Damn, It Feels Good to Be the President

Loosening the tie after a long day and night of pomp and party.Aww yeah. The Obamas have released some behind the scenes shots of Inauguration Day and it is pure satisfaction. It also demonstrates the seduction of a man who looks two steps from either breaking out an old Frankie blue-eyes ivory tickler/Sammy Davis Jr. “Rat Page” homage (I gotta be me!) over why he gets a “kick” out of Michelle.

Power is an aphrodisiac, my friend. Lose your perspective and get lost in the romance and the Obama will get you high. Ever since the first Alpha male walked upright out of the cave and proclaimed “I got this” then harnessed the power of fire he was guaranteed to mack for days.

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Practicing the oath should have made perfect, but we all know how that turned out.Despite President A-Type personality’s best efforts, he and Justice Roberts totally engaged in unintentional, improvisational oath butchering, blemishing an otherwise “Oxy clear” event. Never mind. They did an oath makeup for the conspiracy theorists and whackadoos.

ready to party

Sasha demonstrates some possible dance moves for Pops while Malia continues to document the moment for prosperity. Daddy’s taking Mommy to ten Presidential Proms! Awesome!

before swearing in

staying warm

Damn, if those two don’t stop being adorable! Seriously! Stop it! Not that I can blame Michelle. Nothing makes you feel more special that a guy who thinks you’re prefect the way you are, showers you in affection, then lends you his jacket in case you’re cold, just like he would have done more than 10 years ago when you were dating and making cute. (He’s like a fucking Babyface song!) Take note, black people. PDA is A-OK! No more pretending not to like each other. You wanna hold your woman’s hand, HOLD YOUR WOMAN’S HAND. Be like Bobby Rush and sing about how “I ain’t thinking ’bout you. Don’t care what you say. As long as I’m getting what I want I’m gonna love her anyway!“*

Politically, I expect to have my ups and downs with Barack, but give us our regular dose of “real love” forever, please! Don’t go breaking our hearts! Millions of black folks, I swear, would never recover. We would lock ourselves in the house and watch “Mo’ Betta Blues,” “Jason’s Lyric,” “Love Jones” and “Mohogany” over and over crying “WHHHHHHY, BARACK AND MICHELLE? WHHHYYYY???” Then drown ourselves in a box o’ wine (or a fine cabernet sauvignon for the Snobs) and turn up the Babyface to full blast.

Never recover. Never.


*I apologize. Ever since I discovered Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois I have been unable to stop making references to chitlin circuit superstar, quintessential “ass man,” blues singer Bobby Rush and his unabashed love of whatever women he is singing about. Almost all the songs have a similar theme: Bobby Rush has a fine woman. People keep hating on his fine woman. He tells “people” to stay out of his bidness, he loves his woman and frankly, does not give a damn. And for the record, he is not “hen-pecked,” he is merely being pecked by the right hen. I promise, I will start upgrading to Johnny Taylor, Koko Taylor (no relation), Pootenany and Denise LaSalle references eventually. While I did not grow up an “fan” of blues music, my Arkansas-born mother is hardcore and Bobby Rush and his like are who tortured my ears for decades until I learned to “appreciate” the genre.

**Check out more pictures of Obama’s First 100 Days, as well as pictures from the Inauguration on the Obama Flickr page!

23 thoughts on “Damn, It Feels Good to Be the President

  1. I totally agree with you on the Obama’s relationship. It has truly been a breathe of fresh air. It is very rare that the public gets a great glimpse of how incredible black love can be. The cherry on top is that he is a politician who married a woman for all the right reasons. These do not include how stone faced she can appear while you bask in the limelight and/or break her heart/life into a millions pieces with infidelity. They give people (like me) hope that marriage is something worth obtaining and fighting for during these dark and depressing times.

  2. I smiled when I saw these pictures. I loved the one of them being seen off by their daughters – how adorable was that?

  3. I just can’t get enough!!!!! I’m on Obama pics Daily and Flickr all day!!! Is it even possible for that man to take a bad picture?

  4. I love them.I love them so much that the idea of them not making it is like a knife to my heart. (Though I have to admit that lately, I’ve been drowning my sorrows in Pinotage.)

  5. SWEET JESUS! I LOVE THEM!!!! Someone pls tell them don’t stop the loving on each other, my heart can’t take it, really, my heart wont recover – Just show me the LUV!

  6. They are really cuteThey clearly act like this all the time because their aides are not paying them any attention. Its like all in a days work 🙂 Too cute.

  7. Snob, you gonna make me spit up my tomato rotini soup. If Barack and Michelle get all cold I don’t know what I would do with myself either. I would cry. I just want to faint every time Brother Barack looks at Sister Michelle. I think his obvious PDA for her makes me like him more as a person. That’s why I pray their marriage stays strong.You have to love the freight elevator picture where the Secret Service dudes are like "Could you please kiss her so we can look in your direction again and not blush." They don’t want to gawk so they’re pretending to be occupied. And Barack and Michelle are like "Whatever."

  8. You have the best footage in pics, by far!’Specially love the one with The Big O and His Lady, post-inaugural ball ,oblivious of anyone and everyone in their midst !I love them, highlly intellectual yet with just the right dash of mischiefto keep their relationship fresh…….Twisting her gown into harem pants, she has a little fun with it before it becomes another Smithsonian heirloom.Go for it.Make the aides squirm, each in their own unique fashion,..priceless

  9. Babyface indeed, and for their age group, married in 1992, his songs from 1989: "Soon as I get home," or "Whip Appeal"….

  10. America will now see the Black Love that we all know has existed since the beginning of but the media has refused to show.Black men are confident, smooth, capable, intelligent, overachieving, AND we love our wives! YES WE DO!

  11. Snob, where oh where do you get these pictures. I am sitting here smiling at the computer, seriously they are too cute to watch and just the knowledge that its real. They cannot fake that love, they are the real deal. Looking at these pictures makes me even more convinced that after those balls, they got back to the new crib and welll….lets just leave it at that. Yay for love, double yay for Black love.

  12. BlackSnob, you are the BEST for showing us these pix. Thanks a million! Many of us up here are loving them almost as much as you folk. Although sometimes you think you explode from the love overdose and you want to tell them to get a room :-), all of us REALLY need to see this evidence of love. God knows, no one ever died from a love overdose (did they?) and most of us don’t get enough. So evidence of real love, true love –love that you can see and almost touch — almost kills us because it’s so rare. So keep going, you two — and let’s pray that it creates a ripple effect in real life. I can’t believe I’m writing this because I am one of the most cynical creatures on God’s green earth. But I know it’s real and I love it!!! Right now, I feel an Al Green or Anita Baker song coming on!! Bisous et tendresses* to all, Cath. *("hugs and kisses" in French)

  13. This has to stop. I’ve gone from being an active supporter of Barack Obama candidacy, to being a full-on fangirl crush-having on the President. This can’t be healthy in a Democracy.Damn you, Obama family, for being so sexy, awesome and adorable!!

  14. i love barack and michelle. i love everything about them. i just do. they are beyond adorable. sometimes i worry that i might be obessed with them, but that’s okay. as long as i’m not shot by secret service for hiding in the bushes waiting for a glimpse of the obamas, i’m okay.why did i make that picture of the two of them backstage at one of the balls my desktop background? also, if anyone comes between the two of them (aka jumpoffs), i will personally volunteer my services for a beat down. i will hit somebody with a brick if they mess with these two.

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