Unrepentant To the Effin’ End: The Bush N’ Dick “End of An Era” Mixtape

Are you ready, baby? It’s the Bush n’ Dick Unrepentant to the Mutha Fuckin’ End Tour! Inspired by 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush and the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Vice President Dick Cheney and their sudden need to jump in front of the cameras and “get the record straight!” The Bush Era may be over, but the hits can last forever!

They’ve been on every network giving the good news that we won (Everything!) and nothing that bad really happened. A mixtape for those who were living in caves during 9-11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, Hurricane Kartina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, the subprime mortgage crisis, the overall collapse of the banks, the rise of Iran, $4 gasoline, the tanking economy, Guantanamo Bay, illegal foreign renditions, Valerie Plame, Homeland Security, duct tape, the US attorney firing scandal, Anthrax, the collapse of our infrastructure, the violence in Gaza, tainted toys, rising medical costs and pick-a-tragedy, any tragedy!

Enjoy several slamming, unforgiving, borderline annoying, in your face, “it’s all yo’ fault not mine and I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING!” tracks. From Bush telling you to “Hate Me Now!” to hollering “Party Like A Rock Star” at the White House with all your cronies and military contractors while it was nothing but “Bombs Over Baghdad” and “Welcome to the Jungle” for our troops.

While you on a roof waiting for help when the levees breached or dying out in front of Superdome, George and Condi were singing Scorpion, promising that as soon as she was done shoe shopping they would, in fact, rock New Orleans like a hurricane! And remember that last press conference where Bush basically sang the Sex Pistol’s cover of “My Way” without the actual lyrics — likely because he couldn’t remember them! Salute the victors of the war on Terror to Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” then watch Dubya take that last wave as he leaves the White House to the sounds of SKKKKKYYYYNNNNAAARD as he tells you that he’s a free bird now and “He can’t change!”

Lord help, Bush! He can’t chaaayy-yyyiiee-ange! Oh won’t you fly, high! FREEEEE BUUUUUUSH! And remember, as Tupac would say, only God can judge him now! (Thanks to my buddies Negro Intellectual and Adeshola for the help and idea!)

Learn the meaning behind the mixtape by clicking here.

Do you know any songs Georgie Porgy and the crew will be bumping on their way out? Make your recommendations in the comments below!

One thought on “Unrepentant To the Effin’ End: The Bush N’ Dick “End of An Era” Mixtape

  1. Now that the dust has completely settled on Bush 43 – I find myself confused. Why is it conservatives do NOT hate Bush 43? Right-wingers should hate Bush more than left-wingers. Bush ran up the deficit, floundered on foreign policy (please see proving his daddy right on the claim that toppling Saddam would leave us with an unmanageable quagmire), he supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, he supported relaxing of lending standards for minorities to address the home ownership gap, etc. My description sounds like a conservative bashing Jimmy Carter, the point is that these are things that Conservatives claim to oppose. It is disheartening to me that Conservatives followed him to the bitter end – when he did not follow the values Conservatives claim to support. The Conservatives ignored these problems because Bush promised to counsel God and attacked gay rights. That’s all it took to have the right-wingers jump in to Bush 43’s pocket. That is scary considering that recent polling shows that Conservatives are the largest voting block. A bad message has been sent – it doesn’t matter how bad you screw up, how much your actions vary from our platform or what your real values are – if you thump your Bible and oppose gay rights, we the Conservatives will put you in office.

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