Welcome New Readers, Lurkers, Die Hards and Fellow “Snobs”

Hey! You found your way back to the new site! Bully for you!

Ever since the launch folks are registering left and right! (It’s easy just click here!) You don’t have to register to comment. (I trust ya’ll, anonymous commenting or not. Your my internet family now. We’re cool.) But it means you could hit up the discussion boards. I just want to see if the dang things work, so … um … someone comment. Please! Or attempt to start a thread. Otherwise I’m going to wonder if the software isn’t working right. I created the boards because people send me so many story ideas and tips and I don’t always get around to writing about them. This is a way for site members to get the news out, connect with one-another and discuss even if I’m preoccupied.

Right now I’m taking responses on CNN’s adverts for “Black In America 2: Solutions,” and wondering if anyone’s as frightened as I am? (Good Lord! Black people are not a science experiment! At least … not anymore considering our past history as non-consenting lab rats.) I don’t know. Maybe Soledad’s going to make up for how shitacular the first one was. Either way — scary.

Please discuss here.

That said, did everyone survive the Inauguration? Did you go? Did you freeze? Did you take pictures? Do you have stories? Please share! If you’ve got a great picture email me and I’ll post it!

5 thoughts on “Welcome New Readers, Lurkers, Die Hards and Fellow “Snobs”

  1. I love your site and your coverage of the inauguration was excellent!!! I heart T.J Holmes as well every since he was a weekend anchor in Arkansas.

  2. Hello Danielle,I wrote you months, maybe a year ago, suggesting that you get a personalized icon for your site so it can be distginguished from other sites. I see that not only have you gotten a new blog provider, but you welcomed my suggestion and have delivered. Now I can put blue the icon in my Google Toolbar or my quick lunch bar, which makes me only a click away from all the snobbish news that I enjoy. Thanks Danielle.Ro

  3. Dig your new look Snob. You’ve inspired me to create my own site. I’ll email you. I love your sketches and would love to use them for my site. Talk to you soon.

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