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Howdy folks!

I’m still working on the Snob 2.0 site. (It’s going slow, but I still think I can meet the Jan. 20th deadline.) I’ve enlisted my future business mogul baby sister (aka “Baby Snob”), Deidre, to be my business partner to help me get the site’s financial house in order. She’s basically going to focus on advertisement and marketing, stuff I don’t always have the time to dedicate to. I may also have an editor on board to help out in reducing typos by more than half for 2009 and assisting in the shift to more pop culture and media coverage to go with all the Obama stalking.

I’ve also been invited to attend the 5th Annual Black Policy Conference at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. (The Snob is going to the land of Snobs, ya’ll! Wait … wouldn’t that be Spelman/Morehouse? Well. If we were only talking precious black snobs.) The event will happen this April 16-17. I’m pretty excited. I’ll be part of a panel.

I’m planning to use this trip to Cambridge as part of a larger trip (depending on my level of employment) where I will go on a tour, visiting friends and potential business partners on the east coast. If this happens I will let you know and document all in an on-line travelogue.

I’ve made a lot of east coast friends and I have a lot of old buddies from California who now live in the east, so this should be interesting. Perhaps I’ll set up a speaking gig or two. I have to run that past my sister though, as she’s going to be the brains here. Plus, I need to save up the cash to go on the trip and plan who, what and where I will visit. I definitely want to hit NYC, New Haven and the Washington, D.C. area due to connections I made, as well as visit long-time friends in Pennsylvania and Kentucky (my beloved Jesus Freak homies for life).

Plus, SOMEONE promised me a tour of 30 Rock that I plan to cash in. Mos def.

Stay tuned. Same Snob time. Same Snob channel.

18 thoughts on “Snob News!

  1. If you make it to Philly stop at the Point of Destination coffee shop. They help sponsor ReelBlack, the local AA movie group.On the later note I caught a flick called I’m through with white girls. Written, produced and acted by AA. Have a good laugh and see it.

  2. Hey there Snob! {waves}Congratulations on the invitation to Harvard! I have always loooved the campus!You may want to contact some of the nonprofits in Boston who may be interested in booking you for a speaking engagement to let them know that you will be in town during that time and give them some dates. Most of them may NOT be able to add another speaker to the budget but a few may offer a hotel room or something else.I’ve had that happen where a group told me that they could not pay my honorarium but that they would pay for my hotel and meals. One church who could not pay my honorarium told me that they would pay my hotel for the weekened at Holiday Inn, car rental for two days, dinner made by the church mothers delivered at the hotel four times, and a free relaxer or wash/style (since a deaconess was a hair dresser)!! It was okay because another group was paying for the airfare so that I could speak at their event and they were paying my honorarium. I wound up staying the weekend and doing a full-day workshop for their women.You’d be surprised how creative these folks will get when they don’t have money for an honorarium! Just make them an offer to come and you will see how creative they will get!! (smiles)Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!LisaP.S. Just a teensy weensy reminder, the voting for <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>The Weblog Awards starts at midnight and you’re invited to vote for my blog!

  3. congrats snob…you’ll be in my neck of the woods…(boston/cambridge)…hopefully you’ll get a chance to see the sites and enjoy yourself while you work….

  4. The Snob is going to the land of Snobs, ya’ll! Wait … wouldn’t that be Spelman/Morehouse? Well. If we were only talking precious black snobs.LOL! As a Spelman alum, this made me giggle. Congrats on the Harvard invitation!

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