The Dress and Coat Are Isabel Toledo. The Mood Is Insane!

It’s on … FINALLY! The cars are moving! Cheney’s in a wheelchair. (He hurt himself moving boxes.) The Obamas and Bushes have gone to church, met and are on their way in the limos! I’ve returned early from work! I’m liveblogging! The site is running smoothly! All is well!

Michelle is wearing a “maize” colored dress and matching coat by Cuban American designer, Isabel Toledo. I didn’t like it at first, but up close the detail is quite pretty. Of course the Obamas make the handsome couple, as usual. Don’t know where the girls are, but I’m sure they will be there to see their daddy get sworn in.

Want to see more pictures? Including a ridiculous Don King? Check out the jump, then gander at the rest on my Flickr page!





Obama Inauguration

don king


8 thoughts on “The Dress and Coat Are Isabel Toledo. The Mood Is Insane!

  1. Kells says:

    The outfit is just ok to me. It’s pretty in theory, but I think the color is off and it’s pretty shapeless. I really don’t think she brought it on this one. It’s pretty, but it’s something Laura Bush could have worn if she were feeling daring.

  2. Babs says:

    Love the dress but can I just say when he held the car door for his wife I just, awww. Such galant ways in this day and age is rare

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