Who’s the Hotter Silver Fox?

I’m watching Democratic commentator/strategist super cool lady Donna Brazile host CNN’s “After Party,” a bipartisan, but friendly chatfest featuring the likes of conservatives and Liberals hacks, including my favorite curly haired conservative bandit, Amy Holmes. Who, on Sunday, is talking all kinds of sense right now and scaring me. (I really like the dark brown hair and glasses on her. How does she know how to dress to keep me from hating her. HOW???) But while watching it I was amazed at how lovely Brazile’s halo of silver hair is looking then thought … who’s hotter of CNN’s “Silver Foxes” — Donna “You’re Not My Boo” Brazille, Wolf “This is as high as my voice goes” Blitzer or the original sexy Silver Fox, Anderson “Nothing gets between me and my Vanderbilts” Cooper?

Fight among yourselves, but remember, hotness isn’t just about sex appeal (Anderson!), a lot of it is about attitude and I have a feeling that Brazile was a MACK in her day. You gotta watch that one. She’s too sharp and will cut you. As for Blitzer, um … I have issues with the lack of emotional inflection in his voice. I’ve already admitted that I like my anchors one part dashing, three parts completely insane (but not Rick “Rob Riggle” Sanchez insane. More like CBS’s Scott Pelley/former CBS anchor Gunga Dan Rather insane. War correspondents Michael Ware, Lara Logan, “what helmet?” insane. Or Ann Curry and Hotb Kota’s rambling, sexy, I don’t know what she’s on but I want to smoke it hawt.)

Blitzer just isn’t CRAZY enough for me. But I have a feeling Brazile and Coop-A-Doop can bring it.

Check this one from the crates!

16 thoughts on “Who’s the Hotter Silver Fox?

  1. Anderson has to be reminded by his producers to put on his flack jacket and helmet when he goes to war zones. He went swimming with sharks WITHOUT a cage. Crazy AND hot.

  2. Yes. The Coop is deliciously nutters. It is why he’s the “original” Silver Fox. But I’m waiting for someone to come to bat for Brazile! C’mon! You know you’re out there! You want to be the sizzling grease to her hot comb!

  3. Re: Donna Brazile:You want to be the sizzling grease to her hot comb!LOLOLOL What a terrific visual!

  4. Rhonda: That would be an excellent pick up line for an older gentleman …“Gurl. Just lemme be the sizzlin’ grease to your HOT COMB! DAYUM!”I was very proud of myself there.

  5. choosing between donna and the coop…that’s realy hard…can’t i have both. we can alternate the days…

  6. I love that clip. One of my favorite moments in cable news history. Donna came out of left field with that one. She’s the obviously the hotter silver fox because she’s an aged black silver fox and she’s still hot enough to deny Anderson Cooper boo privileges.

  7. wolf blitzer came to my job about 2 months ago, and i have to say…he’s a little bit of an a-hole. we didnt have the clippers he was looking for so he flipped.(LMAO!!)I LOVE ANDERSON…!

  8. he’s still hot enough to deny Anderson Cooper boo privileges.Donna finally came around to giving Anderson his full boo privileges after he did some reporting during Hurricane Ike.

  9. That’s a tough one. I think Anderson gets the edge ever so slightly, because he has that don’t-think-because-I’m-nice-that-I-won’t-cut-you edge that I just find so damn sexy!But when Brian Williams goes gray, watch out!

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