Would Someone Please Tell Sarah Palin She Is “NOT HELPING” Herself?

This week on “The Perils of Sarah Palin,” Alaska governor, veepstakes loser Sarah Palin continued jumping in front of microphones and cameras and saying things that never needed to be said for … I don’t know … the amusement of schadenfreude loving Liberals? Late night comics? Evil Keith Olbermann? Why is she talking again? (And why is Joe the Not Plumber going to Israel to cover the bloodbath in Gaza?)

But most of all, why is she talking about this?

Palin also complained about reports suggesting that Trig Palin was not her son and said she was “frustrated” by rampant rumors about her and her family. However, mainstream media stayed away from such rumors, which were fueled by bloggers and others online and the supermarket tabloids.

“I wasn’t believed that Trig was really my son,” she said. She called it a “sad state of affairs.”

“What is the double-standard here?” she asked. “Why would people choose to believe lies? What is it that drives people to believe the worst, perpetuate the worst?”

“When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers especially?” she asked. (Huffington Post)

Why does Palin even bring up Andrew Sullivan’s favorite sexy Palin conspiracy theory? No one in TV or in print touched this shit as they did not want it to get on them, stinking up the joint. This was PURELY an internet phenomenon. Yet, she talks about it openly as if the New York Times had reporters bribing her OB/GYN. As if Bill O’Reilly was giving in-depth chats on the status of her daughter’s hymien with the rest of The Factor. Why even discuss it, you media-un-savvy nimrod? Why?

As I wrote on Facebook Friday (and feel compelled to share here), I just don’t get why she would even bring it up or entertain questions about it. It would be akin to Hillary Clinton taking questions about her assistant allegedly being her Lesbian lover or that she killed Vince Foster. I mean, no one who considers themselves serious media would touch that shit with a 10 foot pole, but Sarah is literally dancing on the pole with pasties on. I mean, GET OFF THE POLE, woman! GET OFF THE POLE!

36 thoughts on “Would Someone Please Tell Sarah Palin She Is “NOT HELPING” Herself?

  1. Ugh, commenting on her crazy shit isn’t worthy of one minute of Black Snob’s precious time, attention or ‘ink’. Drop it already.

  2. Well, I don’t know about that but… Oh my goodness. This ridiculous woman makes my teeth itch. I really think she just cannot help herself. She loves the spotlight SO much and would do anything to make sure we remember her all the way to 2012.

  3. I know. Sarah loves this. She loves the attention. She’s basically a dumb version Nicole Kidman’s manipulative character in “To Die For.”And Nicole’s character wasn’t bright.

  4. Personally I hope that Palin remains in the public eye and that the Republicans are foolish enough to make her their Presidential nominee for 2012. She clearly has an inferiority complex which is why she just keeps on talking about Katie Couric like Katie is thinking about her uninformed behind. Palin chose to be in the spotlight despite being wholly unqualified for the role of VP and having a sketchy homelife. And she is inviting even more scrutiny by continuing to discuss that fiasco of a campaign. You don’t hear McCain out here rehashing what went wrong.

  5. Yep, I’m pretty sure that this is the one thing I’m never going to forgive John McCain for. This woman is like herpes…flares up when you least expect it and never bodes well.

  6. Yeah, she’s having fun with this.I mean, she got up and threw McCain and his campaign under the bus when she said “they made” her go and do Katie Couric twice.Honestly, she takes fool to the next level.

  7. uppity: I never thought anyone would ever make me feel sorry for John McCain, but … damn, that Sarah Palin. Damn her slow-witted, manipulative, passive-aggressive, slack-jawed ass. She didn’t even stop when she stepped over his corpse. The body wasn’t even cold. And Tina Fey’s parody is still too surreal by comparison, considering Tina said Palin would never leave and Palin wants to prove “the Prophecies of Fey” true. You can literally see the gears winding in her head, they are that obvious and that slow moving.

  8. with pasties on! love it. maybe she’ll bring up the photos next.this reminds me of something you wrote a while ago, she is really that ex that stays in your face and follows you home and won’t go the hell away!

  9. She just seems incredibly unsavvy. Sure, she’ll get some attention and love from her hard core reporters–but you can’t be in a cutthroat campaign and then whine afterwards. Horrible rumors were said/spread about all of the candidates (and their spouses), was she supposed to get special treatment?

  10. “…GET OFF THE POLE, woman! GET OFF THE POLE!”LMAO! Best line of your article, so true and funny!

  11. The beauty of her is that she’s committing political suicide each time she runs that mouth of hers – the RNC must be cringing.

  12. Snob, I disagree with much of what you’re saying about her. I think bringing up internet smears is a very prudent thing to do as it casts light on something that non blogger types might not know about. I also think that enjoying her perceived irrelevance might be unwise. “Palinized” is entering the political vernacular in a similar way to “swiftboating”. If Obama doesn’t maintain his popularity the attention she’s getting (negative or not) could become useful. I think the assumption that Palin could never win the presidency is predicated on the idea that this election was a decision for Obama and not against Bush, neocons, etc.. I’m just not sure how true that is. I don’t understand why the Olbermann types don’t just forget she exists. Does Obama need another non-agenda news item other than the ones he already has? That interview was a top item for every channel. I could understand Fox doing it. But when CNN or MSNBC do it it seems a little arrogant. Shouldn’t they deal with her objectively as possible in order to keep the focus on Obama? Besides, she’s actually going to have to do some governing in the next couple years, with oil prices and all, If they wanted to put one more nail in the coffin re-election time would be the time to put her on blast. I’m just sayin it could be risky.

  13. anonymous 8:36 p.m.: I realize that I wrap everything in a warm tortilla of snark, but my post’s true point was she’s giving validity and life to a story that hurts her and her family. A politician with hopes of a long and powerful future would do everything to smother that story in its crib, not openly discuss it as if something that sounds like it came straight out of an episode of “Dynasty” is valid.Unless this IS schadenfreude and you just want to watch her self-immolate because that’s what we’re watching.I honestly don’t know why anyone would willingly do something like that. I don’t particularly care for the woman’s politics or her thick sheen of numbnuts, but it’s pretty embarrassing to watch her, along with Joe Plumber and the like, holding on to fame like their lives depended on it. Even at the expense of their own character and families. I mean, it’s her life if she wants to go about it this way (and hell, it may even pay off for her in the end), but I honestly don’t understand it. The whole thing just seems fucking cruel (especially considering the joke mileage anyone can get out of it) and it won’t ever end unless she stops talking.See? I actually CARE about crappy Sarah Palin at this point. I don’t know why, but for Pete’s sake, I’m a softie. Don’t her kids have enough problems? Do they really need this? Does she want to be Female Dan Quayle? Because Dan NEVER RECOVERED!As for the press, they are trying to make money here and she is a cash cow, Grade A “Trainwreck Television.” That is why she was everywhere. Plus, she bashed a Kennedy. All she needs to do now is get on “The Hills” or become a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” and then we’ll never be free.Frankly, I didn’t really think the Palin navel gazing affected the CONSTANT OBAMA COVERAGE at all. Everyone is still meticulously documenting every burp and fart coming out of the transition, as well as Blago, the crashing economy and the violence in Gaza. Any more news on Obama and we’d be complaining (which we do from time-to-time) that the press won’t back the fuck up and let the man use a Blackberry in peace. I mean, he’s the president. At the end of the day, he’ll always been the main story and she shall be the sideshow.So what you’re really seeing is a lot of people gawking at someone fully unaware of how they come across. Some people enjoy the show. Others cringe. I mock to hide my horror. But … seriously, this IS like Hillary Clinton putting out a statement to deny that she and Bill went around murdering people in Arkansas when he was governor. Or Nixon coming back from the grave to deny being involved in the Kennedy Assassination. Or Cindy McCain going on in-depth interviews prattling on and on about being high on dope (only Cindy is a recovering addict, but still, she probably shouldn’t give lengthy interviews about it). Just because bloggers blog about it doesn’t make it news.Believe me. It doesn’t help Sarah (if help is what she wanted) at all. It’s like having an ugly wort and shouting, “HEY EVERYONE! LOOK AT THIS WART I DO NOT HAVE! REPEAT! NO WORT HERE!”

  14. In so far as what you’re saying about hurting her family and grasping for fame, I agree. But she’s a politician and I think I remember a sweeping generalization of yours about them. I certainly wouldn’t be doing it. But unlike dan quayle, who is currently sitting on the board of an equity firm that’s probably about to milk all they can out of chrysler,(which brings me to another question, define recovered?) she is not backing off from the culture war (I disgruntingly use that term, I think the word in and of itself is divisive) in fact she is feeding it. I think you may be missing the millions of Americans who love and adore Palin(another point to remember, the race was essentially tied until the meltdown, so the question remains if the Palinization done by the media really would have worked), this video was done for them as well as reluctant Obama voters. I feel like I’m rambling on and on here so I’m going to try to sum this up. Regardless of how leftists, centrists, or anyone else feels about her Palin could very well gain traction as a political force. I think that she could represent a reincarnation of the silent majority and the leftist fear of this is what’s driving the news coverage. If John Kerry had lashed out like this in 2004 would anyone have cared? I remember when that dude went postal at a college speech of his and it’s like he was never a candidate for president. I think it was because he didn’t represent anything larger than himself. People emotionally invested in Palin. But perhaps in a few years time we will see her the same way.Which leads me to my next point. I guess all political scandals could be viewed as equally unhelpful but the fact is that murder, conspiracy and drug use have been a part of political theatre since there was a theatre. I think there is something wholly different in scandalizing someone’s children. It’s a new level of shrewd for the aggressor and it also produces a new kind of anger for the agressed.I see your point about the CONSTANT OBAMA COVERAGE. He is still quite the media darling. But he also has an agenda, a new and potentially controversial one. While the deafening discussion of how bad things are certainly greases the rails for a new new deal I don’t think the effect of obliquely related controversies should go unconsidered, especially ones that linger like Blago. I think it would be better for him to bless someone out for intruding on his blackberry time than for another Democrat to get caught up. Just sayin.

  15. Does Obama need another non-agenda news item other than the ones he already has? – I know right?The economy is horrible, people are getting laid off from their jobs, Gaza cris, and the msm wants to talk about what people are going to wear to the ball.Out of respect for the plight of Americans, you would think they would tone it down, but they won’t. We will see a parade of designer dresses while many can’t even afford health insurance.Palin has a right to say what she wants to say. I may not agree with her, but I respect how she actually ran an election and won, versus Caroline who is using her family name.If anyone needs to shut up is CK with all of her you-knows. But she’s on Obama’s aol buddy list so people don’t criticize her.:barf:

  16. Does she want to be Female Dan Quayle? – Does Obama want to be the Black Dan Quayle?57 states….Canadian President…Great lakes in Oregon…Oh wait, the press will cover for him so he can have as many dumb moments as he wants.

  17. Thinker I’m sure you know those were gaffes. People with average intelligence don’t become president of the Harvard Law review. Sarah has the right to defend her family. Sarah should at least intuit that she failed because she was out of her depth.

  18. This is the same anonymous from the previous two posts. Stella, I think you’re giving American political culture too much credit by saying she was out of her depth. All of them are treachorous liars…all of them. Palin tried to develop her own little facade and didn’t do it very well. But I think she was well within her depth. If the enviroment was just a touch better than absolute suicide for the GOP she might have pulled it off. Which is really the larger point I’m trying to make. It seems like a spoil of war to satirize here now that the election has been decided but I would find another punching bag. Go with the old stand by of wacko preachers and overtly racist politicians. It’s a Win/Win. There is still some fight left in her and if the left isn’t on the right side of the ever swinging pendelum it might one day eat its words.As far as acadamic accomplishment being a fair measure of intelligence I think I need to quote William Buckley, ” I would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book than the staff at Harvard.”

  19. I’m sorry, I want my leaders to be able to articulate themselves in an intelligent manner, and frankly Palin has left alot to be desired. I did not even have a problem with the experience factor, what I had a problem with was her unwillingness to educate herself for one of the highest positions in the land. Then, like many feminists, she wanted to play the gender card. Lets see….Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but Hill is a tough gal, and she’s smart. Was her behavior ugly during the primaries, of course, but guess what, you can’t say she’s incompetent. Dr. Rice is a woman. People disagree with her politics, but again, no one has ever called her incompetent. Palin needs to stop being a victim, and grow up.

  20. Palin is simply playing to her base with this crap she pulls every couple of weeks. You wonder why it is that she keeps popping up then you should wonder why it is that there are people out there still rockin McCain/Palin posters as if it were still September 08. They only love America if it walks and talks like they do and she has to keep that dissension alive by showing her ass every chance she gets. The country at large has far more important things to consider without playing to the least common denominator.

  21. Well, people are just going to mock Sarah. She’s easily mockable. People enjoy it. It’s ratings gold. As long as she’s out there, it will never end.But I think the real people who have a chance at grabbing the reigns of the conservative movement are the ones making much more calculated and Machiavellian moves than Palin. One must watch were the money and influence is going and the big dogs are not lining Palin’s pockets just yet. She’s got her fervent fans and public defenders, but the oil that greases the wheels of the Republican machine has done very little for her and she knows it. I’d even argue that a good deal of them hate her considering how the other Republican governors reacted to her a few months back in Florida.It’ll be more telling to see what happens with the RNC chairmanship and to watch what folks like Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and ideologues like James Dobson are up to. These are the people Sarah will have to deal with if she decides to push her ambition to the furthermost limits. That’s why she has set herself up as a populist outsider because the inside track is filled with conspiring Alpha males who have no intentions of letting her be anything more than a puppet. She’s not a puppet, but that’s where they would like to regulate her, to the Ken Blackwell “we use you when we need you, then STFU” position, and that’s part of the reason why she has turned into “The Woman Who Would Not Shut Up.” She is trying to define herself after weathering McCain’s poorly managed campaign and her own damaging original media appearances. I just think she’s going about it in an unsophisticated way, but then, the big bad brains of the conservative movement are not up in Alaska plotting her rise like they did with W. in Texas. They’ve spent way more time undermining her than helping her and while victimization helps sell Ann Coulter’s books, I don’t know if it will get Sarah where she wants to go.Long story short: She needs someone with some long-term planning skills and deep monetary pockets to jump on her bandwagon. Without it she will not be able to wrestle with the big dogs who are already in the back channels fighting over the soul of the Republican Party. She’s not even remotely close to that fight. She’s not even mentioned in it. But that’s where she really needs to be if she’s going to launch a movement driven take over like Newt Gingrich did in the 90s and Bush/Cheney did in the 2000s. The discussion has to be about her fixing the party, not her still playing damage control over her image. If we’re STILL talking about her image she is losing that fight.That’s why I don’t see her has particularly dangerous at this present time despite her fans. When she starts talking more like she’s the Allen Iverson, re: “The Answer” to all that ails Republicans and makes herself indispensable because of her influence and power (a la what Huckabee is attempting or what Gingrich and Texas’ Tom DeLay, who is also plotting a comeback, once were), then I’ll become a believer. As long as she’s playing defense she can’t mount the offense she desperately needs to kick off that conservative populist movement, which is coming, but her leadership or even her necessity to be part of it is not guaranteed.

  22. Aww Baby Girl. This woman loves the pole. She’s is such a Media Whore. A bad one but a media whore nonetheless. Strike that Media Ho. I hope we document EVERY.EFFING.WORD. because it will bite her in the ass in 2010, 2012, and 2014. She’s a closet racist who doesn’t understand the fickle nature of fame, who can’t control her kids (and doesn’t want to) and who thinks she’s the shit.Please let her keep talking. It will be her nailing herself in the coffin.

  23. same anonymous, I’m catching what you’re throwing, she is telegraphing her every punch. And she certainly does not have the blessing of the party establishment, but at this point how much does that really matter? If the GOP is still on its heels like this in a few years they’ll pump everything they have into her. I think it is way too early to tell what will become of her. As far as calculating repulicans, I see your point but EVERYBODY on the conservative side is in react mode to Obama’s first move. Actually it may be on down the road because we all have to “get along” for a little bit.More interesting to me than the GOP chair is the GOPAC chair. If they can fill the ranks of that group with a competent and diverse group in the mold of Michael Steele than I think they gain a new viability. Your list of pretenders to the throne is just a bit laughable. Every single one of those old stogies will shoot their wad and go belly up. But I do think some of those names could form a brain trust to influence a new poster boy/girl. I think the only white dude in the GOP that still has some market share is Mitt Romney. He was Rove’s choice for VP. In fact Rove practically begged to have him on the ticket. But that was during the seven houses fiasco and the last thing they wanted was two rich white dudes on the ticket, so that was that. I know Steve Schmidt is regretting that. He could have overpowered everyone during the meltdown. If democrats can truly make demography destiny than all this discussion is for naught. You know Bobby Jindal has spent a good bit of time in Iowa………

  24. Well I still find it strange that Palin really blew up with her other pregnancies but no one knew anything about the last one until she announced it. I also find it amazing that a woman in her 40s with a high risk pregnancy would fly on a plane from Texas to Alaska AFTER her water breaks. And all this happened while her oldest was out of school for FIVE months with mono. And as if that’s not crazy enough, Palin DID NOT release her medical records like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain. Wonder why?

  25. You all must be very scared of Governor Palin to spew so much hatred toward her. She’s an intelligent, independent, hard-working woman and could/will provide some real answers for this country’s problems. The division of America continues on blogs like this. It’s a shame. By the way, we still don’t have a LEGAL birth certificate from your prez.

  26. Plain and simple. Short and sweet. Most individuals become defensive about supposed lies when there is some truth to them. The fact that she keeps harping on this issue makes one wonder…is it true?

  27. Anonymous, I notice that you didn’t dispute anything I said about Palin’s ‘labor’. Must be some truth to it.

  28. same anonymous, actually meantsame anonymous:It is the same person.My B.As far as whether or not that I personally think that it is true(If I was the anonymous you were addressing), I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole. It would truly suprise me. But if it were true, if she was willing to do that to save her image, why is anything after that shocking or revealing? I highly,highly doubt that there is anything to it. However, in the long history of procreation on this planet, stranger things have occured. Truthfully, I don’t really care. If it turns out true than she is truly over but I think as a matter of record it has been decided. I think the discussion here was whether or not it was a smart decision to keep bringing it up.

  29. Another thing about Palin that I find irritating is the fact that she’s not smart. At all. Yet she’s been elevated to a lofty position without having any brains. You look at Condi Rice and Sara Palin and Palin is more qualified to be VP than Condi Rice??? GMAFB!

  30. Soapbubble,No one in there right mind would question that. I don’t remember anyone doing so. It was a decision of image and an attempt to recreate the effects of value voting in 04. But I do see your point. Presidential candidates,for whatever reason, usually seem like the right person for the time. After Dr. Rice’s achievements she would seem to be a no brainer( not to mention the race part, Yall don’t discuss race on here do ya?). If I were I betting man I’d wager she said what she meant and she meant what she said. I ain’t gonna!!

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