In the Choice of FOX, MSNBC or CNN, I Chose MSNBC …


For the crazy, of course. There is way more crazy going on in that room with Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Eugene Robinson, et al. Not that Wolf n’ Co. couldn’t bring it on CNN, but Chris, for no reason at all, felt it was pertinant to tell me that George H. W. Bush looked “old” for the first time and said “get on the bus, Gus,” to the movers moving the Bushes out of the White House. Oh, The Crazy!

And Sasha and Malia and Grandma Robinson just walked in! Yay! Pictures as soon as I can get them!

5 thoughts on “In the Choice of FOX, MSNBC or CNN, I Chose MSNBC …

  1. For some reason we don’t get MSNBC on our cable system. My husband swears there’s a conspiracy to keep our area as an Olbermann-free zone as we don’t get ESPN Classic either. So I watched it on ABC. Fairly hum-drum.

  2. I switched between Chris/Keith & Wolf. Chris is truly INSANE…why did Mattews compare the Bushes leaving with the ousting of the Romanoffs minus the executions.

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