Someone Feels Snubbed By Michelle O.! (Impeached By Fashion!)

And The Snob says, welcome to the next four years of ‘Nothing Is Good Enough!’

Amnau Eele, co-founder of the Black Artists Association, told fashion industry publication Women’s Wear Daily she plans to “file a formal appeal” with Michelle Obama’s office about the lack of a black designer.

“It’s fine and good if you want to be all ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘We are the World’ by representing all different countries,” Eele is quoted as saying at, the magazine’s Web site. “But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael, Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers do something, too?”

First of all, I wasn’t aware that American citizens Jason Wu, Maria Pinto and Isabel Toledo were foreigners. Yes. They weren’t born here. But they’re citizens. They vote. They pay taxes. They love designing clothes. They loved this country enough to move here and go through the citizenship process, so the “Kumbaya” thing was a bit of a low-blow. Are we kicking out all Americans who don’t look white or aren’t part Nat Turner now? Do Asian American, Cuban American designers have it any easier in what is a game largely ruled out of the houses of France and Italy?

Le sigh.

I love black designers. I want to see black designers succeed. But if anyone is going to pick a fight this is a pretty lame fight. So far Michelle has picked relative nobodies, many of the minorities to wear for special occasions. Most of her hair and makeup stylists (most notably Johnny Wright who’s getting a TV show out of this) have been black. Can we, I don’t know, give her a few more outfits before we accuse her of snubbing anyone? This isn’t a 100-yard dash of fashion. The woman will be first lady for the next four-to-eight years.

That’s a lot of dresses, suits, pants suits, skirt sets, casual wear, ball gowns and party gear.

And considering for past first ladies it’s been Oscar de La Renta or nothing, I think they should maintain some perspective. They actually have a shot this time along with countless other independent, fresh-faced, young, new, relatively unheard of designers.

Lastly, Shelly O is First Lady of the people. Not just “Our Kind of People.” Or the permanent tan people. Just keep your hustlenomics game going. Keep an eye open for opportunity and if she goes a whole year pretending like Rachel Roy, Kai Milla Morris and the parade of black designer aspirants don’t exist, then pitch a fit.

And if this is about Michelle and how for the past two years she’s been largely faithful to Chicago-area designer Maria Pinto (also not a Negro, but also not Oscar, yet very, very American), keep in mind, Pinto is a favorite of Oprah and numerous other people of a certain class. I’m pretty sure that was a “hook-up” situation — a hook-up that worked marvelously in her favor.

Which means, if you’ve got the goods to make Michelle Obama look good (which I think Kai Milla does. I love her work), then get crackin’. Stop yappin’.

Only the strong design. (Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

21 thoughts on “Someone Feels Snubbed By Michelle O.! (Impeached By Fashion!)

  1. Michelle Obama has 1456 days – that 365 multiplied by 4 years minus the 4 days President Obama has been in office to wear clothes. Breathe – just Breathe – Relax

  2. I agree that Michelle should wear more black designers but I understand why she hasn’t. The thing is the FLOTUS has had this image as an Angela Davis power-to-the-people put on her by the nutjobs (which is not a bad thing) and as a result, if she promotes anything "black" she will be seen as a racist. If you remember, her very harmless thesis where she was ruminating on her personal experience at Princeton, one of the most racist Ivy Leagues in the 1980s, was interpreted as her being "Ms. Grievance." Mind you, there were white Princeton alumni, like our current Associate Justice Alito (who didn’t show up at the SCOTUS building when Pres. Obama visited them), who was a part of a group called Princeton Alumni Concerned that was trying to block Princeton from accepting more minorities; and the fact that Michelle’s first white roommate didn’t want to room with her b/c she was black. The roommate’s mother, with the roomy’s permission, switched roommates. And they wonder why the woman felt a bit peeved and had an Invisible Man moment. The thesis was harmless and they blew the thing out of proportion. If you notice, neither Toledo or Wu knew that the FLOTUS was choosing their designs and the fact is she’s choosing foreign-born American citizens to show that this is country of immigrants. I think she will wear black designers more, but she has to fully disarm the nuttters by showing her patriotism by bolstering the American fashion industry. However, Eele needs to shut up. This could have been discretely done, as Michelle had been discretely choosing designers but now the FLOTUS might never do this b/c the family’s business (black people) is all in the streets. At this stage of the game, she might never wear any blk designers b/c this negro police man has made it seem that she is being forced to wear black designers. It’s not what you say, it’s when you say it and how you say it. This guy, who represents only himself, has made it seem as if all black designers are peeved and have hurt these designers’ chances of the FLOTUS wearing their designs.

  3. gah….it hasn’t been a week yet since the inauguration and we already have a case of stfu…michelle o has 4 years of clothes to pick from including black american designers…wait your turn…

  4. Hi Snob! I’m lovin’ your new digs!Anywho, I wonder if any of these designers sent her any sketches before the inauguration? Did they have their people call her people? As many have said before, she has a long time to be in the White House. Giva a sistah a chance, geesh…..

  5. Can people chill out for a second? Damn, she just became First Lady. It’s barely been a week and people are bringing up ish already. She has plenty of time to choose clothing from black designers that she likes and is appropriate for the situation she is in at the time (gala, luncheon, campaign trail four years from now). This just seems like sour grapes.

  6. I was so annoyed by her tone. First of all Michelle has worn black designers in the past and will continue to do so. Second, Michelle hasn’t even been in office for a month. Can’t we wait a little before we start trashing her? God.

  7. michelle’s gotta do what’s best for herself. if she likes a dress that happens to be designed by an asian then she’ll pick it, if she likes a pantsuit designed by a latino, she’ll pick that….it comes down to what she likes. if she sees another article of clothing that she likes and it happens to be designed by someone who’s black, she’ll pick that. simple

  8. And what if she NEVER chooses a black designer? Should we hang her up by her toenails? I understand the importance of little known designers of all ethnicities getting a viewing because it’s hard to get the attention when big names are dominating the scene, however why can’t she just pick the clothes she likes from there without having to consider the designer ethnicity. The assumption is that she gives a fig about their ethnicity, perhaps she just choosing the designs she likes the most.I’m a Fine Artist of African ancestry and I do want the opportunity to have my work seen, but I absolutely DO NOT want anyone to buy my work because of my ethnicity. I want people to buy my work because they absolutely can’t resist buying it.

  9. Hater! Why should Michelle Obama have to choose an African American designer? Ugh, let the double standard of female blackness begin….I feel like there will be more comments like this in the future.

  10. Sigh. Where is the contact info for this Amnau Eele and the Black Artists Association? I keep looking for it and can’t find it. I would like to write him a personal letter and give him a piece of my mind. If anyone can find it, seriously let me know he needs to hear from people and he needs to be told to fall back …NOW

  11. I hope that Michelle continues to be her playful self with fashion and not bow to the political correctness gods.

  12. She just got in the white house and already people are complaining about BS. I think the most important thing, especially with the state of our economy is that she is choosing AMERICANS which will hopefully help popularize these designers and create more jobs.

  13. I feel Michelle SHOULD wear a variety of clothes she CHOOSES to, including black designers. They are obviously feeling miffed because by her choices Mrs O has brought relatively unknown designers into worldwide prominence and they too want to bask in her reflected glory. I feel them, c’mon who who does not want to gain recognition and cash for their work? And as for doing it in such a public way, well, how else can they gain her attention? I refuse to believe that there are no fabulous black designers out there. Michelle is in a sense pandering to white America and being non-threatening but it’s also time she reclaimed herself and uses her considerable influence to give (worthy) black designers her seal of approval.

  14. Wow there are so many other things to talk about Michelle doing other than her clothes. Why have we put her in a box of fashion instead of talking about Michelle being the highly educated black woman that she is. Let’s talk about her political accomplishments instead of what she’s wearing. This might be the reason why black folks continue to stay behind the curve of life because they focus so much on the mundane and always complain about how no one is giving them a chance. No one owes black folks anything, work your butt off like everyone else. I am black myself but I am so sick of hearing folks whining about how they can’t get a fair shot in life. Stop waiting for hand outs and work for yours. There was something that I desired to have in life and I couldn’t get it for years but I was determined to have it and now that I do I feel more of a self worth and accomplishment than if I had of written a letter to someone complaining about why they didn’t give me a chance to be a better person. It’s no one’s job but yourself to make it in the world. Not a single person in life owes anyone a shot at being successful.What if Michelle does choose a black designer and they can’t meet the demands of people buying their clothes? Then they will look like asses and fall right back into the stereotype that black folks are lazy or have no knowledge of what it takes to own anything. Dude needs to be quiet and work harder to get what he wants because Michelle is not obligated to do anything for anyone. The only thing she said she would focus on was her children and helping out military families. So why don’t these black designers focus on stuff for her kids and the military wives instead of talking about the handout that Michelle hasn’t given.Man people piss me off.

  15. Lawd ham mercy! You would think that Mrs. Obama is doing stuff just to piss people off! This is going to be a loooooooooooooong 4 years. *thinking to myself* this is just like being back at McKinley HS in the 80’s. So childish!

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