Extreme Obama: Hennessy 44

This is technically either old news or old outrage for those whose logic follows this equation:

Black Man + Presidency + Overpriced Liquor – “Barack really doesn’t drink” = THAT’S OFFENSIVE!

In this latest edition of Obama “Hustlenomics 101:” Hennessey thought it would be a cool idea to create a special batch of their infamous alcohol in honor of our first president with an African bloodline. Classy. Nothing says “Historic Presidency” than really gross cognac. Will Crown Royal be making a special First Lady’s edition next?

As if there wouldn’t be enough Ripple and pig knuckle jokes to go around for the next four years.

On the plus side, some proceeds from sale of “44” will go to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. On the negative side, a black man (who is not a rapper) is being used to sell liquor. And that man is not Billy Dee Williams.

Williams at least got a check to cut that tacky commercial.

I realize that Colt 45 is supposed to get it every time, but it’ll get you just as drunk as Hennessey 44 for a fraction of the cost.

Oh, and alcohol abuse has destroyed many lives in the black community. (Oops! Who let Danielle Downer in? Sorry!) But, whatever. What’s five, six or 12 drunk uncles in one Negro family? I know that all my drunk uncles lead productive, full lives before they devastated relatives with their premature deaths. No big. We don’t like living long anyway. Better to make you a liquor-ravaged, haggard young corpse!

Bottoms up! (Source: New York Magazine)

15 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: Hennessy 44

  1. And the hustle continues. I can’t recall any past President that has been co-opted and used to sell everything from liquor, to cologne to sex toys (oh yes, those too). I’t s nuts and it is really bugging the hell out of me.

  2. "On the plus side, some proceeds from sale of "44" will go to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund."Actually Snob that is the most disturbing thing about the story; I expect White owned companies to co-opt Barack for profit to the detriment of the Black community. But I don’t expect our institutions to join in, so sad.

  3. That is ridiculous! I mean…really? How low can you go? Is there a way that Barack can copyright or take ownership of his name and image so that folks can STOP getting their hustle on!! WTF!!!!

  4. If President and First Lady Obama were able to license their names they would’ve made millions in the past two years. They have calendars, liquors, shirts, bags, coins, statues, plates, dildos (seriously), and anything else you can think of. Ri-damn-diculous!!!

  5. Everyone is hustling. Now I see that that the Beanie Babies maker is now selling Sasha and Malia dolls. There seem to be plenty of black street vendors trying to sell Obama and King stuff, as well. The only color in the hustle is green. Besides, cognac makers didn’t really start advertising to blacks until it was mentioned in rap music.

  6. I am not sure the good folks at Hennessey are reading The Roothttp://theroot.com/views/our-first-40-daysCourse this guys proposition seems to fit in better at CNN than it does with FOX.

  7. Just to add insult to injury…there is a HUGH billboard in DC at the corner of New York Ave & Bladensburg Rd (the first major intersection upon arriving in DC from the I95) selling InaugurALE with the likeness of Pres Obama. WTF!!!!

  8. I have no idea why you are upset. I’m not. During the campaign you constantly published pictures of all the outrageous things people were doing.Where I draw the line is the children. I know that there is a political compontent called everyman that runs w/ all politicians. I want to see no more pictures of them even those approved. Much of it is because they are little girls. The push to sexualize them(something we need to stop in our entire society) is not far away at the eldest age. Worse, the racial compontent of sex is not some place we need to go.i fear even more for them in that they represent so much balack family love for everyone to see. Michaelle and Barack’s marriage the same. For so many of us this is the personiifcation of what we want(ed) in our relationships and family. I appreciate it and understand but for all our sakes let these children be theirs and let’s show our children the love they deserve for their sakes.

  9. @ Robert M.The difference for me is that it’s alcohol, an addictive substance, that while legal, is regularly abused by people and Hennessy is especially suspect due to its marketing practices in targeting African Americans (once they noticed rappers name dropped the brand in lyrics).The buttons, chocolates, posters, dolls, T-shirts and other goofy crap with Obamas name and likeness on them are largely harmless, tacky at worst. But it is an old, old liquor/beer company trick to give lots of money to black colleges and scholarship funds to make up for the relentless marketing of alcohol in the black community.Per the sexualization of young girls, I honestly haven’t seen or read any of that in regards to Sasha and Malia. They look, dress and act like little girls and as far as I can tell, that’s how people have responded to them. If anything, they’ve been a great example of how you can dress your daughter age appropriately, not like a junior prostitute. They’re good role models. Especially for young black Americans who are more than excited to see two little kids, just like them, embarking on this adventure in the White House.I feel the daughters deserve their privacy and should get to just be kids. But I don’t think there needs to be a media embargo on them. (Is that even possible?) They’re part of the First Family. If someone perversely exploits a picture of them just being cute kids that says a lot more about that individual than the girls themselves. They can’t help how some weirdo is going to interpret their fairly normal, child-like behavior.

  10. LMAO… and i thought this was stopping, the saga of exploitation continues…get richly intelligent or die being a sterotype…

  11. Obama should be able to copyright himself. It’s horrible – EVERYONE is making money off of him.

  12. Obama cant copyright himself–hes a public figure.Its a free country, people are going to get paid, get drunk, and bad/unfair things happen.you gotta deal with it

  13. Girl stop!! Surely this cannot be real. You cannot tell me that the clowns on the exec board thought this was a great idea! Um….based on what research? Oh yeah, that’s right…. all blk ppl drink + Obama is blk = he likes to party and drink!I don’t care where the proceeds go to. I guess the clowns on the board think they can kiill a few blks and educate even less with SOME of the proceeds. Its all good right?!!Whatever. It is still scandalous.

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