Why Are The Obamas Feeding My Obama Crack Habit?

I was really depressed today (don’t ask), but then Christmas came back when the President-Elect and Michelle Obama released “first day of school” pictures of the kiddies. Why? Obamas? Why can’t I quit you??? You’re just so aspirational! I can’t find my snark. I CAN’T FIND IT! (Gawker)

23 thoughts on “Why Are The Obamas Feeding My Obama Crack Habit?

  1. LOL They are like a sick addiction. As soon as you think you’ve shaked the habit, here they come looking all adorable together. It’s horribly beautiful!

  2. i love the picture where you know barack is doing the dady explanation and you can see malia saying “but daddy” or trying to explain. it’s so beautiful 🙂

  3. For real yo. After looking at these pics I now want more of them. Although, can you imagine how these would look if it was inside the WH? I think I would explode in giddiness if those pictures were ever released by the Obamas. I kinda hope not to protect their privacy (as much as it can be), but still. I would explode from all the cute.

  4. I saw one with Sasha’s little face peering out of the car window on her way to school squeeeee!!! The principal came out to walk her and mom into the school dontcha know. This is ALL we’ve heard about all day here in the DC area.

  5. got more Obama Porn for you…Essence has put out a Commemorative Issue. Yes, I had to buy it.I’m feeling you with the pics…they are addictive..LOLWhy didn’t you download the videos about this from NBC?

  6. I am looking forward to leaving the girls in peace and NO PICTURES for a few months would be a good idea. They have enough to deal with. But yes they are toooo cute!!!!

  7. Hey there Snob!!These photos are so cute with the girls!! I wonder though…is is just SOOOO rare and SOOOO novel for our folks to see a black family where the children are not half-siblings or born out of wedlock and the parents got married BEFORE having children and had careers established BEFORE having children?I hope that we are just loving the fact that they are ANOTHER beautiful black family….not because this is SOOOO unusual in the minds of our own people…..There are so many comments I am reading from sistas online….it makes me wonder if they are GUSHING over seeing a father with his children because they didn’t have that…I hope that is not the case…. I really hope…If it is…then that says something that is deeply disconcerting….that they have to live vicariously through OTHER black families that were not “broken” because the experience is so removed from their own…I believe that is what that really means underneath the surface…

  8. I agree w/ that they have to live vicariously through OTHER black families that were not “broken” because the experience is so removed from their own…I believe that is what that really means underneath the surface.Or its the family they want or wanted to have.

  9. Malia is KILLING the twists–so fly. All of them are. And blackwomenblowthetrumpet and anonymous: There are plenty of black folks out here who see those pictures and see themselves, not just a wish. Yes, there are some who look at them and wish this is the family they had, but we have to acknowledge that The Obamas aren’t the only two-parent black household in the world. This is not to dismiss the fact that there are many different definitions of family. But there are black fathers doing the right thing. Please, let’s acknowledge them. And maybe we can just enjoy the pictures for what they are: Snapshots of a beautiful, loving African American family.

  10. Snob- you’re not just an addict, you’re a pusher!Bwbttrumpet-This Ojones isn’t a black woman or black people thing. Most American kids grow up with divorced parents, single parents, or step families not to mention the foster kids and those raised by other relatives.A beautiful and loving family is just rare in the American media.Positive images and good news in the American media are soooo rare – period.Aside from the happy sexy marriage thing, it is nice to see black people in the news more like the black people I know.Shout out to the Sashas and Malias growing up in the hoods and burbs near you!Now let’s leave them kiddie be and get some treatment for ourselves.

  11. I love seeing an intact family. It’s just a bonus that they happen to be black. This country has destroyed the family unit which has lead to many problems. I just love the pictures.

  12. For the record: I came from a two parent, black nerd home run by relocated Southerners who took no mess and loved the crap out of us, so when I see the Obamas it is a lot of “LOOK! ME AND BIG SIS ARE FIRST DAUGHTERS AND OUR DADDY IS PRESIDENT AND ISN’T MOMMY PRETTY AS FIRST LADY” for me … even though, physically, the Obamas don’t look shizz like the Snobs.<A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/blacksnob/2561026825/in/set-72157605120238624/“ REL=”nofollow”>Snob Sisters<A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/blacksnob/2502534768/in/set-72157605120238624/“ REL=”nofollow”>Papa, Mama, Uncle Snob, cousin snobs!<A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/blacksnob/2501706195/in/set-72157605120238624/“ REL=”nofollow”>Papa and Big SisBut close enough! We all brown! Yaaaa!So, some of it just seeing black/brown people on TV, all happy and shizz. I mean. That’s 99 percent of it. When we get on TV it’s normally not for just being normal.

  13. Lovely, lovely sight to see.I am saddened that the drapes had to be closed. I’m sure its a Secret Service precaution. Would have been great to see that view of DC behind them!Also, about the girl’s hair. I read a comment on another blog (white owned) that “Michelle should have combed Malia’s hair”. Wow! The Obamas might have to educate the country on black hairstyles. LOL!

  14. I grew up in a intact Black family, where despite our ups and downs the love was there. My parents were together 33 years until my Mom died. So seeing an intact Black family is not a new thing for me or many of my friends. However the Obamas are absolutely adorable like Black Snob stated I think for some of us just seeing the Obamas is just an amazing thing.I also want to say that I agree with the other poster who mentioned the fact that many kids in America regardless of race are not being raised in 2 parent families. I work with at risk kids in Maine (hello…whitest state around) and most of the kids do not have 2 parents.

  15. I must admit that I get a certain sorta pleasure at getting a peek at the Obamas in everyday life. I stare at the pictures hoping to see something more… find some explanation… learn something new. It’s a little surreal to realize that ‘YUP, they are the first family!’

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