Is it just me …?

Or do all the Republicans look like they’re being marched off to an execution — French Revolution Style? And why are Chris and Keith cracking jokes?

And any bets on when Chris Matthews will break down into a puddle of tears? Before the speech? During the speech? After the speech? Now?

And Obama just entered! To quote a famous St. Louis sports announcer, “GO CRAZY, FOLKS! GO CRAZY!”

4 thoughts on “Is it just me …?

  1. I thought it was in my head too. I was not paying attention and then I heard something about the Romanovs and I jerked. I realized they were loopy in distinguishing the Bushies as the Romanovs.I think it was nutty Chris–not that Keith is not batshit crazy too. I love it and that is not as a crack against the Bushies. I just love the insanity.Romanovs?I love that Eugene Robinson could not hook his son up with tickets and we found out about it. Well maybe that we found out the transparency that Keith has juice that Eugene does not have. Eugene is a fine gentleman and journalist. I wish he had more power. People probably missed that one. Shit ain’t changed and Eugene is far fucking smarter than Keith.I think Keith is a psuedo-Negro Lover anyway. I tried to find pictures of his staff to see if there was any Blacks on staff for all the racism he talks about. I wanted to know how much he fought for us, if you know what I mean. Black People fall for those tricks all the time.I think it’s bullshit and just like it is at work, he fights racism for Obama–not my Black ass.

  2. Things I heard Chris say today: "When you go up into the helicopter (Bush’s copter was lifting off) the things on the ground can appear smaller." At that point I burst out laughing. I was waiting for Keith to say something insulting to Chris but all you got was silence. LOL

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