That’s It. I Want My Own Sasha and Malia!

Obama Inauguration

How insanely cute is this? (More inauguration pictures on the Flickr page and well as more pictures after the jump!)

the girls

the girls3

Also, Bush Twins? You clean up good. Well played. Love the boots, Jenna.

Obama Inauguration

Obama Inauguration



12 thoughts on “That’s It. I Want My Own Sasha and Malia!

  1. RainaHavock says:

    I can’t help but to think doesn’t Malia’s outfit look like one of the ones that they had orginally design for Michelle.

  2. student dds says:

    Those coats are so cute! The green looks great on Michelle and Hilary’s hair was looking particularly nice and healthy. Great pics

  3. miss kate says:

    I am LOVING Jill’s coat, too. And her boots! And the fact that they intro’d her as "Dr. Jill Biden". Warm fuzzies all ’round today!

  4. Danielle Belton says:

    I think it’s fixed "Miss Kate." The site is being a tad buggy. It keeps putting down readers as the "authors" of my blog even though I’m the only person with the ability to write posts. Bizarre. I’ve got the techs on it. Hopefully things will settle down a tad, but … naturally … the traffic is pretty high today and a lot of people are signing up.

  5. kishalea says:

    I love, love , love the first daughters! Malia looks so cute taking pictures at every event. She should write a book with pictures about her journey to the White House. I would buy one ok I would buy three.

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