“My chest? What about my glorious chest?”

Barack Obama on Barack Obama shirtless:

You know, it was–it was silly, but, you know, silliness goes with this job … Well, you know, the–my wife was tickled by me blushing. Anyway, what point was I making here, John? We got sidetracked by the… (Huffington Post)

Yeah. We all got sidetracked by the “the.” That was some the, man! Indeed!

Now in non-shirtless, hottie president-elect pictures:

Barack got to hang out with the ex-presidents and “current occupant” Wednesday. Thankfully, for the sake of humankind everyone kept their shirts on.

27 thoughts on ““My chest? What about my glorious chest?”

  1. Because the Ex-Presidents treat him like a step child plus it doesn’t help that he talked to our enemy(Castro) and won a Nobel Peace Prize.Another Sexy Beast in office….oh well. MO will put a stop to that quick and I aint mad at her for it either.

  2. Dang, you would have thought Michelle was the one running around shirtless. Geez, the man has a body, was on vacation in HOT Hawaii, soooo let him get his vacate on.I for one, don’t mind if he want’s to walk around shirtless. =)

  3. Does anyone know why Carter and Clinton don’t get along? i heard this tidbit on Olbermann or Maddow last night.This may explain the whole odd-man-out to myself as well as Urban Thought.

  4. @culinarychick:I was about to post the same about Carter and Clinton not liking each other and the WH deliberately put them next to each other. I want to know what the deal is, too.

  5. How old was Carter when he was President, 12? Wasn’t he President in the mid-70’s? So he should be about 120 years old right?

  6. @Monie – he was in high school when Carter was prez (we’re the same age)I have issues with pics of the president shirtless. It smacks of disrespectful for the office, the man and the wife.The living former presidents were no doubt THRILLED to be part of that historic meeting. Press is press.

  7. I feel sorry for former President Carter. Yeah, he may have made some mistakes, but so did Bush and the other ex-presidents and no one is leaving them to stand alone in the picture. I bet if Barack was standing beside of Carter, he would have made sure he looked like he was included in the “click”.Any who, why does the thought of Barack blushing make him even more desirable?! LOL

  8. So if were talking leaders who effed up being odd man out why isn’t W out in the hall?Yes, our new Commander in Chief is a serious hottie.Look @ these pics again then tell me that ain’t news!!

  9. About Jimmy n’ Bill n’ some other observations: I could be wrong, but I think the distaste is one part rivalry and three-parts the impeachment. I’m pretty sure Jimmy thinks Bill is an asshole. Jimmy, everyone’s favorite failed president, is a pretty lovable, smart, easy going guy, so you really have to be a tool for Jimmy to not like you. And we all know that Bill can be an AMAZING tool. Perhaps Bill’s Southern charm did not work on his fellow Southerner, especially with both being such crafty nerds. It feels weird to describe Jimmy and Bill this way, but they are both Alpha males, both Democrats, both former heads of the party who were smart, but had different results as president and those results (as well as their personality) probably colored their views of one-another.Jimmy was the nice guy who told you the truth who messed up and got kicked out after one term. Bill was the boy wonder who was successful at everything but keeping it in the pants, could lie with a straight face and got two terms out of it and probably could have been “President-For-Life” without term limits.RE: Jimmy did the “right thing” and failed. Bil broke every rule and won. These two ARE NOT going to like each other based on that alone.And I’m pretty sure Bill has always given Jimmy the brush off because he never “needed” him. He didn’t need his blessing or endorsement. Bill was a sell-made-man who got elected, like Jimmy, on his moxie and charm alone. That disregard could cause bad feelings. But seriously, I just don’t see Jimmy and Bill being friends in any universe. They’re ambitious but Bill is far more reckless and was never in control of his demons. Jimmy was the first ultra-churchnik elected president (and was MOCKED for it). I don’t think you could get much more straight laced that Jimmy.As for Barack, he doesn’t owe anything to Bill or Jimmy and benefits from being “the one” who brought the Democrats back to power. He’s already ULTRA historical in his own right, elected in a turbulent, pivotal time. He’s already eclipsed them by pretty much existing, so he can afford to be gracious in his treatment of them both. THere should be no rivalry there … at least not on Barack’s end.Bill, of course, is a whole other story. But, like we all know, that dude would still be president right now without term limits. GWB looks like he can’t WAIT to get back to being drunk, alone, with Laura and the dogs in Texas. Bill always looks like he’s one second from staging a coup. Even in that picture you know in his head he’s pretending he’s still president and is visualizing the other four guys all being drug away by Secret Service, out of HIS office. But, oh well. Them’s the breaks.

  10. Barack excepting, that is as big a rogue’s gallery of tools as you can have. Even Jimmy.Give me FDR, Ike and Truman (and even that bastard LBJ). They make these dicks look like little boys…

  11. do these present and former presidents realize they’re standing in the room with greatness?i can only imagine what these guys had to talk about…and why does mister jimmy look like an afterthought?and yes…obama is the pretty one in the room…

  12. The power in the room must be very intoxicating. But they all (except BO) look freakin’ OLD! Carter was always my favorite and where would be w/o Habitat for Humanity. Funny how Carter would be the perfect Republican on paper for his family values and religious stance (not for his politics of course). Current occupant – that’s funny. I’m still mad at Shrub and his ungraciousness over the Blair House situation as well as not wiping his hands after shaking BO’s when they first met years ago. WTF was that all about? Did he do that to Colin Powell and Unca Clarence?

  13. Thanks for posting the picture of PeO without the shirt. I enjoy seeing it, but am not in the habit of searcing for it. ;)With respect to Carter I’m starting to think that he is beng standoffish because of the lineup. If they weren’t going to line the ex-presidents up in the order in which they served, they could have at least put BO in the middle. Or at least have put Carter next to Bush 41. Egos don’t have term limits.

  14. Barack could afford to learn a lot from Jimmy Carter with regards to the genocide of Palestinians- that NONE of the former presidents in that room can offer.

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