Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us!

They showed up three-hours early for the Inauguration!

(F)rom all reports, he was three hours early, and was a perfect gentleman to others in the area, making small talk and posing for pictures. (ohnotheydidnt)

Do you think Denzel was excited? And he wore a suit to the ball, which is an achievement in itself considering Denzel hasn’t worn a decent suit to an Oscars or his own movie premieres in almost a decade. (Source: The Star)


8 thoughts on “Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us!

  1. Kishalea says:

    Wow! The reflection in his face is ovewhelming. I don’t blame you Denzel I would have been there ahead of time too! Just looking at him makes me full of emotions all over again.

  2. SDG says:

    Denzel will always be wonderful to me. There are some people whose energy and personality are such a force, that everything else falls away.

  3. I was sitting not far from Denzel and just two rows behind Jay Z, Beyonce, and Diddy. I have some absolutely stunning pictures at my blog.http://singularvoice.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/eye-witness-to-history-with-pictures-to-prove-it-part-i/#more-1630Denzel stood up in front of the podium above him the entire time Barack spoke, and Diddy stood behind him. When someone asked what he thought "of the speech, he said "I don’t have any words right now, I’m trying to take it all in." It was an incredible moment for everyone there.

  4. We were purple ticket holders and many of us wished we could have gotten in early like Denzel. Anyway we still basked in the moment, loving every minute of it.

  5. Anonymiss says:

    I would’ve been surprised if he didn’t wear a suit. He can look as sloppy as he wants to on red carpets but not the inauguration.

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