground following in nyc,they’re underground stars, legends really. amnau eele has been on "page-six" of the ny post newspaper for attacking another pedophile artist named vanessa beecroft that molested two homeless african twin babies during the sudan war. i found the page six article on amnau eele. i also found an article on her in the miami herald and the miami newtimes newspaper and the boston globe newspaper.i google amnau eele and found all of this. you can view vanessa’s video on her website: http://www.vanessabeecroft.com and amnau eele shut vanessa beecroft down!!!! this black woman is a pioneer and i love that she has no website, and that she uses her own money to help people. i also like how she’s not in media taking pictures of herself helping the poor, she does everything in private and without that celebrity factor. i also bought from amazon.com a old 1984 paris vogue magazine with a lot of beautiful photos of amnau eele by a famous photographer named guy bourdin.tom ford used guy bourdin old photos as inspiration in the gucci ads with black model liya kebede.i also found out that amnau eele is with the kim dawson agency in dallas, texas. angie harmon of law and order is with this agency. i’m heading out to texas to interview and film people that have worked with amnau eele as a model and i’ll post my travel diary on this site.i’ll keep you updated.and i hope you’ll support my upcoming doc on amnau eele.i have to move fast, because there’s an article in the trade papers today about ms. eele, seems will smith and his production company is interested in amnau eele’s story.fyi: i may want to use the comments on this blog with the permission of this site’s webmaster in my film. i’ll post an e-mail address shortly of where all interested parties can e-mail a release giving my production company permission to use your comments. i would like to also film those of you that are brave enough to come out from behind your computers and make these comments on film.i’m also interested in filming your comments on film after it’s been proven to you that amnau eele didn’t make those comments.if anyone can help me get a contact on ms.eele or a recent photo of her, i will pay you for it.I also need any stories or information you have about her.i’ll keep you updated as i un-earth more on this mysterious black woman.

  19. Here’s a site where you can watch amnau eele dressed by the famous paris designer Yves Saint laurent, log on to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uju6pvzpc6qor search: Yves Saint Laurent Spring/summer 1984 womenswearand when the timer says 2:45, you’ll see Ms. eele being dressed in a purple suit and hat by a young YSL. amnau eele is a very beautiful woman,and she is a pioneer.this video proves it.how many of you have walked for YSL?

  20. My Friend, you have been disemvoweled by the editor. Consider this a warning. There is no reason to slander an entire nation of Chinese people because racism exists in China. Racism is a problem everywhere. And what on earth does that have to do with the Taiwanese-born, American citizen fashion designer Jason Wu? Really. It’s uncalled for.Please, reign it in, or get expelled.——————————————-fnd th rl stry f wht hppnd t mn l t WWD. ftr rdng th stry by Wshngtn Pst wrtr nd Hffngtn Pst cntrbtr Jyc Mr, m lft wndrng f Ms.l s sttng t th tbl rdy t prv wth hr -ml ntrvws tht sh nvr md ths sttmnts, thn why s WWD nt wllng t cm t tht tbl nd prv sh md ths cmmnts? clld WWD nd thy sd n cmmnts. Wlf Bltzr s skng th sm qstn n CNN, drng th &qt;Sttn Rm’s&qt; &qt; Blck Dsgnrs r pst Wth Frst Ldy Mchll bm&qt; sgmnt. Wht’s rlly trgc bt ll f ths, s tht blck wmn tht smply skd whr r th blck dsgnrs n th frst ldy’s clst t th Wht hs? nd hw d w ncrg yng blck chldrn t spr t dsgn, f thr r n blck dsgnrs s rl mdls? Gt lynchd by th md nd blggrs ll vr th wrld, bsd n stry tht ws nt fct chckd n th Brnrd Mdff r. Dd ny n f y thnk myb WWD sw wy t sll thr ppr n bd fnncl tms? Th WWD wrtr s nw fms nd WWD sld t bth dys tht Ms. l’s stry rn. clld WWD t by xtr cps nd ws tld thy wr sld t n bth sss f th ppr. Spprt f blck dsgnrs nd blck dsgn stdnts wll prvd jbs fr ppl f ll clrs nd myb th blck yth nd mny blck mls wll b bl t gt jbs n dsgn nd rtl, nstd f sllng drgs r gng t jl s n ptn. Prsdnt bm’s hlf brthr ws rrstd fr sllng drgs s pr blck mn n pr frcn cntry, spprt f blck dsgnrs nd ll dsgnrs n th rtl ndstry cn prvd jbs fr pr ppl lk Mr. bm ll vr th wrld , n mttr thr skn clr. nstd f sllng drgs , ‘d rthr s Mr. bm wrk fr blck dsgnr r cnsdr dsgn s crr nstd f drg dlng. m wht nd wrk fr blck dsgnr f jwlry, nd wtht hs dsgns , wld hv n jb nd cldn’t py my rnt. J, Crw, Trcy Fth nd Jsn W r swmmng n rdrs nd csh frm th frst ldy’s spprt, bt nt blck dsgnrs.. N, ms. l ws rght!! Chng cm n Jn 20, 2009, bt nt fr blck dsgnrs. hr’s th ntrvws tht fnd n th ntrnt: http://jmltd.brvjrnl.cm http://ffllt.kckpps.cm/srvc/dsply/kckplc.kckctn?=2373825∓s=16936 http://www.prh.cm/cmmnty/blgs/jmltd/2009/01/30/mn-l-th-rl-stry http://www.hffngtnpst.cm http://www.ytb.cm/jmltd thnk &qt;Th Md Lynchng&qt; f mn l s gng t b lrg, bt vry sd stry. ‘v lrnd lt frm ths pr wmn’s sd stry.

  21. The above post is an example of people that are posting comments about Ms. Eele all over the internet based on my comments and requests.keep them coming people!! and I’ll post your informations or comments as i get them.

  22. Get your facts straight, Walla Walla, President Obama’s brother was arrested for smoking a marajuana joint, NOT selling it. It’s illegal in Kenya. Funny that you should write posts about media scams, whilst twisting the truth about someone else.

  23. UPDATE FROM WALLA WALLA:Here’s the latest letter that I found that’s circulating on the net.> Subject: First lady Michelle Obama wears Chinese designer Jason Wu’s dress on the cover of Vogue magazine while most Chinese in China think blacks are Devils.> > It’s really tragic and sad that America’s> first> > black first lady would choose to wear and continue to> > support a designer from a country (China), that thinks> all> > black people are "black Devils", many> Chinese also> > avoid sitting next to black people on city buses, many> > Africans suffer the indignity of being quizzed by> Chinese> > that believe that Africa is a primitive place that> lacks> > modern cities and transport,there is also official> Chinese> > police harassment where Africans are evicted from> living in> > rental apartments after Chinese residents complain to> the> > police of "the black devils making too much> > noise", Taxi cabs will not stop to pick up> Africans> > claiming that they might be cheated and signs on> public> > buildings where Africans live in China read "you> have entered an area that> > is under 24 hour security surveillance".> > All of this horrific information about chinese-black> > relationships can be found in an African magazine that> was> > passed out during fashion week in NYC at> > http://www.arisemagazine.net search "The Eastern> Promise" pages 75-79.> Last week the NY Post newspaper owned by Rupert Murdock and> his Chinese wife Wendy Deng ran a cartoon of President Obama> as a monkey killed by the NYC police department.> > > >Question:> Why would a black woman, America’s first black first> > lady continue to support a designer from a country> that> > think black people, African people are primitive and> > monkeys?> > >Question:> Why would an Ivy league educated black woman choose to> > educate her black daughters about J.Crew, before she> > educates them about legendary black designers like Mr.> > Arthur McGee and Mr. Scott Barrie?> > > Black Artists Association NYC first presented these> > questions to the fashion media and we were mis-quoted> in a> > WWD newspaper article written by Rosemary Feitelberg> with silly quotes like "We are the world",> "Kumbaya" and "It was our moment", and> > threaten with DEATH and attacked on the streets of NYC> for> > asking "why America’s first black first lady> is not> > wearing or supporting black designers?"> No one in the black media/blogs fact checked the WWD story> before attacking BAA or Amnau Eele.> > > After 232 all white American presidents, 232 all white> > American first ladies and the 232 all white designers> that> > dressed those 232 all white American first ladies, > > "CHANGE" came for everyone on JAN 20, 2009> in> > America, except the American black designer.> > > Black Artists Association look forward to presenting> these> > questions and the sad stories of the hatred on the black> media/blogs that were directed BAA’s way to the White> House and the people of D.C. at our> > first " Washington, D.C. Fashion forum" in> April> > 2009.> > At this forum , BAA will announce the winning black> designer> > or black design student that will have a chance to> dress one> > of BAA’s artists that is up for an Emmy nomination this> year> > in L.A. CA.> > At Black Artists Association we hope to demonstrate> the> > TRUE definition of "CHANGE".> > > > > > Thank You,> > Black Artists Association

  24. Slander a whole nation?that’s not my style.I posted a letter that’s all over the net and arise magazine published the article on negative chinese-black relationships, so what are you talking about?do you know jason wu? do you know how he really feels about black people?do you?I’ve interviewed several white models that have worked for him for my doc and you ‘re going to be very surprised at what they had to say on film when I post my doc on Ms. Eele soon.you are very mis-informed.from what I can see, with the letter that I posted on your blog Ms. Eele is not going away and she will soon be a force to deal with.for example, did you know she killed 4 people with a semi-automatic gun? I found the article and I’m going out to miami to find out more.I will post what I find on this site and other sites with links if possible.the article I found on Ms. Eele is surreal.She’s a killer and very violent.Did you know that she helps gangs like MS-13 and other dangerous gangs that are now looking for people that posted negative info about her?I called wwd last week and they’re scared to death because these gangs are already calling and showing up at their offices.It all makes sense, because she told a writer at Essence magazine that her organization helps young people get out of gangs.dealing with hard core gangs may be the reason her organization is so deeply buried underground and no one in the media, besides Essence magazine was able to find her.One writer on another blog that I spoke to yesterday is quitting her job, because some of these gangs showed up at her day job.She was confused at how they had found out where she worked and lived.Because her real name or contact info is not displayed anywhere on the blog she writes for.Are you next? I hope not, but there’s a gang problem brewing now because of this wwd article.the woman that I spoke to at wwd told me she was shocked by their intensity and boldness.she seem very scared and worried.I think it would be wise to google gang names like Ms13 and see what you’re dealing with.the writer that’s quitting her job told me it was MS13 gang members that showed up at her job.this is not cool or safe, because some of these gangs will not stop until you’re dead.Prison does not stop their process.I am a film maker, I am not an enemy of your blog. and I hope to use blogs like yours to gather as much info as possible on Ms. Eele for my doc.you need to understand that wwd made a mistake with this woman and they didn’t take into consideration who or what they were writing about.And they made a fatal mistake by mis-quoting her and it seems that some of these gang members took the wwd article and many of the comments on blogs like yours as dis-respect.I would really appreciate it if you would read this post only and not post this info on your blog,.I really don’t want any gang troubles and I’m sure you understand my feelings.anything I post on your site has nothing to do with how i feel or think about this lady, i just see a hot film that could do very well at the film festivals.I have nothing negative to say about the lady, because losing my life over a silly article in a newspaper is not worth it to me.looking at MS13 on google made that very clear to me.

  25. One last note:If you need to e-mail me in private you have my e-mail address, there are 6 people in this office. you have already met Bob and Shannon.while in Miami I will check my e-mail daily and so will the rest of the guys in the office..Also do you or anyone on your blog know Tyler Perry?I don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems that years ago Amnau Eele and Tyler Perry were once married..I will continue to investigate this and I will post any info that I find.

  26. Hello Angry Mob, Ask yourself why activists for positive change receive such vicious attacks to their credibility… Don't join the witch hunt. History tells us where that will lead…I believe that Amnau (and everyone) has the right to express opinions (free speech?) and when someone calls the 1st Lady an Aunt Thomasina let Michelle, herself, defend it. I'd like to hear what SHE has to say…

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