Obama’s Crackberry Addiction, Let No Man Put Assunder

“At last! My arm is complete again!” (Sweeny Todd)President Barack Obama’s mind will continue to be addicted to crack — as in, his beloved CrackBerry, BlackBerry device. The folks at Crackberry.com are all over this, with multiple updates and speculation on whether the president got to keep an actual BlackBerry or some soupped up, NSA approved FakeBerry.

(A)fter CNN reported to everyone that it’s probably a Sectera Edge Obama would switch to, it looks like it’s actually a standard BlackBerry (his trusty old 8700?!) with a super encryption package added to it… a government agency that the Obama administration — but that is probably the National Security Agency — added to a standard blackberry a super-encryption package…. and Obama WILL be able to use it … still for routine and personal messages. *

This whole techy story is even more hilarious when you consider the other news to come out in recent days. It was reported on Wednesday that Obama staffers were crestfallen when they found the White House littered with a few paltry laptops and some ancient PCs that looked like they came directly from Service Merchandise* 15 years ago. (Were they Tandys? Anyone remember the Tandy? Radio Shack sold those. Of course, I was a Commodore 64 girl, myself.)

Obama’s team arrived at the White House Tuesday to find only a handful of laptops, old PCs running outdated software, disconnected phone lines, and a series of rules and regulations that essentially forbid anything resembling Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or AIM. (Source: YahooTech)

Well, he still has his BlackBerry. It’ll keep his mind of that smoking habit he’s not supposed to have anymore. Ask any nicotine fiend — brah needs to do something with his hands!

*Service Merchandise reference lifted from Facebook buddy, R.L.

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Crackberry Addiction, Let No Man Put Assunder

  1. wow. i remember tandy!!!! we used to have one back in the day, when i didn’t know what the heck the internet was. *sigh* the ‘olden’ days.

  2. OMG! Of course I kept my Blackberry! How else am I suppose to keep up with the haps on The Black Snob?!! When I showed the Secret Service your new site, all their objections just withered in the hotness of your new layout!You’re sooo my faves!!!

  3. I get the whole presidential records thing. How the hell can we claim to be one of the tech capitals of the world (if not the capital) if our White House is using broke down computers probably on Windows 98. Sad yo. Just sad.

  4. My conspiracy theorist uncle is of the opinion Dick Cheney, ahem, injured himself trying to make off with anything that wasn’t nailed down.Apparently, that included the White House computer lab.Also, I bet the remaining computers are definitely Commodore 64s. Their idea of the Internet is Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego.

  5. The BlackBerry is a Canadian invention. Just sayin.’ We’re glad to help POTUS any way we can.

  6. Try a Pocket PC. A blackberry with a touchscreen! Lord how mercy I cried when my phone had to go to the shop I’m so addicted to it.

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