Extreme Obama: Ch-ch-ch-Hell No!

What the …?

In honoring our 44th US President, the Chia Pet company presents this Special Edition Chia Obama.

On the side of the Chia Obama planter are his famous words:


Can you grow one?


And the Web site totally copies the look of Obama’s old campaign site. And the slogans. And featurings a clay Obama growing green, bean sprout hair.

Hustlenomics! Now in Chia form!

(Source: Chia Obama, via reader Leyday)


9 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: Ch-ch-ch-Hell No!

  1. Okay, they have to be stopped. The hell with the economy, middle east, I don’t care what else, but Obama has got to issue an executive order against this hustling. It’s ridiculous.

  2. I posted this awhile back. Don’t ever say that in America, they won’t try and make a buck off of ANYTHING.It’s so wrong, there’s no way this could be right.

  3. If somebody wants to spend their money on it so be it! I saw the commercial and it looks ridiculous when the plant grows. Obama isn’t the celebrity: it’s people and companies trying to cash in and put him on a pedestal that’s totally out of control!

  4. Oh we ain’t done yet snob. I just saw a commercial for the official Obama CD! 18 songs and 9 speeches.

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