WTF: Kanye West Inaugural Edition

Kanye West performed at the Inaugural Ball MTV threw for the Obamas. I have a lot of nice pictures of the Obamas from that particular ball because of my WireImage account. They looked great, as we already knew they would, but could someone tell me — what is going on here with Kanye?

Is he sweaty? Bloated? Is that a “shag” haircut? I’m as “Nerdcore” (MC Frontalot rocks the turntables!) as they come, but … ahem … anyone care to explain what isn’t quite right with the everything in this picture?

More photo curiosities at the jump!

See more Inaugural pictures of the Obamas on my Flickr page.

12 thoughts on “WTF: Kanye West Inaugural Edition

  1. I agree poor Kanye – all the money in the world, cant buy you peace of mind. He’s soooo lost.

  2. Yeah. Dude had a horrid 2008, summed up in his anti-rock, Autotune masterpiece (or "disaster-piece" depending on who you ask). For some reason two additional pictures I had in this post aren’t coming up.You can see one of them here.

  3. The only thing wrong is the haircut. Lets face it Kanye is the only male rapper thats not ugly

  4. his hair looks a mullet in fro-form. he needs counseling quick. BTW: HATED his last CD. Very depressing.

  5. I saw that on tv and was wondering what was wrong with him…he does look bloated, like he been eating way too much. That hair does look like Theo Huxtable, that said I think he has been lost since his Moms passed away. Having lost my own Mom a few years ago, the first year can be rough, so I am gonna try to cut the brotha some slack.

  6. The nappy shag mullet. I’m soooo outdone. My sense and sensibilities are offended. I rebuke Kanye and his hair in the name of common sense. I just… Can’t. I quit him.

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