FakeBamas: The New “It” Guy In Political Parody

Ever since Barack Obama popped up on the scene with his handsome mug, gorgeous family and fascinating multicultural background people have become obsessed with recreating the look, either in parody, in respect, in art, in advertisement or just for poops and giggles. I have become fascinated with collecting this army of “FakeBamas,” mostly because they are (well, most of them are) even better looking than the original model. Some don’t look like him at all, but that’s the point. Obama has become the black, multiracial “everyman” for the unnaturally good-looking FakeBama. Here is my collection of who is “hawt” and one who is not.

Iman Obama: Iman “Alphacat” Crosson, actor/internet superhero

A YouTube sensation, many individuals from random bloggers (like me) to better known bloggers (like Andrew Sullivan) think someone should give this brother a job. Like Saturday Night Live. It’s not that we all hate Fred Armisen’s Obama for committing the Cardinal sins of “not-funniness” and “light Egyptian pancake brown-face” (even though Armisen is technically brown, being part Lebanese). It’s that Alphacat is THAT GOOD, as evidence by his T.I. parody of Barack.

It also doesn’t hurt that Alphacat is as good or better looking than Obama, which is the key to being a hot FakeBama. Really. It’s insulting to pick an unattractive person to play the president-elect. As good looking or better, it’s the only way to better exemplify the “Obama Fetish” everyone is rapidly developing like a full-body rash.

Parody skills: **** (four out of four stars)

General Hotness: ***1/2 (three and a half out of four)

Staff Sgt. Obama: Derrick Brooks

He stood in for Barack during the Inauguration rehearsals. Obama didn’t see the resemblance, and yeah, they really don’t look that much alike, other than the “light browness,” but he’s hot, so he’s here.

Parody skills: None. He was just doing his job like any ridiculously sexy man in uniform would.

General Hotness: ****

Tropicana Obama: Michael Duvet, model/actor

Tropicana swears they were not trying to capitalize on “Hope Fever” when they cast this incredibly good looking actor for their print ad campaign.

Suuuuure. He’s just Fake Obama Sexy for no damn reason at all.

Parody skills: *** (If it’s a parody of looking cute while brown, he passes with flying colors.)

General Hotness: **** (That is a beautiful man, my friend. Once again, doesn’t really look like Barack unless you squint, but … ahem, he’s dreamy.)

Keegan Obama: Keegan Michael-Kay, comedian

Now unemployed due to the slow death of SNL rival, Mad TV, Keegan Michael Key put up a serviceable Obama that was delightfully goofy and madcap (to match the sophomoric and weird energy of Mad TV). Keegan’s only sin is that he’s not as good looking as Barack, but he’s good-looking enough to meet the standard.

Parody skills: ***

General Hotness: **1/2

Lamar Obama: Michael Lamar, professional FauxBama

Lamar, a professional Obama impersonator, recently went to France to spread some of that “Hope and Change” to our struggling black n’ brown French homies. (One love to my Frenchie Snobs!) I don’t think he looks anything like Obama (he looks a bit like an old, you know? Obama’s younger looking and this guy’s face is much more elongated). I think it’s better when more youthful people play Obama, even individuals younger than him because it plays up the fact that Obama doesn’t look “grandfatherly” like past presidents. He’s energetic and hip.

Parody skills: Unknown (I’ve never seen the man do his thing)

General Hotness: * (He’s cute, but not Obama cute … if you know what I mean)

Roman Obama: Roman Watson, Jesus-loving male model

He starred in a Harper Bazaar’s editorial last summer, helping Tyra Bank’s indulge in her Michelle Obama fantasies. We weren’t really impressed with Tyra’s playing pretend, but Fake Barack was incredibly delicious looking, ears and all.

Here is what I initially wrote about RoBama:

He’s a Miami-based, 6-foot-2-inch, Jesus-loving hunk of a male model who works for MC2 Model Management. I suggest restraint while looking through his portfolio. He really does look like Barack’s insanely hot half-brother.

Parody skills: **** (All he had to strike a pose and that pose was hot)

General Hotness: **** (Did I mention he’s a professional fashion model?)

Fred Obama: Fred Armisen, Saturday Night Live comedian/Habitual offender

You know how I all feel about Fred and his sometimes piss-poor forays into Barackatude. He kind of sucks at it. It’s gotten better, but … you know? Still kind of sucky. My fair Alphacat — he’s no you!

Parody skills: **1/2 (He’s hit or miss)

General Hotness: *1/2 (Fred actually looks better dolled up as Obama than he does in real life. I don’t know how to score that one. But, I also thought Fred made a cute Mahmoud too! Maybe he should just start tanning or something. Couldn’t hurt, my fair not-white-white-guy.)

16 thoughts on “FakeBamas: The New “It” Guy In Political Parody

  1. OMG – Derrick Brooks is Hot! i know he’s a staff seargent and not in the public eye, but can we put him in the public eye. That man is FINE!ok, i’m done. i feel better now 🙂

  2. Snob you’re an Faux-bama pimp for real. With the exception of SNL and MADTv I could handle looking at these gents any day of the week.My vote is for the Jesus loving model or the Tropicana guy

  3. I’ve always been one whom valuaed the words don’t believe the Hype. Being Obama has become one those things. And I am very torn. I am so for it because I always wanted AA’s to be portrayed in the media as broadly as possible. At the same time I am so leery because it becomes being portrayed as one thing that is acceptable vs another that is not, e.g. Cliff Huxtable vs Hilton Lucas when AA’s are both. An example would be the Independence Blue Cross(Eastern Penn) commercials following a black woman as she ages from childhood to old age of being both.The Obama family now selling Tropiciana, which I had not seen until now, appears to have become that new Huxtable. let’s hopeover the next 8 years we see our families as well.

  4. I advised/interviewed “Wenty” Miller for Princeton. With a tan and some gray highlights he actually could pull off Barack, plus he has the “star quality.” On top of that, he carries the innate smarminess of a politician. Hopefully he’d be No 1 in any biopic (unless Tyler Perry or Diddy’s producing, then it’ll be Allan Payne or that light skinned dude from the Bill Bellamy How to be a Playa film). I’m sad for Keegan and MadTV’s demise. Were it not for the election, SNL would have expired. they should hire him to take Armisen’s place as FauxBarack, but Lorne Michaels despises black talent. Wentworth is waiting for his breakout mulatto role. He’s Obama worthy. Hell if William Devane and bowlegged Wm Petersen can play JFK, and Josh Brolin’s a perfect W, then he can do barack. If my Yella Patsy’s Boys (coming 2010, Picador) is ever optioned, I’m hoping it’ll be him, smarminess and all.

  5. Christopher: Yes! Wentworth would be perfect. He already has that wonderful Ivy League, sweet yet smug demeanor (and Prison Break IS about to be all kinds of canceled)! But then, I’m horribly biased.

  6. #1 Not Alpha’s best work. Very funny campaign stuff out on YouTube. Best impressions I’ve seen yet. Keegan isn’t totally unemployed but SNL crew needs to be.#2 Glamour shots Ro-Robama looks young enough to get me a bid just entertaining the thought. Maybe he can be lil’Bama in a TVOne movie about the prez.#3 Personal Note to GIbama: I was stuck in that unexpected DC traffic Sunday morn but I must say, you can get between me and my waffles any day of the week!#4 Looks like I need more OJ in my life – the stuff with calcium not knives.Does this mean light-skindedded menz (with or without hazel eyes) are making a comeback?!!

  7. The A: Yeah, Lamar is the “one of these things is not like the others” guy. He’s not young(ish). He’s not really hot. He’s not funny. He’s just a dude with a passing resemblance. Poor fella.I’m hoping that this will lead to black people getting some work. As Robert M mentioned, we’re hard up for some more diverse images of black Americans. It’ll be interesting where Hollywood and Madison Avenue take this thing. Will it just be a hot new trend or will there be some serious revolution in imagery? Only time can tell.

  8. alphacat is hilarious. i have been pointing ppl to his youtube page since that ti parody. he has another one with about 6 different impressions. he’s good. i hope he catches a break. i’d like to see more. check out the blair witch plane crash site with his girlfriend. cute couple too…

  9. I saw inauguration stand-in guy on CNN and he also has a daughter named MaliaI think Keegan is nice looking and his Obama impressions on MadTV are spot on. He may not be as handsome as Obama but he’s charming. Unlike Fred A who is just wrong on so many levels.

  10. Awww. Fred’s cute as a button in a truly nerdy kind of way. He looks way better without the makeup. But that Roman dood? BOY HOWDY! Obviously I go to extremes, LOL.

  11. lol this is too funny! Great post! I’m loving that youtube video. I started to sing along after a while. Way too catchy! 🙂

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