Witness to History: Celebrity Edition

Jay-Z: Ridiculous hat. Proud to be a part of history.

Blogger and Snob reader Abdur-Rahman Muhammad had himself a pretty nice seat for the Inauguration. He’s posting his series of pictures (many of them featuring celebrities of the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Diddy and Solange) on his blog. He’ll be adding photos to his site throughout the day. (Singular Voice)

9 thoughts on “Witness to History: Celebrity Edition

  1. That hat is FABULOUS and Jay-Z was the only smart one up there wearing it. It was FREEZING and people needed to bundle up!! They have got to get some heat lamps for the next one!

  2. I think my Uncle had one like that from back in the day. The hat/glasses combo is a bit much, but @ least he’s keeping warm.

  3. Ya’ll ain’t knowin, Hova’s hat is really NICE, sets him apart in a good way. I wish I had one.

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