Obama Girls Are Adorable In J. Crew’s Crewcuts For the Kiddies

4 thoughts on “Obama Girls Are Adorable In J. Crew’s Crewcuts For the Kiddies

  1. Congrats on the new site, Black Snob!As the father of young two daughters, Iā€™m happy that the world gets a chance to witness some adorable African American princesses rather than the prepubescent lil’ hoochies who normally populate newscasts and popular consciousness. But given how they choose to promote their clothes, it really bothers me for J. Crew to get all this free publicity and brand loyalty from Michelle Obama and many other Black women. Why? Because the J. Crew marketing mandate apparently includes the phrase "Brown Paper Bag". Why do we keep rewarding brands that make it clear that they don’t want to be associated with brown skin? Burberry, Cristal…when are we gonna learn? We should hold the beneficiaries of our discretionary spending more accountable. Not that J. Crew has to suddenly feature Alek Wek in all their ads just because Michelle Obama gave them some shine. But I dare you to find a model in their past ads and catalogs that looks like Sasha, Malia or Michelle…much less Alek Wek. If we are going to be loyal to a fashion label, then that corporation needs to be loyal to us. J. Crew rarely features models of color in their catalogs, and when they do, you have to really squint to determine if they are black or "other" with a good tan. Not that being fair skinned makes the model any less authentically black, but looking at the bulk of J. Crew’s print work, it’s clear that the company selects ethnic models only on the basis of being damn near white. I guess they don’t want to scare away their white customers by showing kids, women and men who look like the Obamas, models who look like the entire chocolately spectrum of loyal African American J. Crew buyers. So until I see a change, I will resist rewarding J. Crew with my money, no matter how adorable Sasha and Malia are dressed.

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