Day: January 23, 2009

My fake boyfriend, Boondocks creator and cartoonist Aaron McGruder has felt the heat over some recent comment he made about President Barack Obama.

Feeling he was misinterpreted and misstated (this snippet from the syphilis of black gossip sites, MediaTakeOut, is a good example of the kind of coverage he’s received), McGruder released a statement via Facebook to clear up the possible misconceptions on Obama, his pessimism in government and his definition of blackness — American style.

Here’s the letter in its entirety after the jump.

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Caroline Kennedy has backed out in her bid for Hillary Clinton’s senate seat. This was both surprising and not surprising considering the criticism Kennedy was catching from both sides on her angling for the appointment.

Kennedy had a rough start out the gate with many New York politicos aghast because she was perceived as a “Jenny-Come-Lately” trading off her famous last name. Not to mention the fact that Kennedy came out for President Barack Obama when most New York Democrats were Hillary all the way. Many Clinton supporters were bending New York Gov. David Paterson’s ear with whispers of ill-wishes for Kennedy’s candidacy.

So now she’s out of it, allegedly, citing her uncle’s health troubles. New York media gossip site Gawker has called Kennedy out on what they see as a weak excuse, considering Sen. Ted Kennedy has been sick for almost all of 2008 with terminal brain cancer. If anything, her desire should be stronger … if only to keep the Kennedy name in the senate in the event of her uncle either having to step down or dies from his illness.

They’ve floated some “theories” as to why she’s backed out, but I’m more curious about who will back themselves into this senate appointment?

Here are some of the possibles, both close to reality and the longest of longshots (after the jump):

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