Malia and Sasha Set Cuteness Phasers to “Stun”

The urge to smother those two in kisses is so strong that I may lose control of all my faculties!

More pictures of the Obama daughters after the jump!

When ever I see little Sasha and Malia Obama I think of me and my two “sisters of Snob,” Baby Snob and Big Sis, and our childhood together. I especially think of how long we had to sit still for our mother to press our hair to make it look like Sasha and Malia’s (and our mother only let us wear it down on “special occasions,” like piano recitals. I’m going to assume “Daddy’s going to be president” counts as a special occasion). The pressing was murder, I tell you! I detest having my hair straightened to this day even though I love how it looks whether natural or straight.

Like the Obama girls, the Snob sisters spent 99 percent rocking braids or twists. And it’s amazing Mama Snob still has an arm from welding that hot comb. That said, those coats are ADORABLE! (And no, I don’t know who made them!) But everything about them is adorable. Cheeks must be smothered in smooches!

More pictures of the soon-to-be First Daughters (as well as Michelle and Barack and the Bidens) on my Obama Inaugural Flickr page!

4 thoughts on “Malia and Sasha Set Cuteness Phasers to “Stun”

  1. Snob–I agree on the hair front. Much like Sasha I usually rocked the two pigtail look. And my "edges" had a mind of their own. I only wore my hair down for the first day of school and Easter. BTW: Love the new site.

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