Team Obama Staffers Get Shot For NYT Magazine

Susan Rice, 44, the United Nations Ambassador designate (NYT)New York Times Magazine recently put out a pictorial of Obama staffers and other major players in the new administration by photographer Nadav Kander. You can see them all on this New York Times Magazine slide show by clicking here. Below you’ll find just a sampling of the bold, the bright, and, in many cases, the brown. (Source: New York Times Magazine)

More pictures after the jump! (And on Flickr!)

Desiree Rodgers, White House Social Secy.

Melody Barnes, Domestic Policy Council Director

Hilda L. Solis, Labor Secretary Designate

Mona Sutphen, Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Eugene Kang, Special Asst. to the President

Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General Designate

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secy. of State

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Adviser

Reggie Love, Personal Asst./”Body Man”

22 thoughts on “Team Obama Staffers Get Shot For NYT Magazine

  1. Good LordI saw the headline and almost had a heart failure. Somehow i read it as somebody being shot. Ok what is a "body man" lol

  2. Reggie Love is a charmer. And, you gotta appreciate the ‘ Yes, I’m that good’ that Valerie Jarrett and Desiree Rogers are projecting..LOL OT: Desiree Rogers is the subject of an article in the new issue of Vogue. Michelle Obama is the cover story of this month’s Chicago magazine.

  3. @canuck…don’t wory a body man is like a valet..he is always near the President’s side and ready with a pen, a energy bar, purell, a post-it, a stain-remover stick or whatever else the President might need at a moment’s notice. Think Farnsworth Bentley minus all the Diddified drama.

  4. Is it me or does Obama employ a lot of people, with light complexions? It’s like the Nation of Islam.

  5. I heart this administration in all its diversified deliciousness!! We’ve come a looong way.And the photographer has msnsged to really capture the essence of their personalities.Just curious…why is only Susan Rice’s age mentioned? Odd….

  6. I don’t have a problem with people of color being in the Admin. My point was, why are most of them light complected? We still have issues, amongst ourselves, that we view people lighter as being more attractive. My great grandmother told me once, while I was in her Mississippi home, "the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice".

  7. The only wrong w/ this picture set is to of them don’t have there well deserved prison numbers on their pictures.But if everyone is trippin over my dislike of Holder and The Clinton’s WTF is w/ the AA’s are all light skinned comments. Just remember when tattoo’s and gas chambers come back in fold they are all going to go w/ the rest of us.

  8. Raz I don’t think Obama is color struck but lets face it the children of some of the children of slave owners did inherit land and become educated they were the first decendants of slaves to get college educated and so forth. These folks (with the exception of Rice) probably come from generations of well connected high achieving blacks, some of them were able to help Barack and Michelle (who are not of that class) get where they are today.

  9. The problem isn’t that so many of the people are "light-complected." The problem is that you noticed and it mattered to you.

  10. Raz I don’t think Obama is color struck but lets face it the children of some of the children of slave owners did inherit land and become educated they were the first decendants of slaves to get college educated and so forth. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxValerie Jarrett is cut from this stock, on her maternal side, great ancestor was a scion of white slave owner and a woman of colour,their son was a business man, whose son was the first black man to attend MIT, his son, Robert Taylor went on to become the first black man to chair the Chicago Housing Authority and has a Housing project named after him, his daughter, a child pyschologist is Valerie Jarret’s Mum. Go figure.

  11. WOW! That’s some serious GIRL POWER going on in the new administration.Obviously, strong opinionated women aren’t a threat to our new President.You go Barack – ahem – MR. PRESIDENT!

  12. Rez, your comment reminded me of the representatives of the African-American designers association who complained about Michelle not wearing an outfit from a Black designer to any of the Inauguration festivities and the NAACP taking up the cause against those frilly ante-bellum style dresses. Is that really the best you could do?

  13. In terms of the color issue. I see all of the hues of my family in each of these folks (minus the Asian brother). Everyone family in America has some shade of chocolate in their roots. I am proud to see the sisters! Is that a good picture of Varlerie or what….

  14. @ jjjm1724Yes. Valerie Is the HOTNESS in her photo and she knows it. And the social secy. is this close to showing out herself, with her profile shot.And I’m in love with Eugene and his book and Reggie Love and his EVERYTHING.@ LolaThat was due to my own laziness. I’ll add the other ages (or be even more lazy and just delete homegirl’s age.

  15. @ RezYou’re not the only one who noticed how light his staff looks. But I don’t think it was done on purpose. President Obama is too smart too let something like colorism distract him from his game. Plus he’s got a very pretty brown skinned lady calling herself Mrs. Barack!!!

  16. desiree and susan KILLED their pictures. don’t play with them! you will be handled.i am LOVING this!!!!

  17. I would love for the little girls who are still ,failing the "doll test" to be able to see this, and have conversations about it with adults, other children on the diversity of goodness, smarts, talent, who it would be great to be friends with.I would also love for our glorious slave heritage, & colorism ,that some people seem to feel is a salient, and perpetually paramount part of our identity not to be part of the conversation.

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