Dancing With Mr. President

Oh, the Obamas have got me. I’m in love. When Barack shouted out, “How good looking is my wife?” I was mighty, mighty pleased. I was feeling it. Right here. In the gullet.

No jokes here, folks. That was LOVE in their eyes, people! And it is nothing but beautiful.

The dress — I kind of liked it. Sure, the fuzzy-wuzzies were a little odd, but the cut was pretty. It was unusual, interesting. Soft. Sweeping. Elegant. Very, very “femme.” The dress was made by Jason Wu, a 26-year-old Taiwanese American designer.

Beyonce wasn’t half bad either, although Papa Snob (an unabashed Etta James fan) griped that Beyonce’s voice was “too clean” to do a servicable rendition of “At Last.” Picky, picky. But she managed to not over-sing it, so for me, that was an accomplishment in itself.

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36 thoughts on “Dancing With Mr. President

  1. They look beautiful and happy together. But Michelle’s dress? Fail.Bad fit on her, boring color, and looked like it was covered in lint. After this gown and the red/black Grant Park dress, iIt’s time for her to get a fashion stylist. We’re in the big leagues now. And I’m trying to figure out why no makeup or fresh updo. Other than that, a beautiful moment. And I’m surprised Beyonce toned it down and didn’t try to overshadow anyone.

  2. beautiful first couple…michelle’s dress was gorgeous….i’m still high from all the excitement….PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would have loved bolder color (as I wished she’d gone with a bolder color at the Inauguration) but I was so in love by the time the started dancing, I honestly lost all the critical bones in my body and turned into a 16 year old girl going "SQUEEEEEEEE!"

  4. I too was pleasantly surprised by Bey’s performance. Of course the First Lady can do no wrong in my eyes, I really like the dress. I am tranformed into a pile of mush everytime I see them together. There is no trying to hard or faking it they are truly a couple who are totally in love with each other! Awww, Black love isn’t it grand!

  5. I’m thinking that maybe Michelle would’ve worn an updo or a bun, but they were short on time and had to fit dinner in there somewhere. Especially since the parade started late and took 8 hours. (being sarcastic). As far as the dress goes, I’m very lukewarm towards it! It reminds me of a debutante ball dress. She looks really sleepy! I hope they can get a decent amount of sleep tonight/early in the morning especially since his senior staff plans on having a meeting @ 7:45am.

  6. I thought Beyonce was really good. You could tell she was clearly moved and was about to be in tears herself. She was displaying different and genuine emotions for once. I liked that Michelle didn’t rock some funky- looking updo. Her hair looked gorgeous as usual. I loved seeing black love on display. Absolutely beautfiul!!!!!!

  7. Okay, I missed the "how good looking is my wife?" comment. There has to be video of this, right? Right? I really liked the dress. And they are so awesome. Papa Snob is right. I muted the television while they were dancing. There is only so much Beyonce I can take and THIS MOMENT WAS NOT IT.

  8. i liked the dress, actually. i thought she looked great, although i was surprised she went with such a muted color. i hated beyonce’s dress, but she did a great job singing and i’m glad she didn’t try to steal the spotlight. she recognized that it’s not about her.this has been the best day ever. i’m so glad i was able to come to DC and witness this for myself.

  9. It was beautiful. I liked the dress, and I am willing to bet you money that the dress looks a thousand times better in person. I liked it.

  10. "But she managed to not over-sing it, so for me, that was an accomplishment in itself."Word! Truer words. Never spoken.I like the dress because it is so subtle, it makes the night about Them, not about The Dress. You focus on the First Couple, not the haute couture. I think it was a wise and thoughtful decisions by Michelle.

  11. I really love the dress. It is so fashion forward!! They are so amazing cute, I am sooo proud of our new PRESIDENT and first lady!!

  12. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful in the dress. Flawless. Drop-dead gorgeous. I still can’t stop looking at her. It was just such a beautiful moment. I don’t think the color was a bad choice at all, not the way it set her skin tone off.

  13. All I know is, after watching them dance, the POTUS and the First Lady are surely gonna be knocking boots tonight! With each dance at the balls, the prez seemed to get more and more turned on! LOL. The very first dance was sweet and romantic. I just finished watching their last dance. His face was nuzzled in her neck and their pelvises were practically glued together! LOL. They are so cute. But I can’t believe there’s gonna be sex in the White House!

  14. I totally disagree with people who say the dress was an ill fit or that she should have had an up do. Those people are stuck in the 90s! This dress is modern and she looks fresh and effortlessly glamorous. There is more to a dress than a body hugging fit or a bright color. Fashion at its best should innovative and evolving. Great dress and a great sense of style as usual.

  15. Look at them. Look at them looking at one another.Sigh.It was wonderful..I love the White Tie on him. I love White Tie on men.

  16. looking at them looking at each other is enough to make me believe in love and romance again, and it wasn’t just now, I’ve seen it many times over the last year or so, so lovely

  17. She looks so pretty. And I’m so glad she didn’t go for hair-up just because it was an evening do. So dull, so 90’s so not necessary any more, and she looks so much more glamourous with it down. Considering the day they’d had (early start, inauguration excitement, lunch, Teddy being ill, the parade, the next parade, the getting ready) I think they look remarkably fresh and energetic! I’d’ve been on the floor with tiredness! Great first couple.

  18. She looked beautiful in both the gown and the outfit she wore to the swearing-in. And he looked so handsome in that white bow-tied tux,One thing I found particularly funny – the ‘first dance’ is really dated. To me, they looked like they didn’t really know how to do that old-style dancing – and at the Youth Ball he commented on it being old style – but they got better at it, mostly by riffing on it, as the night wore on. I thought it was hilarious.

  19. She looked effortlessly gorgeous and comfortable in her skin wearing that dress. He looked fabulous. They just make me melt, it’s so wonderful to see them together, achieving so much together. Beyonce did the best she could.

  20. Seriously, get out of the 90’s, this is not a hair show! It is possible to have your hair down and still be formal. Overdone, stiff hair isn’t what’s always called for. I loved the dress. It was soft and feminine. I think the back looks pretty interesting. She’s so tall that she doesn’t get lost in the dress even though it isn’t super-fitted. Empire waists make me look like a kiddie prostitute.

  21. I liked the dress but I didn’t LOVE it. I love her arms. They are so toned. So I’m glad she went sleeveless. The love between Barack and Michelle is unbelievable. The way they looked at each…I have no words. And the comment about how good looking is his wife. Oh man! I swooned. I was surprised Beyonce didn’t oversing since that’s her MO. She did a decent job. I didn’t pay her too much attention as I was focused on my President and the First Lady. All in all, it was a great first dance and I thought the Obamas looked smashing!

  22. I think I may have a crush on Michelle. She is gorgeous! Her dress is not at all what I expected, which I love. It was so young and fresh. Love your blog!

  23. C’mon! Fashion perfection? Down South we have one horrible little bridal shower game were you have 5 minutes to make a wedding gown out of a roll of toilet paper. Her gown looked like one of these creations, right down to the little t-paper flowers. Flattering? Poor darling looks like a tree trunk wrapped in a doilly. Her citron suit pattern earlier in the day looked like my Italian great-grandmother’s couch (under the plastic, of course.) All of this seems consistant with the “blood clot” dress the night of the election. Where on earth are the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” guys when you need them! Please dash from those closets and save this lady. Nobody is perfect but surely she has more potential. And, Michelle, please stand up straight. You may be Sasquatch sized but stand up with pride-we don’t have to hunch down for our men to look powerful. You are too smart for that.

  24. Sasquatch? Get the hell outta here, Cindy McCain. Michelle is not "sasquatch" sized. She’s a long, tall, with and curvy. It’s called a "waspy" figure. Quit hating. The dress is up for debate, but Michelle’s figure ain’t.

  25. Hold my earrings please Kells, because those are fighting words. (lol) LizNneworleans , are you kidding me? The First Lady is stauesque, as many pictures as Danielle has posted over the last year I have never seen her look like a sasquatch. She looks fab her dress is classy and elegant (the more pictures I see the more I love it) , hair and makeup flawless. It might be time to visit your optometrist, sweetie.

  26. I haven’t gotten to see all the dances yet. I LOVED Michelle’s dress and overall look. I am cracking up at all these updo requests; she looked very fresh with it down. I love the chemistry between the two of them.

  27. Liz ~ Seriously? Michelle was the picture of grace, femininity, and CLASS last night. By your comments, I’m guessing your idea of fashion is something worn by one of the Bratz dolls. I’m just sayin’…..

  28. Every time I see these 2 together, I smile like some kinda goof! (LOL!) They make you feel like you don’t even exist – like they’re the only 2 in the room which is so powerful to me. Michelle’s dress: she can do no wrong in my eyes, so I’ll say it was okay – I thought she would’ve went w/something different but this was cool. I also thought she would’ve done her hair differently (maybe swept up?), but by then she was starting to look tired like ‘eff this dress & my hair!’ (LOL!) Overall, it was a beautiful night, Mr. Obama’s speech was deep (as was the elderly Reverend who spoke), and the girls were gorgeous, Congrats to the President & his First Lady!

  29. LOVED the way she looked but I HATED the dress. White is a hard color to wear under spotlights and flash bulbs. Plus, any woman who commands color like Michelle should never bore herself or her unearthly, beautiful, glamazon-like frame with basic white.Come on girl! Give us what we crave! COLORS! Greens, Purples, Blues, Pinks, Reds, Teals, and any and all combinations of the above.That having been said, her inauguration suit with J. Crew gloves and "come hither" matching heels was the BOMB! And those girls, THOSE ADORABLE little gooey, gushy, cute little future glamazons completely stole the fashion show of the day.Lucky for them they got secret service protection just in time. Barack won’t have to swat them boys off like flies, he’s got a whole security team to do that for him now.

  30. thank god that the posts here are more intelligent than at Mrs. O. Why more intelligent? Because more of the posters here appreciate how modern she is, what great role models they are for any age group, and how considerate Michelle was to devote only 20 minutes to total prep for the balls. She was not just beautiful in winter whire, she was able to move in this dress, although she sure did get more walking than ever dodging that train! Fresh looking even at her tenth ball, with her eyes tryig to swell shut and Barack so punchy tired that he was speaking in super slow mo — I admire her more than ever for her love at his rambling and for pulling up the energy agan and again for the dazzling looks and smiles she bestowed on him and the world right through the 10th ball. I admire her understated or chic elegance and unerring choice of fabrics and cuts that still let her move spontaneously without giving a photographer a shot of constricted or escaping flesh. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone video’d for more hours straight (17 hours with only minutes off) who was so gracious about it and gracious looking. What a woman.

  31. @ jforgizmoShe did manage to stay amazingly fresh as a daisy at every dance, didn’t she? Impressive!


  33. @ StefSweetheart. Please chill with the ALL CAPS. It makes it seem like you’re screaming at us and The Snob no-likely excessive, unnecessary capitalization. (See "Etiquette" under the discussion thread.)That said, I’m clueless as to how you would get your wares to the First Lady considering she’s probably much harder to get next to than when she was out on the campaign trail everyday.

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