The Definition of Baaa-aaallz

Mr. Burris goes to Washington.

I swear. He’s getting all Effie White on me and ya’ll know how I feel about Effie Whites even when they’re wrong. LOVE THEM!!! With every self-smug grin and you-will-not-deny-me! glare I fall in love with his amazing level of OMFG hubris. The arrogance! Pimp rag, Tootsie Pop and a cane!* (Link needs Rhapsody to play) Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, it does. Just when you think it couldn’t get crazier, it is. And now, Rep. Bobby Rush’s wild race card playing has been put in perspective with allegations that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pretty much balked at every Negro being considered for the president-elect’s vacated seat. What’s real and what’s Memorex? Who the fuck knows. This is like Predator Versus Aliens ya’ll. No matter who wins, we lose.

And the stand-up Burris did on live TV yesterday at Chicago’s Midway, the Chi’s Dante’s Inferno of airports, in front of Southwest Airlines ticket counter? Complete with gawking, cell phone chatting “look I’m on CNN” trolls? Priceless. I once few on Southwest out of Midway with Tone Loc. That’s how Southwest rolls. They pull ALL the broke rappers, would-be senators and unemployed journalists.

Hate Burris, love Burris or simply love the show (and I love a good show), I really think Gov. Hot Rod Blagojevich has Reid’s nuts in a vice over this.

32 thoughts on “The Definition of Baaa-aaallz

  1. Snob, I thought I was the only one who noticed his ass was flying on Southwest. He could’ve at least gone on ATA, damn.

  2. I mean even I snagged an American flight for Inauguration! And my money is funny right now.The lawsuit will be filed in 24 hours. Drama, drama. Bobby Rush really should sit down somewhere, though.

  3. Meh…I voted for Bobby Rush this last election, against my gut feeling, but hell, especially since his comments have been put in perspective with Reid’s shananigans, but he’s older, clearly sick–cancer and chemo are a muthafucka–let him say it.But, I still hold to my guns, Daley and Blago’s father-in-law are behind all of this.

  4. Hollywood couldn’t script a better soap opera than what is going down in Illinois politics right now. As a Chicagoan, I hang my head in shame. Whoever gets the senate seat is not gonna get it in peace so its already tainted.

  5. Bobby Rush didn’t support Obama in his 2004 senate race against a white candidate. Apparently,Bobby has selective indignation about the lack of AA’s in the senatorial “plantation” Ta-Nehisi Coates from the comments on this and has a lot of other interesting thoughts on the Burris drama. also pens a long,refective piece about Michelle Obama and her Southside upbringing:

  6. The reality is that it takes two signatures on the official document to seat the next Senator from Illinois – the governor and the Illinois Secretary of State. Blago, of course, signed it, but the Sec St. refused because Blago is under investigation and discredited. Case closed. This ain’t a black and white thing, except that everyone of these clowns – Blago, Burris, Rush – is using each other for his own ends…oh, and they never forgave Obama for his ambition that overstepped their own idea of generational respect.They’d love to tarnish Obama and draw him into this but Our Barack is too smart. He’s just doing business and letting these men reveal themselves for the fools that they are.

  7. Snob, I was just at the Southwest desk of Midway Airport yesterday. LOL Never saw Burris, though. I flew from Chi-town to L.A. One thing I will say about SW is that up until a few years ago it was the only airline that had never crashed. In late ’05, when it had its first crash, it was because the runway at Midway was slick with ice, causing the plane to slide onto the street and kill some people on the road outside of Midway but no one on board. Because this is the only major gaffe SW has made, I will continue to fly it. Safety first, man!

  8. This is simple to meEITHER we are a nation of laws AGAIN after 8 years.or we are not.Blago was not the convicted Governor.The impeached Governoror even the indicted Governor when he made this appointment. Reid and Madigan thought they were SLICK about a Special Election. Now, they are STUCK. This is about the rule of law. Follow the rules. Burris needs to be seated.And no, NOBODY will ever convince me that if Blago had chosen one of NON-Blacks on this list..that this shyt would be going down like this

  9. @ Anon 5:26 I agree completely. Sometimes I think that all the black civil rights/ political leaders of the past hate us. And by us I mean all the newer generation of black folks trying to climb the ladder of success without their blessing/ approval first. This is what Obama did, and JJ Sr. hates him for it… doesn’t matter how much he apologizes. He can’t hide his envy. What they did in the 60s and the times following was great, but now they either need to step back or get with the program. Time’s are a-changing. Rush’s race-baiting is not helping matters. I heard somewhere that this whole deal had two sides: on one end you’ve got Obama and and new-age civil rights/ modern people, and on the other end you’ve got B. Rush, JJ Sr, Al Sharpton, and so on who are stuck in the past.

  10. juicyFruit, I think that some people, black and white, who have a very historical place in the movements of the past – civil rights, feminism and the like – think that attention must be paid first, last, and foremost. Maybe my ego isn’t as big, but I recall all that that marching and struggle was so that the next generation could have it Easier – to find a place, to run for office, to accomplish without having to always check yourself. I am embarrassed that these guys are acting this way (Blago’s a nut so his strategy is different but he’s making them all look bad cuz they fall for his manipulation) – didn’t they struggle so they COULD celebrate what we’re about to in -20 days? Without the ‘get in line’ attitude. They should be ashamed of themselves. Like bad relatives, that bunch :)5:26 anon

  11. I hope Burris isn’t using his own money to fly coach. Nothing is wrong with coach mind you. But if Blago is paying then I expect first class all the way.

  12. Hi there,This is my first time on your blog and I have to say that I love your writing and wit! Yes…I am definitely a black snob at heart!Keep up the good work!

  13. At Juicy…I agree. During the primaries I recall Charles Rangel, NAACP and even Tavis Smiley throwing a little shade on Obama…especially Al Sharpton throwing the biggest shade. I think these old negro spiritual politicians felt that Obama should be tapping them for their resources and black vote. I know that’s how sharpton felt. Obama had a agenda on how he would approach issues with his campaign. In regards to civil rights…he didn’t ignore it…rather he expanded on it. He campaigned for human rights for everyone. If everyone’s human rights were upheld…there would be no need for civil rights. See how Jesse Jackson said he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off for telling black men to be fathers? He interpreted it as Obama talking down to black folks. This from Jesse Jackson…the man who still denies his love child who has the same bug eyes as him and the rest of his children. These negro spiritual politicians were threatened because if human rights were observed…there would be no need for civil rights, thus no need for them. These people built their political careers on the the backs of oppressed black folk….And now that PE Obama will be in office soon, most of these black politicians are catching the vapors…trying to be on the right side of history.

  14. Snob…that post had me laughing out loud. All I can do is SMH at the escalating drama. Unfortunately, at this point, I think the IL SoS has to sign the form and the Senate is legally compelled to seat Burris. I don’t necessarily agree with rikyrah that there wouldn’t be a similar uproar if were the appointee not black, just that it would have a different flavor. Nevertheless, the law is the freakin’ law and even though both RB’s are clearly opportunists and as you say, xtra ballsy, I think the law is on their side and any not seating Mr. Burris, regardless of his gigantic “taint” (early front-runner for word of the year) would be wrong.If they’re really concerned about the reality of impropriety on the part of RB2 (that’s the appointee), then they should investigate him. If they’re just concerned about the appearance of it and want to prohibit him on that basis, I call bullsh!t.RB1 beat ’em at the game. They just need to suck it up and show RB2 to his new office.

  15. This is the very definition of cajones/balls – whatever. Burris does NOT have the proper credentials to enter the US Senate – the Secretary of the Senate was doing her job. As for the Secretary of State doing his…that’s a state’s issue – Plain and Simple.I don’t feel bad for him. I just wish he would go away and stop making a fuss and ruining my otherwise tranquil January.

  16. I think it’s hilarious that right after Blagojevich was arrested, Burris said Blagojevich needed to resign. But I guess as long as he got appointed to be “the junior Senator from Illinois” (I really wish he would stop repeating that to give himself orgasms!), out of sight, out of mind. Burris may have the legal right to be seated, but common sense should have dictated him not to even accept the appointment.

  17. Can’t you just see Mr. Burris on the steps of the Capitol singing “And I am telling you, I’m not going…”Classic! I wonder what SCAN has to say about Burris.

  18. This sh*t has NOTHING to do with race. There we black people go again throwing race out because we don’t get our way. Burris will be seated, BUT he will NOT be reelected in 2010. Burris is a old negro that is stuck in the 60’s. I don’t give a sh*t if Bobby Rush is sick. He made AA look like a bunch of big ol cry babies. For all of you in the blog that are calling foul because he is not seated because he is black sound crazy. GUESS what Al Franken a WHITE GUY FROM MN who just was declared the winner has NOT been sworn in EITHER!!! I guess white people should cry about that too. Negros will NEVER learn that bringing up race will not help you win an election. That is why Barack and Duvall Patrick are so different than any other black politican because they know this country is not filled with negros!! Be smart its 2009, work for something instead of whinning about your race. When someone tells you flat out you cannot get the job because you are black then complain about race, not when The Senate said last month that noone will be seated that Blago appoints. Also, I don’t hear no other people of color complaing about not been shown in the Senate, but blacks. There are NO hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Jews and etc.. But leave it to us to make a mountain out of a mo hill.

  19. Also, black people forget that a black guy from Hawaii that moved to Chicago to be with his grilfriend was elected to the Senate in 2004. I don’t recall this happening to Barack in 2005, I remember he was sworn in with no problem. All this Burris mess discredits what Barack worked so hard for. Now his seat will be the “black seat” because, if your black you should be a Senator. Its a sad day in America when a person gets a Senate seat based on the color. I thought things were going to be different because of Barack and mIchelle, but I guess they are not. WE as AA are still stuck in the past.

  20. Let’s not forget that Jesse White, the black Ill. Sec State refused to certify the Burris appointment. Does that make Jesse an Uncle Tom?

  21. Dang. Southwest? Unh-unh. They don’t assign seats so it’s first come, first choice. I’m not trying to run and beat the crowd to a seat furthest away from the bathroom after I already paid good money to fly. I like order and clarity when it comes to my place on the plane and I live by the Wish Factor when it comes to someone sitting in my seat on the flight. In the words of Cedric the Entertainer, “That’s us right there partna. 4 AND 5.”

  22. I can’t even began to be mad at this guy. I don’t know why I just can’t have any bad feelings for him I like him. I don’t know…AH!!!! XD

  23. @ Scott Thank You. That is what I don’t understand. Jessie White said last week that Burris should not ge the seat. Now this week its the racist Senate who does not want him in the seat. The hypocrisy of AA, blacks are really walking around talking about “there are no blacks in the Senate so he should be seated.”

  24. Burris made himself look stupid. He knew he did not have his papers signed so why do to D.C. and cause a circus. He should of just shut up and waited patiently for this to be resolved. Its not like he is going to be there for more than a year.

  25. @ScottAlso, to answer your question. No, Jessie is NOT and Uncle Tom. He hasd ever right not to sign the papers.

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