Day: January 21, 2009

The morning started with a trip to the National Cathedral for service and prayer and, later, White House tours. The President and First Lady looked amazing fresh for two people who spent the night before attending ten Inaugural Balls, but hell, you’re only elected the first black American, multi-ethnic “Leader of the Free World once, right? (Unless you get two terms. Then you get twoesies!) Live it up! (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Wonder what Michelle wore? Click below to the jump!

(Gawd, it’s so odd to be preoccupied by her clothes, considering she’s a brilliant, fascinating person in her own right, but until she starts doing her First Lady thing — and she’s chosen military families and the horrid D.C. school system to adopt, methinks — this is what we’ve got! FIRST 100 DAYS FASHION WATCH!)

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A damaged street in Rafah. Hamas officials vowed to fight on, regardless of any Israeli cease-fire declaration. Photo: Ben Curtis/Associated PressWhile you were twisting the night away with the brand new president Israel decided to stop blowing up people, places and things on the Gaza Strip.

Normally I would have written about the situation in Gaza sooner, but I couldn’t get past my own blind rage and exhaustion over the issue. Now that the violence has died down in a wash of purposelessness I’m left to wonder, what was the objective of Israel’s offensive?

Was it to get rid of Hamas, because they were democratically elected and they’re still entrenched in power?

Was it to win over the citizens of Gaza? Because more than a thousand of them are dead.

Or was it simple revenge?

(Warning: This is not a short blog posting. Perpare for the “short version” of why things are the way the are between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Read the entire monster essay after the jump.)

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