It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

Michelle is wearing dark green, Jimmy Choo “Glacier” kitten heels. You know. Just in case you cared. (Los Angeles Times)

After staring at the outfit all day, pondering whether or not the First Lady is simply cold or freezing, wondering if she wishes she’d gone with a giant wool trench and a scarf to cover that dress, I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate the dress. I like some of the detail in the jewelry, her hair and make-up look wonderful and she does have a lovely, regal heir about her, but in the end, it kind of looks like upholstery. Like my dearly departed great-great aunts Josie and Bert’s plastic-covered monstrosity back in Junction City, Kansas.

But she can make me forget the couch dress if she rocks an awesome ball gown. (Flickr)

15 thoughts on “It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

  1. Thats how rich and classy people dress. She is the first lady not some singer or movie star.

  2. I think the First Lady looks wonderful! I just want to know what the heck that dress is made of to keep her warm enough on a day as cold as today.

  3. I’m not disputing her loveliness. (As I said she looked regal.) I just prefer her brighter colors and simply did not like the fabric of the dress. It’s really matronly.That said, it just dawned on me that she’s like the first First Lady since Nancy Reagan who doesn’t have "cankles."

  4. you know, i did want to know. thanks. so, what’s the final verdict on the dress? i think it’s fashionable, but i don’t like it. i just don’t like that yellow-green glow of a shade she seems to be favoring right now.

  5. I think it’s a great choice, I like the color of the dress and I love the shoes. I don’t think brihgt, attention getting colors are appropriate for this type of occasion. I agree with the first poster. It’s how rich and classy people dress, especially when it’s cold.

  6. I think she looked stunning and I loved the color, style and fabric of the dress. It was suitable for the moment as a First Lady should be. The ensemble was very Michelle and I dig her for being who she is.

  7. I’m liking the dress. I thought it looked great. Didn’t like the green gloves or shoes, but liked the dress and especially the coat. And let me say how much I like Jill Biden. Loved the knee high boots she was rocking. And the gray dress and red coat. How great is it we finally got women who can, you know, dress without going for oversize clothing with drab colors?

  8. hated the day outfit… my grandmamas curtains.. old lady church wedding thing aged her 20 years… just awful.. was sitting there thinking ‘how did that happen?’ when in any doubt.. wear black… this was one of those moments…the evening gown passed… but had to watch the dance with the sound down after denzel announced them in.. cannot bear to hear beyonce shred that song again.. (maybe she thinks people will catch the movie just to hear it again.. smh.. the association with that film and obama is now set in celluloid.. yak..)

  9. She looked lovely. Michelle wears what makes her feel comfortable and she stood out amongst the sea of blue, black and grey. I totally agree with the comment about Jill Biden, she looked fab.

  10. It was a beautiful day dress, though Obama may wish to have a tailor fit her clothing OVER the bulletproof gear. Otherwise it looks like she gained ten pounds overnight and all in her midsection. But I can’t really complain since it shows that she still has a nice off-the-rack fashion instinct. She may call the designer beforehand but she doesn’t do "fittings". The ball gown was meh. Her first true fashion don’t.

  11. Michelle’s inaugural day green suit was ALL THAT, elegant and stunning. Loved the thick fabric, sista wasn’t cold, probably had on 2 pairs of support hose. She looks best in solids, stick with the solids Michelle. The shoes and gloves were fine. Her inaugural ball white gown, fit really well. I’m just not a fan of 1 shoulder numbers on anybody. Two straps or no straps is the way to go!

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