Is John Keeping Cindy From Kicking Up Her Heels?

From Page Six:

SEN. John McCain might regret choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, but an even worse decision will deprive his fellow Americans of what would have been the best season of “Dancing With the Stars” ever. Our impeccably placed source says, “Just before Thanksgiving, Cindy McCain (above) started talks witek, Sen. McCain “put the kibosh on it.” Reps for the show and McCain didn’t return calls.

You know? If this is true (which it probably isn’t) this is all kinds of lame. I didn’t vote for the man, but with all the shizz wife no. 2 had/has to put up with the woman can’t go kick up her heels and flirt with also-rans on “Dancing with the Stars?” What? Is he afraid she fall for her dancing partner? I mean, sure that’s happened like MULTIPLE TIMES on the show, but I’m sure Cindy knows how to keep in the pants.

How dare you deny Cindy the chance to prove to American that she is a real, live girl! Not a puppet, robot or an alien from a galaxy far, far away. Let a woman get her cha-cha on, old man McCain!

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