The First Lady’s Day One of the Obama Administration

The morning started with a trip to the National Cathedral for service and prayer and, later, White House tours. The President and First Lady looked amazing fresh for two people who spent the night before attending ten Inaugural Balls, but hell, you’re only elected the first black American, multi-ethnic “Leader of the Free World once, right? (Unless you get two terms. Then you get twoesies!) Live it up! (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Wonder what Michelle wore? Click below to the jump!

(Gawd, it’s so odd to be preoccupied by her clothes, considering she’s a brilliant, fascinating person in her own right, but until she starts doing her First Lady thing — and she’s chosen military families and the horrid D.C. school system to adopt, methinks — this is what we’ve got! FIRST 100 DAYS FASHION WATCH!)

church national cathedral11

The cut is very retro. The print appears to be oriental in nature. Do we likey? Do we not likey? I love a fifties throwback and I wish I could get a better, close-up picture of the pattern, but these snippets will have to do for now.



Obama Prayer Service

church national cathedral7


white house tour

Check out more First 100 Day pictures on … you guessed it … the First 100 Days Flickr page!

24 thoughts on “The First Lady’s Day One of the Obama Administration

  1. Kitten heels? she spent all day in high heels, walked several city blocks and went to ten balls. I think she earned the flats. Lovely print of the dress and the cut was so feminine. Michelle will never be boring.

  2. Don’t like it. also didn’t like the ball gown. I think she needs to wear a lower waist. This dress and the ball gown skirts tend to swallow her up.

  3. I did NOT like the print because it just seemed too busy. The flats were ok because after being on her feet all inaugural yesterday she needed to rest them. Even when I’m not into an outfit I like Michelle on levels beyond her wardrobe. I want US as a people to respect her beyond her fashion sense. As we all know the enemies of the world Ann coulter, Rush L., etc… are out wanting them to fail and hence the country to fail. So beyond fashion dos and donts I just love who and what she represents to black women/women of color who frequently are viewed as unicorns in terms of what is o.k. in the larger society. I’m just grinning ear to ear and channeling my inner Michelle as I go about my daily life.

  4. Nice retro cut. Don’t like the pattern at all. Too much going on. I’m sure her "feets" are thanking her for those flats today. With all the balls and walking in heels for hours. Relief at last.

  5. My mistake – not wisteria:,0,6069945.storyThe first lady wore a Tracy Feith retro-inspired dress to the church service. The dress, which Feith calls "Yoka Yoka Garden," looks like a vintage frock pulled from the costume department of TV’s Mad Men, with its slim bodice, full skirt and three-quarter sleeves. The floral print on a black cotton fabric features a pattern of greens, lavenders and white cranes with a bit of gold.

  6. I don’t like the dress, but then again, I’m not a fan of this kind of design. Reminds me of the dress she wore when they announced Biden was the VP. The best pictures, though, are the ones of them opening The White House to the people. To-the-people.

  7. I like the dress and I think it’s cute even with flats. The evening gown was a flop. Know how I know. Cause Oprah didn’t have anything to say about it on her show today.

  8. I love the dress. I also think she will inspire shoe designers to do a little more with flats. Not everyone wears heels.

  9. I like it, but I think it would look even better with a lower waistline/torso, especially since she’s got long legs. Same with her dress last night. I like the flats. Comfortable but cute.

  10. I have a weird crazy thought which I hate to even write its so out there….is it possible michelle obama is pregnant? i’d say ‘no’ based on something she said awhile back about being through with that but the last two days the clothes have been very waist-y…they make her look a little thick which isn’t usually her look or her style….a friend of mine had the same thought.

  11. Ladies – PLEASE!! let’s not get sucked into this shallow area of the gender pool. It’s time to change our country starting with ourselves.We have a brilliant complex woman like Michelle Obama as our First Lady. Why would you want to reduce her to a plastic fashion icon?!Yes, she is conservatively stylish but clothes are not her main focus. All The Working Mothers In The House Git Yo Hands Up!!The woman shops @ White House Black Market and J Crew. Although this is part of her appeal, you should also know this is a message to tell the fashion industry that she isn’t their savior. If she wears something you like – then consider it a bonus.First you diss ReRe, then you nitpick with Michelle.Your claws are so unbecoming AND you are really scratching up your own faces.and why no criticism of Laura Bush’s outfit?

  12. and don’t get me started on the pregnancy rumorsThis falls under the none of your business category.

  13. What is it with people thinking MO’s prego?! She is NOT pregnant. Maybe her waistlines are high or whatever, but there is NO baby bump or anything else . The two of them are past their prime and now is really not the best time for them to have another child. I know someone’s gonna be in here like, "oh my mama had me when she was 50" or whatever but seriously…BO’s got enough on his hands… and then some. Give MO a break. I agree with The A. I liked ReRe’s hat, and she was the best person to sing at that event. I don’t think any of the younger stars would have been appropriate. Let’s see how Rhianna and Beyonce sound like in 40+ years.

  14. the dress is ugly as sin, but for some reason, it works. this woman is really fashion’s wet dream. i love her!

  15. See BW sit here and every othe website and obsess about Michelle’s fashion has already gotten old and its only been 2 days. I would like to see how some of these people who are complaining dress like.

  16. I would agree. I think the dress is a bit of an UG MO, but somehow she makes it look fabulous, flats and all. Now, I do worry about the obsession with the clothes, but I can’t help myself. My DH even pointed out to me that if ‘others’ were talking more about her clothes than her intellect, I would be the first one to ‘get my feminist attitude on’, but for some reason I am drawn to this woman. I think that for the first time in my adult life I have a woman that I inspires all of my own complex pieces. I am inspired by Jullian Malveux (sp?) as an academician, by Beyonce’s fitness, by Kerri Washington’s beauty, by many many others for different reasons. But Michelle Obama inspires me to be a better wife, mother, professional, to get my tired BEhind up at 5:00am and work out, and yes even a better dresser. Those types of role models are hard to come by.BTW, when she came out Inauguration day in that gold and green I just wanted to sing I was so tickled. She is wonderful, so let us just enjoy having the most visible Black woman in the world who is ‘representing" on all cylinders.

  17. I am no expert, so I so I am curious about what it is about the dress that makes it inappropriate for a church service (or the flats, either)?

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