New Snob Logo Gear!


After taking a 1,001 years to make up some new Snob-based merch, finally, the new designs are IN! Sorry. No tacky Obama based items yet, but you can make a statement on how folks keep acting like Barack is some magical unicorn of Negroes, the last of the Negro Mochicans, and remind people that, ahem, you’re a normal black person too. And that, like, other black and brown people are “normal.” And that there is nothing fancy-pants about having a career, being successful and loving your family. Um. That’s shizz black folks are supposed to do. This is the shirt that says, “Stop looking at me like this is new. I’ve always been this well-put together. My pops was this well-put together. My moms is a mastermind, ya dig? Stop getting all your info from BET.”

The new swag series also features a helpful little PSA telling people to PLEASE keep the hands off the hair. If you wear your hair natural, like myself, sometimes people believe this gives them the right to touch it. Like you’re a velvet rope. Or a stuffed animal. Um … hair is part of my person. Please ask permission first! May the “No Touchie!” button, mug and T-shirt series be your weapon against unwanted hair molestation.

You can also enjoy swag with the latest version of the “Snob Girl” logo — the same one in the masthead. Click on the “Shop” link above or click here to take a lookie-loo at all the Snob Swag, designs, items and other random stuff available by the Snob — including the always relevant — “Elites Do It In the White House” — The Snob shirt that started it all.

FYI: The people featured in the “Not Unicorns” design are fashionable members of the extended Snob family, circa the 1930s and 40s. My fav is the little girl posing against the car. Yes. Black people have been fly since the 1940s and longer people. Get with the picture!

2 thoughts on “New Snob Logo Gear!

  1. those are great. Especially the unicorn one… too bad it would make zero sense for me to wear either (damn this whiteness!)

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