It’s Official: Burris will get to pimp walk around the Capitol all day long

18 thoughts on “It’s Official: Burris will get to pimp walk around the Capitol all day long

  1. That’s good to hear now Blacks will have a Senator for two years. Then when 2010 rolls around and Burris is crushed in the primary the senate will return to being all White again. And the victory of Burris will be looked back upon as wasted time and effort for 2009. But at least Burris can look back happy knowing he was a once a senator briefly for two years.

  2. $174,000 per yearA full staffan insiders pass to Chocolate CityZero performance expectationsLobbyists a plentyBeing That Other black guy from Chi-town all over the headlinesand Triple Double Dog Bonus – Call the outrageously over the top monument crypt engraver!!!

  3. Awww hell. I knew I couldn’t win. He’s has shown that his cajones are brass ones indeed.Brass and Big. I’m not looking forward to the next 2 years.

  4. PS- Blago is a gangsta. This is what happens when you try to be SLICK, Harry Reid. Make sure everything is lined up before you try mess like this again.

  5. Snob your last sentence makes me think you’re looking at this sarcastically. It is a unique occurence I guess but do you see it as a positive or a negative? If he loses in 2 years, coupled with a white-out everywhere else, where do you think that leaves things? Obama should still loom large, which gives the Congressional Black Caucus a little extra oomph, but given the state by state demography I just can’t see a Bobby Rushian “fair representation” senate.

  6. @ Rikyrah – the law was followed. But did Burris have to force everyone’s hand? No. He could sat pretty while it played out. He didn’t have to come DC and look like a fool. Obama told the Senate leadership to make this go away. And Thus it was done.And according to certain reports Burris has to quietly step down in order for another Dem candidate (more apt to win) in 2010. Gansta my foot. Blago should step down.

  7. Burris will run in 2010. He will be able to work effectively and a good spot would be the judiciary committee given he was AG of Ill. I have to disagree w/ Snob on going to DC. Had he stayed home and kept the challenge in court it would be even more embarassing being told by the Fed Judiciary and possibly the Supreme court the actions of the Senate violated the Constitution. I say this because the real downside is what if he wasn’t given the seat by the time the trial of Blago is concluded w/ a conviction. The new governor trying to appoint someone else would be in violation of the law as he tried to usurp the authorty of the governor. And bluntly Obama knows this and the real deal about the seating of Burris as a consititutional scholar and realized after the swearing in it would be a nightmare while trying to implement an economic policy

  8. Burris will lose in 2010…Get grip people if the man was so great he would have won all his past races not just some.

  9. anonymous 4:49 a.m.: Anything could happen. If Burris does well, this kerfluffle could all be a footnote. If it’s a massive fail then he’s unlikely to retain the seat. He’s got two years to shut up his critics before he has to face a voting public. It will also depend on what other Democrats and which Republican will emerge as his competition in 2010. Burris has already gotten enough press to get him the name recognition he needs. Now he just has to figure out a way to turn that name into a lasting brand.Good luck!Personally, it’s a good thing when there is representation in government of black people because, goodness knows, we have interests that need to be attended to, but I realize how hard it is to win a statewide office for anyone, let alone a black person. The fact that Illinois is sending another black senator for a third time is very telling, considering the number of blacks in the history of the senate can still be counted on one hand. But who knows what will happen.robert m: I never said I had a problem with Burris going to D.C. If anything, I was understanding of why he was being so bold as Burris isn’t the sort of guy who lets opportunity pass him in any shape or form. Heck, I rewrote the intro to the Jeffersons in “honor” of the move!

  10. Blago played the national Dems and now we’ve gotta swallow Burris. But the guy seems fairly innocuous and for the next 2 years, his main job is to do no harm. I don’t think RB2 has a platform or beyond bragging rights, so it’s not like he’s going to go in and surprise us with his legislative gusto and bipartisan spirit. He’s 71, he’ll vote the party line so there’ll be no reason to kiss his ass and he’ll wield as little power as a Senator can. And in 2010, hopefully he’ll have sense enough not to run.As for the there oughta be a black guy in the Senate quota – I call bullshit. Earn it. Whoever you are. Create a vision. Have faith, where others doubt. Raise the money. Build the organization. Grease the wheels. Black people don’t need a permanent booster seat- it’s insulting and that thinking diminishes us. The majority of white people are nearly as concerned with Blackness as we tend to think they are. When the house is on fire, anybody with a bucket of water will do. If it means we have to work twice as hard to get there, work twice as hard. It’s a lot more satisfying and empowering to do that vs. being handed shit out of a sense of grievance. We’re bigger and better than that. Any individual who’s ever accomplished anything worthwhile knows its true.

  11. Rikyrah – the law was followed. But did Burris have to force everyone’s hand? No. He could sat pretty while it played out. He didn’t have to come DC and look like a fool. Obama told the Senate leadership to make this go away. And Thus it was doneActually, Burris DID have to force everyone’s hand, because, from where I sit, Reid, Durbin, et al, were going to sincerely try to do an end run around THE LAW. He took his stand and forced them to follow THE LAW. When they wrote that letter to Blago, they knew it wasn’t worth the cost of the paper – LEGALLY. I’ve said it again: If you don’t like Burris, you have options.If you’re from Illinois, volunteer for Burris’ Democratic Primary 2010 challenger. If you’re not from Illinois, send money to them.The entire ‘ oh he’s ‘unelectable’ never made much sense to me, because WHATEVER candidate made it through the Democratic Primary of 2010 would obviously be the strongest candidate. Why does the continued shilling of this theme make the tinfoil hat on top of my head begin to shake. That maybe if they had chosen one of the NON-Blacks on ‘the approved list’, that they would have shut down any attempts at a 2010 Democratic Primary giving the bullshit excuse of ‘doing what’s best for the party’. Hmmm……I will say again: this could have been avoided. If you want to blame someone, don’t blame Blago, Burris or Bobby Rush. Blame Reid and Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan, who tried to be SLICK with regards to a special election (which would have been the democratic (small d) thing to do)….and then they got STUCK.

  12. Rikyrah,I still respectfully disagree with you. If I could make an emodicon with a tongue sticking out I would respectfully.Reid and the staff of the Senate did what was right for the Senate. They did want the Blago situation on their doorsteps. The Senate is an institution not a circus. He’s in. What more can you ask for? And also I didn’t say I didn’t like. I just have distaste for his methods. And if I choose to dislike Burris…I can dislike him without contributing a dime too to a contrary cause. Obviously you like him or you wouldn’t carry the mantle of “a politician forced to show his hand so hard”. I think I agree with dkan71 and he won’t start drama. Burris will do what he is asked of him. Because like you said Reid is slick (a may be tied to unorthodox crime and funding) and Burris would be FOOL to cross him. Just saying. Reid’s from Nevada and I’m sure plenty of his enemies are in the desert.So Rikyrah, I respectfully disagree (emodicon included – to make you laugh).

  13. Skywalker- Reid may have done what he thinks he needs to do for his career but the question of the law and the needs of the people of Illinois were more important. The people’s needs and desires have been continually dismissed since the election-We Democrats in Ct soundly defeated Lieberman and Lieberman dissed the dems deeply and in that debate after the election of what to do with Lieberman the needs and desires of the people of Ct (particularly the Dems) were never considered- just like here where the needs and desires of the people of Illinois are also not considered. Reid and Pelosi should face a fierce opposition in their next election. They are horrors both. They are the elite and they are for only the elite. Burris is more than ok next to them.

  14. His office won’t be in the sky though. It will be in the damn basement with all of the other Junior senators. I think I might hate Burris after all of his showboating and media whoring.

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