Brilliant or Trainwreck: Sharpton’s Perm Versus Hannity’s Mouth! You Watch! You Decide!

For some reason, after years of using Alan Colmes as a personal punching bag for bringing a thesaurus to a knife fight, Sean Hannity is doing to pre-inaugural stunt casting and has invited Rev. Al Sharpton and Meatloaf to an upcoming segment of his shout-fest on FOX News. I don’t know if this is just to stir up some trouble/ratings, but say what you will about the Good Reverend Al — he’s no Al Colmes.

My one true criticism of Hannity (coveted winner of The Black Snob’s “Most Hated” award on “Top Pundit“) was that it was unfair to bring the mild-mannered, librarian like Colmes to his Fight Night at the Apollo Creed-like show. If he had his druthers and really wanted to stir up things he’d have on someone as loud and crazy as himself, like Ed Schultz, who I can’t stand, because he is just as irresponsible with his words and conspiracy theories as Hannity is. A nut should fight a nut, but no, he picked Colmes to berate and mock because he wanted to promote the stereotype of the wimpy, effete Liberal (even though Colmes sort of developed a bit of a spine as Obama gained momentum towards the end, perhaps knowing that he was totally blowing this Popsicle stand once the election was over).

Al is more like Ed than he is like Alan. A matter of fact, he’s a lot like Ed, only Al (shock of shocks) is slightly more responsible about the words that come flying out of his mouth. Dare I say it: he has some restraint compared to the feral Schultz. That said, Al is as much of a scheming, sly opportunist as Hannity and a likely bit smarter around the mouth area. He will be bringing a gun underneath that James Brown perm to the knife fight? You know the Good Reverend always does!

So what is this? Suicidal or crazy like a FOX News show? I think it’s a little of both. And if Hannity is savvy, he will bring on more lefty whackadooes and less Liberal cockadoos, re: people as nutters as he is on the left, to produce a more “entertaining” fight for the masses. Plus, he might get some people other than the regulars to watch the show and all TV news is turning into shouting as a viable public discourse so, why not? He could actually claim the “high horse” over Keith Olbermann and charge that he at least has Liberals on his show to mock regularly, as opposed to fellow ideologues and “impartial” beat reporters.

And that is my biggest criticism of Keith, who I enjoy occasionally, but sometimes annoys the shit out of me. At least Chris Matthews and Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly invite the opposition onto Hardball and The Factor to get shouted down and berated like the condemned, sans ciggie, in front of a loud, obnoxious, verbal-diarrhea afflicted firing squad. Keith is as loud as the rest of them. What gives? Why is lovable, hateful, crazy Pat Buchanan the only member of the Fightin’ Fruitcakes to get an occasional spot at the table? I mean, I love crazy Pat the Bigot as much as the next person, but, c’mon, you could have his equally hateful sister, Bay, on once and awhile! Jon Stewart does!

But back to the question at hand: Hannity versus Sharpton — will you watch? (Or will you watch it on YouTube, I should say. I know some of us are pretty adamant about not supporting FOX in any form.)

The fight will go down on Monday. Here’s the take from Broadcasting & Cable’s report:

The new Alan Colmes-less Hannity premieres Monday with frequent Fox News guest Al Sharpton filling the liberal seat on Sean Hannity’s newly christened “Great American Panel.”

Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn.) will fill the seat on the right. (And she should have plenty to talk about given the Senate dispute in her state between Al Franken and Norm Coleman.) …

Hannity will employ a rotating panel in lieu of a permanent ideological counterpoint. The show will also bow a few new elements including the Hate Hannity Hotline featuring highlights from Hannity haters.

Side note: If Hannity’s show does turn into “Fight Club” would this mean that FOX News has actually recreated CNN’s “iconic” (and I say that ironically) original political fight club show, Crossfire? And does that mean Jon Stewart can get invited on to kill the show again? Because that, my friend, that was awesome. Jon Stewart KILLED A SHOW!

Stop hurting America, Hannity!

13 thoughts on “Brilliant or Trainwreck: Sharpton’s Perm Versus Hannity’s Mouth! You Watch! You Decide!

  1. Forget Sharpton for a moment. Michelle Bachman? Truth Commission Michelle Bachman?This tells me Hannity is more interested in ratings than promoting the conservative agenda (which is his right; he a radio/TV host, not a policy wonk).

  2. The last time I saw Al Sharpton on Hannity, he handled his business!I am interested to see how his show progresses, or devolves from its past format of a liberal milquetoast and a rabid conservative.

  3. the clip was intense..people thought he was trying to be funny…and he was being dead serious!hannity shoulD invite olbermann to his show…IT WILL BE A BLOOD BATH!LOL

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